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Twitter Best Practices 2017

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Best practices for artists on Twitter

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Twitter Best Practices 2017

  1. 1. Twi$er   Tips,  Tricks  &  Best  Prac2ces  
  2. 2. Terms   •  Tweet  –  the  messages  posted  on  Twi1er.   •  Retweet  (RT)  -­‐  when  you  repost  something  from  another  person.   •  Modified  Tweet  (MT)  -­‐  when  you  share  someone  else’s  tweet,  but   make  edits  to  include  your  own  thoughts.   •  Subtweet-­‐  a  tweet  wri1en  about  a  person  without  a  direct   menBon  of  that  person.   •  Trending  Topic  (TT)  -­‐  discussed  by  many  people  at  one  Bme.   •  Direct  Message  (DM)  -­‐  a  private  message  that  you  send  to  a   follower.   •  Handle  –  the  name  you  choose  to  represent  yourself  on  Twi1er.   •  Verified  Account-­‐  accounts  that  have  cerBfied  that  the  user  is  who   they  claim  to  be.  These  profiles  are  marked  with  a  blue  checkmark.      
  3. 3. Tips   •  Write  a  clear  descripBon  of  yourself  in  your  Twi1er  bio,   include  album  pre-­‐order/buy  links   •  Pin  an  important/informaBve  tweet  to  the  top  of  your   page  (album  pre-­‐order/video  premiere)     *image  via  @mbsings  
  4. 4. DO…   •  Mix  up  your  posts  with  an  array  of  tweets.   •  Engage  your  fans  by  replying  to  their  quesBons  and   comments.   •  Engage  your  fans  by  replying  to  their  quesBons  and   comments.   •  Plan  your  tweets  oNen.  Around  3-­‐5  Bmes  a  day.   •  Keep  tweets  short  and  sweet.   •  Use  relevant  hashtags  in  posts  to  allow  users  tracking  a   hashtag  to  see  your  posts  even  if  they  do  not  follow   you.    
  5. 5. DO  NOT…   •  Overdo  it…excessive  selling,  self-­‐promoBons,  and   retweeBng  will  clu1er  fan  feeds.   •  Link  to  other  social  networks.   •  Share  news  without  a  link.   •  Use  too  many  hashtags.  Regularly  including  three  or   more  hashtags  in  your  tweets  will  oNen  result  in  fans   overlooking  them,  because  they  tend  to  look  like  spam   and  are  harder  to  read  quickly.    
  6. 6. Retail  Shoutouts   •  Twi1er  allows  for  posts  tagging  retailers  and  linking  to   releases,  sales,  or  promoBons   •  Posts  should  only  tag  one  retailer  at  a  Bme   •  Posts  tagging  retailers  should  include  a  photo,  video  or   GIF  in  order  to  be  eligible  for  a  retweet     *Image  via  @FearFactory  
  7. 7. New  and  Key     Features  
  8. 8. Auto-­‐Playing  Video   •  iOS  and  web  now  have  muted  auto-­‐play   for  naBve  videos,  GIFs,  and  Vines   •  Clicking/tapping  causes  full  screen  video   with  sound  to  pop  up   •  Videos  now  appear  larger  in  your  Bmeline     *Image  via  @fortodayband  
  9. 9. Live  Videos   •  Go  live  via  Periscope  by  composing  a  tweet  and  pressing   the  “live”  bu1on   •  Clicking/tapping  in  feed  causes  full  screen  video  with   sound  to  pop  up   •  Take  fans  behind  the  scenes  of  a  concert,  in  the   recording  studio,  a  photo  shoot  or  while  making  a  music   video    
  10. 10. Polls     •  iOS,  Android,  and  desktop  now  have  the  ability  to   create  two-­‐choice  polls   •  VoBng  is  anonymous  and  remains  open  for  24  hours   •  To  get  the  public’s  opinion  on  anything,  just  select  the   poll  icon  within  the  compose  box     *Images  via  Twi1er  
  11. 11. 140-­‐Character  Limit   ● Twi1er  is  relaxing  its  140  character  limit  rule  by   changing  exactly  which  types  of  content  count  towards   the  pladorm’s  140-­‐character  limit   ● Media  a1achments  (images,  videos,  GIF’s,  polls,  etc.)   and  quoted  tweets  will  no  longer  reduce  the  count   ● Direct  Messages  no  longer  have  a  140-­‐character  limit     *Image  via  @Twi1er  
  12. 12. Retwee2ng  Yourself   ● Twi1er  now  gives  you  the  opBon  to  retweet  and  quote   your  previous  tweets.   ● Keep  in  mind  you  can  only  retweet  each  tweet  once   keeping  users  newsfeeds  from  being  full  of  tweets  they   have  already  seen.   ● Do  this  to  reflect  on  a  previous  tweet  you  think  may   have  gone  unnoBced  or  a  tweet  that  is  relevant  again.    
  13. 13. 13   •  The  Explore  tab  showcases   the  top  current  stories   happening  on  Twi1er.  This   allows  users  to  discover   popular  and  relevant  news   in  an  instant.     •  The  tab  is  categorized  by   News,  Sports,   Entertainment  and  more     Explore  Tab  
  14. 14. 14   ● Twi1er  now  allows  you   to  search  for  GIF’s   while  composing  a  new   tweet       ● Use  a  GIF  to  enhance   your  post  with  visual   content     GIF  Search  
  15. 15. 15   •  Twi1er  now  gives  you   the  ability  to  add   sBckers  to  your  photos   •  Add  these  sBckers  to   make  your  photo  pop  in   fan  feeds     S2ckers  
  16. 16. 16   Twi$er  Analy2cs   Twi1er  analyBcs  (analyBcs.twi1er.com)  are  a  great  way  to   track  the  performance  of  your  Twi1er  page  and  will  help   you  drive  strategic  markeBng  decisions  based  on  audience   behavior    
  17. 17. The  Orchard  and  its  logo  are  registered  trademarks  of  Orchard  Enterprises  NY,  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.  All  other  trademarks  not  owned  by  the  Orchard   Enterprises  NY,  Inc.,  its  parent  or  affiliates  that  appear  herein  are  the  property  of  their  respecBve  owners,  who  may  or  may  not  be  affiliated  with,  connected  to,   or  sponsored  by  Orchard  Enterprises  NY,  Inc.,  its  parent  or  its  affiliates.   twi1er.com/orchtweets   facebook.com/theorchard   linkedin.com/company/the-­‐orchard   Any  QuesBons?   Thank  You