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SCAD Presentation by The Moderns: Branding and Idea Economy

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SCAD Presentation by The Moderns: Branding and Idea Economy

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Janine James has presented at SCAD about the topic of Branding and Idea Economy. The presentation includes concepts, methodology and case studies by The Moderns.

Janine James has presented at SCAD about the topic of Branding and Idea Economy. The presentation includes concepts, methodology and case studies by The Moderns.


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SCAD Presentation by The Moderns: Branding and Idea Economy

  1. 1. Interior Design Branding and theIdea Economy
  2. 2. PRESENTED BY Janine James, President & Chief Strategist 2
  3. 3. Traditional vs. New Economy physical assets natural resources and agriculture manufacturing-based location-dependent rigid stationary competition energy-depleted conventional isolation > human capital > knowledge > idea-based experience >location-independent > flexible > mobile > collaboration >energy-renewed > creative > gathering place
  4. 4. Formerly, economic success or failure was determined by assets: physical capital and money. Now, competitive advantage is determined by human assets— namely
  5. 5. Intellectual capital responsible for of total assets of all U.S. companies according to Nobel laureate Gary Becker 20 million new idea-based jobs in the past 20 years knowledge workers comprise30%of U.S. work force and command 50% of total wages
  6. 6. —Breakthrough Idea, Harvard Business Review
  7. 7. How are designers uniquely positioned to play a role in the new economy ?
  8. 8. An arts degree is the hottest credential in the world of business. In 1993, 61% of those hired at McKinsey had MBAs. By 2003, only 43% had MBA’s. Other disciplines are becoming more valuable.
  9. 9. Differentiation comes from making goods ―transcendent,‖ Physically beautiful and emotionally compelling.
  10. 10. The comparative advantage is more than design: it’s in the paradigm shift.
  11. 11. ―I see us as being in the art business. Art, entertainment and mobile sculpture, which, coincidentally, also happens to provide transportation.‖
  12. 12. The knowledge economy is not saying ―creative people reign free.‖ Designers must employ methodology. It’s about problem-solving. Being left-brained isn’t enough. We now live in a world of right-brainedideation.
  13. 13. Imagine what a more compelling, innovative leader Apple would be if they led innovation in sustainability as much as product design and experience. What a more powerful story it would be to tell. 18
  14. 14. Apple & iPod fall short holistic innovation mix 19
  15. 15. The poetic image is not subject to an inner thrust. It is not an echo of the past. On the contrary: through the brilliance of an image, the distant past resounds with echoes, and it is hard to know at what depth these echoes will reverberate and die away. Because of its novelty and its action, the poetic image has an entity and a dynamism of its own.
  16. 16. Form Follows Function. That’s not enough. Follows trends, social anthropology, community interactivity. We need to go bigger than just function. How does it solve problems?
  17. 17. Harnessing the Knowledge Economy The Big Merge New Media, New Prospects Sustainability, Health & Wellness, Diversity…
  18. 18. KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY CASE STUDY Tulsa Revolution Question: Answer: What will jump-start Tulsa’s transformation into a world class city? Create a globally relevant knowledge hub.
  19. 19. Lifestyle & Recreation Arts & Culture Urban Living Sustainability Diversity THE NEW TULSA: INTELLECTUAL ENERGY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD Transportation Health & Wellness Education Nature & Ecology
  20. 20. Tulsa Revolution • • • • • • The Channels Gathering place Stepping stone Catalyze downtown Self-sustaining microcosm Think tank institute Attract the knowledge worker and the companies that follow, which will in turn revitalize the city of Tulsa and raise the tax base.
  21. 21. ModelShots 1 Downtown Tulsa 10-Mile Lake Impounding Dam The city center is located just north of The Channels The lake extends past downtown to Sand Springs Generates hydropower energy and raises the river’s water level
  22. 22. ModelShots 10 West Bank 11th Street Bridge The Canopy Downtown Tulsa Accessible by foot, automobile, and boat Northernmost point of The Channels An icon within the urban fabric, it will sparkle as light catches it Just minutes away from The Channels
  23. 23. A view of The Plaza on the island looking towards Tulsa Green.
