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Thermowells & Accessories

Complete details of Tempsens made Thermowells and accessories used in temperature sensors.
Different types of thermowells like weld in, threaded, Flanged, Socket Weld, Van stone etc.
Accessories like Connection Heads, Terminal blocks, connectors, Fittings, pyrometer accessories etc.

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Thermowells & Accessories

  2. 2. Thermowells • In case the environment is corrosive or harsh, it is recommended that thermocouple / RTD should be placed in a Thermowell or protection tube. • These wells can be made from different materials like SS304, SS316, HRS446, Inconel, Monel, Ceramic, etc. • The construction can be fabricated or solid drilled bar stock.
  3. 3. Construction of Thermowells Stepped Shank Also called “reduced tip”. The shank O.D. is reduced over the last 2½” of the “U” dimension from the standard root diameter to ½” O.D. The stepped shank is available with a 0.260” bore diameter only. Straight Shank Shank O.D. is the same from the root diameter (“Q” dimension) to the tip diameter (“D” dimension). The straight shank is generally used with a 0.385” or larger bore diameter, but is also available with a 0.260” bore. Tapered Shank Shank O.D. is gradually reduced from the root diameter (“Q” dimension) to the tip diameter (“D” dimension). The tapered shank is recommended for heavy duty applications characterized by high vibration, pressure, temperature, and/or velocity.
  4. 4. Construction of Thermowells Process Connection External means to connect thermowell to process system. Wells can be threaded, bolted (to matching flange), clamped, or welded in place. Instrument Connection Internal threads to connect temperature instrument to thermowell. “U” / "IL" Dimension Length of thermowell immersed into process system. Measured from the base of the process connection to the end tip of the well. “T” / "EL" Dimension Also called “lag length” or “lagging extension”. Extends length between the instrument and process connections to accommodate vessel or piping insulation. “S” Dimension Instrument insertion length into thermowell. Equal to bore length. “D” Dimension Also called “tip diameter”. Diameter of thermowell shank at the end tip of the thermowell. This dimension may vary with process connection and/or shank design as per ASME PTC 19.3 Bore Diameter Dimension of internal bore to match the diameter of the instrument inserted into the thermowell.
  5. 5. Selection Consideration of Thermowells Insertion Length For best temperature measurement accuracy, the “U” dimension should be long enough to permit the entire temperature-sensitive part of the measuring instrument to project into the medium being measured. Liquid temperature measurement: one inch or greater. Gas temperature measurement: three inches or greater. Bore Diameter Will depend on inset size, Inset is normally 6/ 8 mm Thermowell Style Tapered shank wells provide greater stiffness for the same sensitivity. The higher strength to weight ratio gives these wells higher natural frequency than for equivalent straight shank wells, thus permitting operation at higher fluid velocities. Vibration effect The calculations necessary to provide adequate strength under given conditions are familiar enough to permit proper choice of wall thickness and material. Less familiar are the vibrational effects to which thermowells are subjected. Fluid flowing past the well forms a turbulent wake (the Von Karman Trail), which has a definite frequency based on the diameter of the well and the velocity of the fluid. The thermowell must have sufficient stiffness so that the wake frequency will never equal the natural frequency of the thermowell itself. If the natural frequency of the well were to coincide with the wake frequency, the well would vibrate to destruction and break off.
  6. 6. Thermowells/Protection Tubes Material Selection Material Recommended maximum temperature Remarks Carbon steel 538⁰ C For non corrosive liquid and gases Cast Iron 700⁰ C For Molten Aluminum SS 304 870⁰ C Resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Generally used in wet process application such as stem line, oil refineries and chemical solution. SS316 870⁰ C Good resistance to corrosion application Superior to SS304 in corrosion resistance, resist putting in phosphoric and acetic acids SS 310 1100⁰ C Superior to SS316, used for high corrosive resistance at elevated temperatures Inconel 1150⁰ C Excellent mechanical properties and oxidation resistance at high temperatures, used for furnace parts, heat treatments. And heating element sheathings in nuclear engineering. Do not use in Sulphur applications. Monel 450⁰ C Good resistance to corrosion by sea water sulfuric, Hydrochloric and phosphoric acids. Mostly used in chemical industries
