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What's New in SQL Server 2016 for BI

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What's New in SQL Server 2016 for BI

  1. 1. What's New in SQL Server 2016 for BI Teo Lachev teo.lachev@prologika.com @tlachev
  2. 2. Most BI Still On Premises
  3. 3. Agenda • What's new in SQL Server 16 for BI • SQL Server • Integration Services and MDS • Analysis Services • Reporting Services • … with demos • Targeting SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.2 with the usual disclaimer that things could change without notice • Update later on at Atlanta BI Group • Out of scope • Power BI • Self-service BI • Q&A at the end of the presentation
  4. 4. About me • Consultant, author, and mentor with focus on BI • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for 12 consecutive years • Founder and leader of Atlanta MS BI and Power BI Group http://atlantabi.sqlpass.org • Owner of Prologika – boutique BI consulting and training company based in Atlanta (www.prologika.com) • Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics • Services: analytics, strategy, training, talent acquisition • Flexibility and quality • Value-based, fixed pricing
  5. 5. 6 SQL Server Report Builder SQL Server Reporting Services • Mobile reports • Paginated reports • Power BI Desktop (after SQL 16) Power BI • Power BI Desktop • Microsoft Excel • Mobile reports • Paginated reports Power BI Web Portal Power BI Desktop CONSUMEMANAGECREATE Microsoft Excel SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher (used to be Datazen) Report Designer in SQL Server Data Tools Windows App Android App iOS App Report Server Web portal (all BI report types) SharePoint Web
  6. 6. Database Engine
  7. 7. Database Engine Columnstore indexes Updatable nonclustered columnstore indexes Query performance Live query statistics and Query Store Temporal tables Automatic Type 2 changes on all columns Integration with R Let data scientists analyze data with R from SQL Server with constraints by IT
  8. 8. SQL Server 16 Database Engine BI-related Enhancements
  9. 9. Integration Services and Master Data Services
  10. 10. SSIS Improvements at Glance
  11. 11. SQL Server 16 Integration Services Incremental Deployment & Templates
  12. 12. Master Data Services Modeling improvements in MDS Simplified hierarchies Improved MDS model deployment
  13. 13. Do more. Faster. Massive improvements to performance and scale in MDS 15x
  14. 14. Do more. Achieve more. MDS transaction log retention settings Multiple administrator roles Granular security permissions in MDS
  15. 15. SQL Server 16 Master Data Services Entity Sync and Excel add-in
  16. 16. Multidimensional models in AnalysisServices Tabular models in AnalysisServices
  17. 17. { "name": “Demo Model", "description": “Demo model description", "culture": "en-US", "dataSources": [ .... ], "tables": [ { "name": "Customer", "description": "Customer information.", "columns": [ { "name": "ID", "dataType": "int64", "sourceColumn": "customer_id", "sortByColumn": "Last Name" },
  18. 18. Multidimensional Enhancements Visualize and explore existing models with Power BI and Power BI Desktop Support for Netezza as a data source Customization options for drill-through behaviors for actions Drill-through multi-selection support with Excel 2016
  19. 19. Dev / Ops in SQL Server 2016
  20. 20. SQL Server 16 Analysis Services Tabular Many to many relationships
  21. 21. Reporting Services
  22. 22. New, modern web portal
  23. 23. Modern chart and gauge styles Updated Report Builder look-and-feel Visual Studio 2015 support Plugin-free printing Modern paginated reports
  24. 24. Customizable parameter layout
  25. 25. Export to PowerPoint Generate slides including all report content in seconds Move and resize individual objects Export manually, schedule for email delivery, or generate programmatically
  26. 26. Monitor the most important metrics and trends in one place Pin charts, gauges, maps, and images as tiles to Power BI dashboards
  27. 27. Microsoft confidential - NDA Required Responsive experiences for phones and tablets
  28. 28. SQL Server 16 Reporting Services Report Design Improvements
  29. 29. Connect to on-premises SQL Server Analysis Services models Support for Tabular and Multidimensional models
  30. 30. Summary • Significant BI investments in SQL 16 • On-premises • Cloud • For more information • teo.lachev@prologika.com • Twitter: @tlachev • Subscribe to my newsletter at www.prologika.com • Follow blog on http://prologika.com/cs/blogs