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The Mobile Internet Takes Off Everywhere

Has a small device ever had a bigger impact? This infographic explores the factors that have driven the rapid growth of the global mobile Internet economy.

Read the full report, here: http://on.bcg.com/1955jak.

The Mobile Internet Takes Off Everywhere

  1. 1. The Mobile Internet Takes Off Everywhere Consumers win big flourishing *Consumer surplus: the value that consumers believe they receive,over and above what they pay for devices,apps,services,and access The app economy is and innovative disruptions lead to… Competition drives mobile Internet growth Competition fuel penetration and use in developing markets Falling smartphone prices Global smartphone penetration Global users Big Numbers Growing Fast Annual consumer surplus $3.5 trillion* more than app downloads since 2008 Leading app-store operators paid developers more than $15 billion between June 2013 and July 2014 200 billion it took more than a decade to reach but only three years to reach the next billion 1 billion units Average annual surplus per person $4,000 new models priced at <$35 35% 2011 10% 2013 20% 2017 More choice Faster connections New products And radical improvements in functionality 2013 1.5 billion 2017 3 billion 1 32 in 2010 189 Kbps in 2017 3,898 Kbps Android mobile device models 18,000 12:00 PM Worldwide prices will fall 19 percent further by 2017 350 -19% 300 250 2013 2014E Average selling price ($) 2015E 2016E 2017E 0 100 billion more than downloads in 2013 $700 billion countries annual revenues in 13 that represent 70% of world GDP annual increase in revenues 23% revenues double to $1.55 in 2017 trillion 3million employment for people already Read BCG’s latest insights, analysis, and viewpoints at bcgperspectives.com © The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. 2014. All rights reserved. To find the latest BCG content and register to receive e-alerts on this topic or others, please visit bcgperspectives.com. Please direct questions to socialmedia@bcg.com.