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6 foods needed for a Thyroid Diet!

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If you are looking to find out the best foods for a thyroid diet then this pdf on the foods needed for a thyroid diet is a must read(http://reversehypothyroidism.infospaceonline.com/).

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6 foods needed for a Thyroid Diet!

  1. 1. 6 Foods Needed for a Thyroid Diet http://reversehypothyroidism.infospaceonline.com/
  2. 2. You are what you eat! Whoever invented that phrase is a genius. Diet is pivotal in creating lasting, changing and reversing hypothyroidism. That’s why this post is dedicated to what a proper diet for hypothyroidism should entail. In fact, I am going to give you 6 foods needed, for let say a thyroid diet. Each one has their merits and are essential components for a balanced diet for hypothyroidism. So let’s begin: 1. Coffee I wrote about Coffee before in a previous post (coffee can save your life). Its benefits are definitely worth repeating. Coffee is fantastic FOR A THYROID DIET. If you don’t drink it on an empty stomach and you properly eat the right ratios of fat and sugar. Coffee is packed with high concentrations of magnesium and large amounts of B vitamins. Both of these elements are necessary for proper thyroid function. Studies also show that coffee drinkers have the lowest incidence of cancer and thyroid disease. So have a cup or three.
  3. 3. 2. Fruit You can never go wrong eating fruit and it’s a girl or gals best friend on adiet for hypothyroidism. Apples, Oranges and Bananas are some great fruits that come to mind. There is the exception of avocado, most fruits are high in potassium which plays a pivotal role in regulating your blood sugar. The potassium in fruit helps to decrease the need for insulin which keeps your blood sugar levels stable for longer periods of time. So definitely eat your fruit. 3. Have Some Salt Sounds weird, huh? Believe me I know, there is a lot of information out there against salt and sodium. Some is true, but a lot of the information are myths. For instance the myths never address the fact that sodium is actually an important nutrient to carry out a multitude of functions. On top of the list is properly regulating blood pressure. You may not know this, but one of the more common hypothyroidism symptoms is edema. Edema is a condition which your cells take up too much water. As the cells take up water, they lose sodium which is then lost when you go to the bathroom and urinate.
  4. 4. This leads to low sodium levels which actually slows your metabolism. We all know what a slow metabolism does. It causes you to get fat! Lack of sodium also increases your stress hormones and leads to sleep problems. So you need salt in order to get sodium. And as shown in the above sentences, Sodium is necessary. So increase your salt intake, but do it responsibly. 4. Have Some Bone Broth What the heck is bone broth? My thoughts exactly! But let me tell you I have done some research and it is one of the best sources of protein you can muster. In fact, it was a common part of a large number of diets over a 100 years ago. It’s nearly forgotten, but is excellent for a hypothyroidism diet. From the research I have done, bone broth is packed with nutrients, anti-inflammatory amino acids, and easy to digest. Full disclosure, I have not tried it yet. 5. Eat Crabs, Lobster and Shrimp
  5. 5. Shell fish is one of my favorite foods to eat, particularly Lobster. I love lobster, and I was so happy to hear how beneficial shellfish are good for your thyroid. Shellfish is a huge source to the thyroid hormone, which is rarely gotten in a standard meat diet. Shell fish is high in selenium, and one of the key ingredients to getting inactive T4 hormones to become active. T3 thyroid hormones in your liver. I should have listed it as number 1, because of its importance in a diet for hypothyroidism. 6. Drink Less Water What? I know this one sounds crazy, but for hypothyroidism suffers, the standard 8 glasses of water a day is actually counterproductive. Unless you’re out all day in the heat, or work in the sun you don’t need as much water. Your body already retains it. It’s no secret that water retention is a common problem for individuals with thyroid deficiency. I already mentioned the loss of sodium in the previous paragraphs. And that’s what you are doing when you drink that much water. A simple rule of thumb, drink when you are thirsty. This is the best thing when it comes to the water debate.