  24. 24. The Public Market in the gathering place.
  25. 25. Looking south along the west bank toward the houseboats.
  26. 26. ModelShots 16 Impounding Dam Wind Turbines The Canopy Generates hydropower energy for The Channels Converts wind to power Collects sunshine for power conversion Rainwater Harvesting/ Stormwater Wetland Serves as a natural river filter
  27. 27. The Creative Process Start Complex. End Simple. 32
  28. 28. the moderns solutionists in brandstrategies, marketing & branding 33
  29. 29. NOT A TRADITIONAL AGENCY We are a Solutionist Think Tank for Innovation •Strategists, researchers, writers •Trend futurists •Experts in holistic branding and integration into business models •Culture and community builders •Leaders in environmental strategies and implementation •Multidisciplinary designers •Advocates for change 34
  30. 30. Advertising Branding The Moderns Niche Multidisciplinary Design 35
  31. 31. What is a brand? A brand is not a logo. It is much more – it is a culture, a community. It is cultable and campaignable. A powerful brand forges a visual memory and offers discovery.
  32. 32. What is a brand? To become an iconic brand you need a position, a posture. A brand must be desirable to customers distinctive from the competition, deliverable by the company, and durable over time.
  33. 33. What is a brand? 39
  34. 34. What is a brand? ―Because customers have so many choices today, there is no reason for them to buy anything that doesn’t give them enjoyment. Strong brands are simply more enjoyable to buy, so you’d better have one if you hope to compete.‖ David F. D’Alessandro, Brand Warfare
  35. 35. What is a brand? ―A brand is an ecosystem. Connections, not components, are the brand drivers.‖ ―A brand is the sum of all the hearts and minds of every single person that comes into contact with your company.‖ Christopher Betzer, Brand Consultant Jennifer Rice, Brand Consultant
  36. 36. ―A product is something made in a factory, but Brands are created in the mind.‖ Brandweek A brand starts internally and radiates out. Brand architecture is like using as-built drawings to describe the Sistine Chapel.
  37. 37. What is a brand? ―If all Coca Cola’s assets were destroyed overnight, whoever owned the Coca Cola name could walk into a bank the next morning and get a loan to rebuild everything.‖ Carlton Curtus VP Corporate Communications, Coca Cola
  38. 38. What is a brand? Effective branding lodges itself in our brains! ―In the mind‖ isn’t just a figure of speech. A study by Baylor University using MRI shows that Coke has done such a powerful job of positioning their brand that the human brain will say ―Coke‖ even when the taste buds say ―Pepsi.‖ U.S. News & World Report, October 2004
  39. 39. What is branding? No. 1 Rule: More important than what you think about your branding is what customers think about your branding.
  40. 40. The Power of branding A True Story A manufacturer in Asia makes red polo shirts. All the shirts are the same (same fabric, same cut, same stitching). When the polo shirts get to the end of the manufacturing line, they go into four different boxes...
  41. 41. The Power of branding $70 A True Story
  42. 42. The Power of branding $70 $45 A True Story
  43. 43. The Power of branding $70 $45 A True Story $30
  44. 44. The Power of branding $70 $45 A True Story $30 Branding: it affects the bottom line. $18
  45. 45. The Power of branding ―Brands are the express checkout for people living their lives at everincreasing speeds.‖ Brandweek
  46. 46. Strong brands of the future are cultures. Cultures are the way to self-aggregating communities.
  47. 47. Chaordic Model
  48. 48. Solving complexbrand challenges With simple creative strategies 54
  49. 49. Deconstructing brands The Moderns’ approach to building brand cultures. 55
  50. 50. How to merge two brands to become the leading carpet company at mid-market? 56
  51. 51. traditionally was more customer-centric traditionally was more product-centric 57
  52. 52. Choose The New Patcraft & Designweave goes beyond providing commercial carpet for the mid-market. We create good experiences by putting people at the center of our story, inviting people into our community, and empowering people with choices. 58
  53. 53. Look at what’s happening out there. 59
  54. 54. noise. Rise above the What’s the competition doing ? 60
  55. 55. Customers are people. Who are they ? People who have long days with packed schedules. People who keep lots of balls in the air. People who type e-mails and talk on the phone at the same time. People who have to pick up kids and get groceries and go to the dentist. People with deadlines to meet. 61
  56. 56. people. How does carpet fit into their lives ? Customers are 62
