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Character Education Through Kids Moral Stories

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Moral stories are not just nonsensical and funny pieces of composition, they also impart great lessons in life. To read some great stories go to http://www.thefunkids.com/kid-stories

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Character Education Through Kids Moral Stories

  2. 2. Character Building ◦Pattern of behavior, thoughts and feelings based on universal principles, moral strength, and integrity
  3. 3. Why today’s teenager lack character building ◦ Teenagers seek independence from parents. ◦ They are in hot pursuit of adult freedoms ◦ Many rebel against lectures on right and wrong
  4. 4. Why teenager fails to have character building ◦they think ◦ it is being pushed on them. ◦They can sort out their own values. ◦They want no help.
  5. 5. Teenagers are spoiling their character. ◦incapable of sorting out high moral values ◦will allow room for their own interest and desire. ◦Try to fashion standards according to own easiness
  6. 6. Teenagers are spoiling their character. ◦ They aren't honest with others but expect other to be honest with them ◦ Respect those who they like, ◦ Respect must be earned before they are obliged to give it.
  7. 7. Teenagers are spoiling their character. ◦Unwilling to sacrifice personal interest to meet the need. ◦They expect others to care
  8. 8. Remedies ◦ Must not take personal preference into consideration. ◦ Should be based on moral stories.
  9. 9. Ancient Moral stories ◦ Our ancestors uses moral stories to teach youngster. ◦ Story of “King Midas and the Golden touch” ◦ Greed is wrong
  10. 10. Ancient Moral stories ◦ The Boy who cried wolf ◦ It teaches high moral values. ◦ The Good Samaritan ◦ Importance of excising compassion and love towards everyone. Regardless of who it is.
  11. 11. Modern Moral Stories ◦ Teenagers are now inspired more towards ◦ Hot teen topics ◦ Adventure ◦ Romance ◦ Showbiz
  12. 12. Modern Moral Stories ◦ Character education books should be in a format that teens love entertainment
  13. 13. To read some great moral stories go to http://www.thefunkids.com/ki d-stories