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Making of ticket printscreens

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A2 Media Horror

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Making of ticket printscreens

  1. 1. As a group we looked through a range of cinema tickets, some real templates some fake, to get an idea of the lay out of real cinema ticket, to make the tickets and screening seem more realistic to our audience.
  2. 2. We used an online “fake” ticket generator to create our premiere tickets, making the appropriate adjustments to the details on the ticket. For example on the section detail I used the number ‘666’ the row ‘13’ and Seat ‘7’ these numbers are associated with the devil which links to evil and horror. I also put a small question on the bottom of the ticket stating “What can you see?” I chose this question as it links to our main title “Perception”. The meaning is based on what someone can see and interpret for themselves.
  3. 3. This is the final outcome to our tickets , I also tried a different layout in the image below but I went with the first draft.
  4. 4. We decided on the colour red for the tickets to connote blood and evil, to match the genre of our trailer which was horror. An orange or yellow would connote a different meaning such as happiness and perceive a whole different genre.
  5. 5. We advertised our premiere within and around the school, for example writing on the whiteboard on the day of the premiere. The big bold letters drew attention from our audience to actually read what is on the board. We also placed posters around the sixth form building, especially that is where our main target audience is. We also decided to hand out our tickets on the day so that our target audience remained aware of the premiere and that increased the amount of people that came to view the trailer .