  57. 57. The 5th P. Social innovation builds an emotional connection with customers. +S social innovation 63
  58. 58. We are in the business of people just as much as we are in the business of products. We invite people into our culture. We introduce people to other people in our community. We sell through people. We sell to people. We put surface under people’s feet. We save the people’s planet. 64
  59. 59. 65
  60. 60. Don’t make carpet. Make experiences. 66
  61. 61. 67
  62. 62. 68
  63. 63. 69
  64. 64. 70
  65. 65. 71
  66. 66. How do we evolve from a global technology company to a global TV company ? 74
  67. 67. 75
  68. 68. 76
  69. 69. 77
  70. 70. 78
  71. 71. How do we get more Architects and Interior Designers in the contract market to care about what brand they specify for soil and stain protection on fabrics? 79
  72. 72. 80
  73. 73. 81
  74. 74. How do we get past polarization? 85
  75. 75. 86
  76. 76. 87
  77. 77. 88
  78. 78. 89
  79. 79. How to breathe new life back into downtown Manhattan following September 11. 90
  80. 80. 91
  81. 81. 92
  82. 82. 93
  83. 83. The Greening Trend Can you design a better environment by designing environmental campaigns? 94
  84. 84. the greening trend three simple steps to green 95
  85. 85. Step 1 hire an ad agency 96
  86. 86. Step 2 hire a PR firm 97
  87. 87. Step 3 add water 98
  88. 88. voila you’re green 99
  89. 89. today everyone has a greenstory 100
  90. 90. Ecomagination Beyond Petroleum 101
  91. 91. 102
  92. 92. 103
  93. 93. 104
  94. 94. and there’s more noise blowing on the horizon 105
  95. 95. is wind the new green? 106
  96. 96. 107
  97. 97. of cities, states, companies and countries all of them green. 108
  98. 98. you can put lipstickon a pig. 109
  99. 99. but it’s still a pig. 110
  100. 100. or lipstick on a frog. 111
  101. 101. what does a leaf tell us about your core competency? how does it relate to your agency’s core mission? how is it relevant to the public? 112
  102. 102. Sometimes even INNOVATION from a Mega Brand can still leave us with the greatest story never told. 113
  103. 103. 114
  104. 104. Greenpeace ―Green My Apple‖ Campaign went online September 2006
  105. 105. 116
  106. 106. Greenpeace’s comments―Apple…needs to commit to on phasing out additional the latest “Green Apple” substances with timelines, campaign… improve its policy on chemicals and its reporting on chemicals management.‖ Nov. 2008 report 117
  107. 107. MILLICARE How do you make ―clean‖ relevant?
  108. 108. Packaging before rebrand
  109. 109. Not a green story, a CLEAN story. 120
  110. 110. greenclean a brand story told through the experience of executives and human resources professionals what motivates their choices? • caring about employees • employee recruitment 121 • wellness of employees
  111. 111. 122
  112. 112. 125
  113. 113. email ―pre-clean‖ service reminder
  114. 114. facility “after clean” poster campaign
  115. 115. Shawis a company that is leading innovation of carpet front and back. 128
  116. 116. 129
  117. 117. 130
  118. 118. 131
  119. 119. 132
  120. 120. make the public the heroes by congratulating them for the choices they’ve made for our planet 133
  121. 121. TULSA How to brand a city’s vision to transform itself into a new knowledge economy hub. 134
  122. 122. Tulsa rEvolution CASE STUDY: A regenerative urban master plan told through a community culture-building strategy
  123. 123. 136
  124. 124. 137
  125. 125. 138
  126. 126. ―We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.‖
  127. 127. We need to be awake. This is a moment of transformation on a thoroughly global stage. Become leading knowledge workers.
  128. 128. Transform from potential leaders and potential ideators into real leaders andreal ideators. Understand the centrality of branding in the new economy. Sustainability and health & wellness of our communities must be at the center of what we do. Understand and promote the central role of design in our new economy.
  129. 129. Be the solutionists the world is asking us to be.
  130. 130. The Moderns thank you Imagine the Next Janine James http://www.themoderns.co m/ jjames@themoderns.com This document was prepared and presented by The Moderns, Ltd. The research, ideas and concepts presented in this document are for discussion and remain the intellectual property of The Moderns, Ltd. They are intended only convey our strategy, thinking, and design ideas and cannot be copied, distributed or transferred without written permissions of The Moderns, Ltd. The photography or illustrations presented here illustrate style and context direction ONLY and cannot be used 143 outside of this document without procurring usage rights from the original artist(s) or The Moderns.