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Impact of Analytics - Presentation

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Know how enterprises can gain long-term benefits by applying Advanced Analytics to their operational and historical data.

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Impact of Analytics - Presentation

  1. 1. Enterprises can gain significant long-term benefits by applying advanced analytics to their operational and historical data.
  2. 2. Degree of Complexity CompetitiveAdvantage Standard Reporting Ad hoc reporting Query/drill down Alerts Simulation Forecasting Predictive modeling Optimization What exactly is the problem? What will happen next if ? What if these trends continue? What could happen…. ? What actions are needed? How many, how often, where? What happened? Stochastic Optimization Descriptive Prescriptive Predictive How can we achieve the best outcome? How can we achieve the best outcome including the effects of variability?
  3. 3. Business Intelligence Advanced Analytics  Backward Looking  Limited to your data  Focus on the past  Forward Looking  Can take advantage & build upon intelligence existing elsewhere  Focus on the future
  4. 4. Historical Data Operational Data Advanced Analytics Actionable Intelligence
  5. 5. Minimize Risk Identify Fraud Pursue New Opportunities Identify&respondtonew opportunitiesmorequickly!
  6. 6. Minimize Risk • Loan origination • Credit Origination • Customers at risk of leaving • Better incentives Identify Fraud • Insurance • Conning customers New Revenue Opportunities • Targeted services • Better promotions • Higher revenue per customer
  7. 7. 1 2
  8. 8. Today’s Challenge New Data What’s Possible Healthcare Expensive office visits Remote patient monitoring Preventive care, reduced hospitalization Manufacturing In-person support Product sensors Automated diagnosis, support Location-Based Services Based on home zip code Real time location data Geo-advertising, traffic, local search Public Sector Standardized services Citizen surveys Tailored services, cost reductions Retail One size fits all marketing Social media Sentiment analysis segmentation
  9. 9. BIG VOLUME BIG VELOCITY BIG VARIETY BIG VALUE SOCIAL BLOG SMART METER 10110010100 10010011010 10101011100 10101010010 0101
  10. 10. America Bureau of Shipping Setting standards for marine and offshore classification Natural language reports generated by hundreds of manual surveyors Teqnium Text Mining Analytics Innovation & Consultancy Automated tagging of findings, powerful retrieval & research tool for surveyors
  11. 11. Thank you. Please see www.teqnium.com for understanding Teqnium’s experience & credentials in data mining, machine learning, text mining & big data analysis.