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  1. 1. By Liseth Chica
  2. 2. WORD-FOR-WORD TRANSLATION Separate words to understand better and translate exactly the cultural word. FAITHFUL TRANSLATION It is less flexible and it has to be precise with the TL grammatical structures. IDIOMATIC TRANSLATION It has the message but prefer colloquialisms which distort the meaning. SEMANTIC TRANSLATION One of the best methods It tries to be original, preserve the natural sound and it is flexible. ADAPTATION Used in plays, some of them, when are translated have poor adaptations while others are successful. FREE TRANSLATION It is not necessary to preserve the form of the original. COMMUNICATIVE TRANSLATION One of the best methods Contains the contextual meaning and it is comprehensible for the reader .
  3. 3. EQUIVALENT EFFECT It is the desirable result Vocative • In the communicative translation, is important to see how effective is the translation at the moment we evaluate. Informative • The culture is different and the specific elements have to be explained by specific terms. Semantic translation, when it is more universal it has more equivalent effect.
  4. 4. METHODS AND TEXT-CATEGORIES VOCATIVE TEXTS • Exactly as how it is in the text. • Include 2nd person and varies from different methods. • Translation by phrases and standard terms. EXPRESSIVE TEXTS • It is not exactly, how it supposed to be. • It is small , because translate language units as colloquialism. INFORMATIVE TEXTS • They are translated more close than vocative texts. • Include 3rd person, past tenses.
  5. 5. Translation Is necessary to read three or more paragraphs, before just taken one sentence to traduce. If you do not do it, you can confuse and make a wrong construction. Translate sentences as closely as you can and make sure you are using correct words.
  6. 6. OTHER METHODS SERVICE TRANSLATION: language of habitual use into another language. PLAIN PROSE TRANSLATION: It translate proses with all its components as punctuation, original metaphors INFORMATION TRANSLATION Translate grammar to TL transpositions Academic translation: converts the original and educated text into TL version