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WWAD 2016

Alumni, you have contributed to making BCG the great institution that it is today, and your legacy remains at the core of BCG and continues to shape our aspirations. We hope that you can join us at your local WWAD to celebrate!

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WWAD 2016

  1. 1. Now held in almost 80 offices, the WWAD has become a BCG tradition, bringing alumni and current BCGers together in order to: Auckland: October 13 Bangkok: October 14 Beijing: October 13 Hong Kong: October 13 Jakarta: October 19 Kuala Lumpur: October 14 Melbourne: October 13 Mumbai: December 16 New Delhi: December 16 Perth: October 13 Seoul: October 10 Shanghai: October 14 Singapore: October 14 Sydney: October 13 Taipei: October 15 Tokyo & Nagoya: October 13 Amsterdam: October 13 Athens: TBD Barcelona: October 19 Berlin: October 13 Bogota: October 21 Brussels: October 13 Budapest: October 27 Buenos Aires: September 29 Casablanca: October 13 Cologne: October 27 Copenhagen: October 13 Dubai & Abu Dhabi: November 2 Düsseldorf: October 27 Frankfurt: October 13 Hamburg: October 13 Helsinki: October 13 Istanbul: October 13 Johannesburg: October 20 Lima: September 29 Lisbon: October 13 London: October 13 Madrid: October 13 Milan: October 13 Moscow: October 27 Munich: October 13 Oslo: October 13 Paris: October 13 Prague: October 7 Rome: October 20 Santiago: October 4 Sao Paulo: October 13 Stockholm: October 13 Stuttgart: October 27 Tel Aviv: November 30 Vienna: October 13 Warsaw: October 13 Zurich: September 29 Atlanta: October 13 Austin: October 3 Boston/Global: October 13 Calgary: October 20 Chicago: October 13 Dallas: October 6 Denver: September 29 Detroit: October 21 Houston: September 29 Los Angeles: November 10 Mexico City: October 6 Miami: October 28 Minneapolis: October 13 Monterrey: October 13 Montreal: December 6 New York Metro: October 13 Philadelphia: October 6 San Francisco: September 29 Seattle: September 16 Toronto: October 13 Washington, DC: October 14 BCG alumni live and work all over the world—but no matter where you are, there is a WWAD nearby. Review the 2016 event dates below, and connect with fellow alumni on our social media channels before the celebrations: NORTH AMERICA WWAD 2016 Shaping the Future. Together. Alumni, you have contributed to making BCG the great institution that it is today. Your legacy remains at the core of BCG and continues to shape our aspirations. Leverage networking opportunities Connect with BCG friends, past and present Learn more about BCG's latest developments The inaugural WWAD was held in 30 BCG offices in October, providing alumni with an opportunity to reinforce their connections with the BCG family and continue building lifelong relationships with their peers. “Once a BCGer, always a BCGer. You carry the firm on your resume, but also in your heart. We are deeply committed to the alumni community and to the bonds between us.” – Rich Lesser 1998 2016 ASIA PACIFIC CEMA/WESA