  7. 7. Thermowells/Protection Tubes Material Selection Material Recommended maximum temperature Remarks HRS 446 1090⁰ C Excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion at high temperature, do not use in carbonizing atmospheres. For sulphuric applications, salt bath and molten metals. Nickle 1090⁰ C Excellent resistance to attack by many chemicals at high temperature. Do not use in sulfur above 538⁰ C Ceramic tube 60% alumina 1500⁰ C High temperature application, beyond 1200⁰ C to 1400⁰ C. Contaminates the noble metal element on long term. Ceramic tube 99.7% Allumina 1700⁰ C Gas tight protection, excellent resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks. Recrystallized Silicon carbide 1600⁰ C Good thermal shock properties, direct flame impregment and abrasion applications.
  8. 8. Facilities  CNC Turning Centers – 13 Nos  Turn Mill center – 1 No.  VMC Machines –1 No.  Deep Hole Drilling Machines up to 1500mm drilling capacity – 17 Nos  Manual Lathe Machines – 60 Nos  Cutting Machines – 8 sets Machining Facilities Testing & Calibration Welding Facilities
  9. 9. Facilities  Laser Welding (YAG) – 2 Numbers  Programmable Micro Plasma Welding Machines 3 Numbers  TIG Welding machines with pulse modulation and rotary positioner – 10 Nos  Resistance Welding  Approved and qualified Welders  WPS and PQR for each job  Full penetration welding Welding Facilities Machining Facilities Testing & Calibration
  10. 10. Facilities Testing & Calibration Machining Facilities Welding Facilities  PMI setup for chemical analysis of Alloys  Pressure test setup  Helium & Nitrogen leak detector  Profile Projector  Dye penetration test setup for weld joints  Ultrasonic thickness test  Mechanical checks - lengths, gauges, concentricity checks  Radiography
  11. 11. Thermowells Material : SS304, SS316, SS316L, SS321, SS310, HRS446, INCONEL 600/800, 601 Hastalloy, Monel, Titanium etc. Type : Drilled barstock, Fabricated Construction : Tapered, Straight Process Connection : Screwed, Flanged Certification : IBR certification on request
  12. 12. Thermowell Models
  13. 13. Special Thermowells/Protection Tubes • Metal Thermowells with Tungsten carbide/Ceramic/ PTFE/PVDF/PFA coatings. • Solid sintered tungsten carbide • Silicon carbide(Re-crystallised & Nitride Bonded) • Platinum thimble • Tantalum, Titanium, Nickle cladding, • Tantalum Tungsten (Ta10W) Alloy • Graphite • Silicon Nitride • Other Materials in various sizes available on request
  14. 14. Protection Tubes Material : Re-crystallised Alumina 99.7% Type : KER 710(C-799) Open Ended, Close Ended Length : 350, 530, 600, 650, 740, 900, 1030, 1200, 1430 mm etc. OD x ID : 6x4, 8x5, 10x6, 12x8, 15x10, 20x15, 24x18mm etc. Insulating Tubes : 2/4/6 Holes etc. OD : 1.5, 2.8, 3.5, 5.5, 8.5 etc. Material : SS304, SS304L, SS310, SS446, Inconel-800/600,Hastalloy, Titanium etc. Type : Open Ended, Close Ended ,Round Ended Length : As per requirement Ceramics Stainless Steel Tubes
  15. 15. Quality Test Certificate
  16. 16. Accessories Material : Die cast aluminium, Stainless steel, Plastic etc. Types : A, B, C, DAN, DAN-W, KNE etc. Single entry, Double entry, miniature Cable Entry : M24x1.5, M20x1.5, 3/4" ET, 1/2" NPT/BSP Bottom Entry : ½” BSP, M20x1.5, 1/2" NPT Protection Class : IP 65, IP 67, Ex-proof II A/II B, II C Connection Heads Terminal Blocks Material : Ceramic Terminal : Two, Three , Four, Six, Eight
  17. 17. Accessories Connectors • Plug and jack compensated for thermocouples. • J, K, N, R, S, B, T, E, Types • Standard, Miniature, Panel mounted, Simplex, Duplex • Material : Glass Filled Nylon and Ceramic • Colour Coding : Various Standards • Lemo Connectors Compression Fittings Material AISI SS316, SS304 ,SS303, Carbon Steel, Brass Thread NPT, BS
  18. 18. Accessories Precision Pipe Fittings Material AISI SS316, SS304 ,SS303, Carbon Steel, Brass Thread NPT, BS Seal Pots & Accessories Material SS316, SS304, SS303, Carbon Steel, Brass etc. Thread NPT, BSP
  19. 19. Accessories Flanges Bayonet Caps Material AISI SS304,SS316, SS316L,Carbon Steel, Cast Iron etc. Size 1/2" to 4" & Others Rating 150# to 2500# etc. Material SS316, SS304, SS303, Carbon Steel, Brass etc. Thread NPT, BSP
  20. 20. Pyrometer Accessories Airpurge Unit Adustable mounting (8000-04) Stand Water cooling Jacket
  21. 21. Packaging & Dispatch  A unique serial number along with material is marked on each thermowell manufactured by Tempsens.  This unique serial number for each thermowell ensures vendor accountability for each and every thermowell.  If required, Tag numbers are also marked on it.  Thus, there is 100% full traceability for every thermowell manufactured in Tempsens.  Special attention is given to deliver the most fragile or the bulkiest products.  Thermowells first are packed with PVC sleeves to protection it from Scratching and then these are packed in carton and the finally in wooden boxes before dispatch.  We ensure that Thermowells are delivered in perfect condition at the destination.
  22. 22. TEMPSENS INSTRUMENTS (I) PVT. LTD. : UNIT #2 A-190, Road No. 5, MIA, Madri Udaipur - 313 003 (Rajasthan) INDIA Phone : +91-294-3052929/3052953 Fax : +91-294-3052950 Temperature Sensing, Heating & Cables THANK YOU!