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Why Laravel is Best PHP Framework for Development in 2017?

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Techtic Solutions prepared PPT/PDF of why we choose Laravel framework for web development in 2017. For that we collect 26 Laravel features which make Laravel best PHP framework in 2017. Techtic Solutions provides Laravel Application development services for more then 30+ countries and successfully design and developed 550+ projects in Laravel Framework. If you want more information about Laravel Application Development then call us @ +1 201-793-8324 or visit us @ https://www.techtic.com/laravel-development-company/

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Why Laravel is Best PHP Framework for Development in 2017?

  1. 1. ?
  2. 2. What is Laravel?  There are different PHP platform for web development project. Each posses different features and functionalities.  Among them there is one of the most popular framework is Laravel an open source web development platform.  As a Developer you want your work done easily, smoothly and want to write simple, clean and reusable code.  Laravel will fulfill all your needs by its powerful features.
  3. 3. Google Trends over the Period for Laravel
  4. 4. Reasons to Choose Laravel PHP Framework for Web Development  Laravel has been used by many different reputed companies for their web development projects.  Due to its powerful and effective features it has capability to handle big web development projects.  According to the survey, Laravel has been found to be the most popular PHP framework among the developers.  It is free and an open-source PHP framework with easy code reusability feature.
  5. 5. Features of Laravel Framework Development
  6. 6. Object Oriented Libraries This framework provides flexibility of using different object oriented libraries.
  7. 7. MVC Architecture Support Laravel development follows excellence with MVC pattern and believe it is a must for PHP web development today.
  8. 8. Simple Database Migration Syncronizing database between two programming machines in Laravel is easy and simple.
  9. 9. Easy Customization Using various modules and libraries, you can easily customize your web applications.
  10. 10. Simple Caching As a developer you know how important the task of caching for web development. Laravel uses two most popular back-end caching known as Redis and Memchached.
  11. 11. Routing System Routing system of Laravel is same as in Ruby and Rails and it is incredible in its on way.
  12. 12. Blade Templating Engine Blade templating engine combines more than one templates with a data model to produce resulting views, doing that by transfering the templates into cached PHP code for improved performance.
  13. 13. Security Hacking are proportionally increasing as technology grows. Security needs to be strong in this case. Laravel takes care of the security bug generating password.
  14. 14. Bundles Laravel Bundles provides modular packing system that automatically install, upgrade and configure.
  15. 15. Eloquent QRM Eloquent QRM follows active record patterns.
  16. 16. Query Builder Laravel Query Builder provides classes and methods which helps in direct database access.
  17. 17. Application Logic Laravel Application Logic is the core part of the developed applications.
  18. 18. Restful Controller Restful Controller separates the logic behind HTTP, GET and POST requests.
  19. 19. Class Auto Loading Class auto loading automatically loads PHP classes without manual inclusion paths.
  20. 20. View Composer View composer are customizable logic code unit which executed when the view is loaded.
  21. 21. IoC Container New objects can be easily generated using IoC Container in which the framework calls into the application- or task-specific code, with optional instantiating and referencing of new objects as singletons.
  22. 22. Database Seeding Database seeding provides a way to populate database tables with selected default data that can be used for application testing or be performed as part of the initial application setup.
  23. 23. Unit Testing Unit testing is the integral part of Laravel that detect and prevent regression in the framework.
  24. 24. Automatic Pagination Implementing the task of pagination is simplified by using automatic pagination in Laravel.
  25. 25. Form Request Form request is a feature of Laravel Which serves as the base for form input validation by internally binding event listeners, resulting in automated invoking of the form validation methods and generation of the actual form.
  26. 26. Cashier Laravel Cashier manages subscription billing services.
  27. 27. SSH Laravel SSH allows programmatic execution of CLI commands on remote servers using the Secure Shell (SSH) as an encrypted network protocol.
  28. 28. Scheduler Laravel Scheduler allows programmatic scheduling of periodically executed tasks.
  29. 29. Flysystem Laravel Flysystem is a file system abstraction layer that allows local file systems and cloud-based storage services.
  30. 30. Socialite Laravel Socialite an optional and simplified mechanism for authentication.
  31. 31. Artisan CLI Build in tool for command-line called Artisan is offered by Laravel. This tool perform repetitive programming task.
  32. 32. Why Choose Techtic Solutions for Laravel Application Development?  Techtic Solutions has an experienced team of Laravel Developers, ability to build complex web apps with powerful and most popular framework.  This framework has capability to handle large size web apps development.  Techtic Solutions has been the first choice of more than 50 companies that we worked with on Laravel. We have 5+ Laravel Developers with up to total 10+ years experience in PHP and 2+ years in Laravel.  Hire Laravel Developer from Techtic Solutions.
  33. 33. About Techtic Solutions  Techtic Solutions is a 8 years young I.T. firm offering solutions to various verticals for branding, online marketing , web and mobile applications design and development.  You can find our professional work in most innovative areas like iOS, Android, Magento, Swift, Laravel, Codelgniter, WordPress, Yii, AngularJS and many other open source technologies.  Our efficient team management has willingness to serve quality work to our customers that set us apart from other I.T. vendors. We have satisfied more than 23 countries and delivered major solutions to USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and UK. Know more about Laravel Application Development Company
  34. 34. Social Media Links: Contact Us  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/techticsolution  Twitter: https://twitter.com/techticsolution  Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/techtic-solutions  You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TechTicSolutions Phone Number: • USA: +1 201-793-8324 • UK: +44 117 2308324 • AUS: +61 280 909 320 www.techtic.com Email: info@techtic.comBlog: https://www.techtic.com/blog/