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Top 10 Mistakes Happens During iOS App Development

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Techtic Solutions prepared PPT of top 10 mistakes happens during iOS App development. All these mistakes help some iOS developers to avoid some pitfalls. Techtic Solution also provides iOS app development services. If you are looking for hiring iOS App developer then feel free to contact us @ +1 201-793-8324 or visit us @ https://www.techtic.com/ios-app-developer/

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Top 10 Mistakes Happens During iOS App Development

  1. 1. iOS is largest mobile operating system in the world. It also has a very high adoption rate, with more than 85% of users on the latest version. As you might expect, highly engaged users have high expectations—if your app or update isn’t flawless, you’ll hear about it. More than 1,000 new apps are submitted to Apple every day. But true iOS expertise extends far beyond basic coding. Here, we listed 10 common mistakes that occurred during iOS development. I hope it will help some developers to avoid some pitfalls. www.techtic.com/ios-app-developer/
  2. 2. 1) Error Handling and Interaction with Users when Failure Conditions are Hit Do what you can to make warnings clear and test for when the conditions are met. Confusing and ambiguous error messages do not help. www.techtic.com/ios-app-developer/
  3. 3. 2) 2) Finding a Reliable set of Beta Testers The worst you can do is not even collect a group of beta testers to help you with your product. That tells me that you haven’t done the appropriate research before hand, which can set you up for failure. www.techtic.com/ios-app-developer/
  4. 4. 3) Forcing Login via Facebook or Twitter You’re going to anger a lot of people if you force social logins. I get the value but avoid forcing it. Let the customer decide. www.techtic.com/ios-app-developer/
  5. 5. 4) Thinking Your App will Magically Sell The moment you publish your app you’ve entered an arena with thousands of competitors. www.techtic.com/ios-app-developer/
  6. 6. 5) Testing in “Real World” Network Situations Make sure your app can handle these situations, otherwise your customer will have a terrible time. www.techtic.com/ios-app-developer/
  7. 7. 6) Making Sure That Your App Works as Expected on all Devices Given that we’re now dealing with a range of screen sizes, spend the time necessary to make sure your app works and behaves as you expect. www.techtic.com/ios-app-developer/
  8. 8. 7) Treating a Mobile Experience as a Web Experience You want to create a great experience for the given platform. A mobile app is not equal to a website. www.techtic.com/ios-app-developer/
  9. 9. 8) Building too Many Bells and Whistles You get yourself into dangerous territory by piling on a massive list of features to your app. It’s easy to feel guilty that a feature doesn’t exist when you’re being barked at by a handful of users. www.techtic.com/ios-app-developer/
  10. 10. 9) Creating Inflexible Code Now, I’m not saying that one should obsess over how your codebase looks like when you’re trying to find product-market fit. www.techtic.com/ios-app-developer/
  11. 11. 10) Trying to be Everywhere at Once For some reason developers feel like they need to be in front of everyone's face at launch. No, if you’re building an iOS app you don’t need to immediately create an Android app. www.techtic.com/ios-app-developer/
  12. 12. You can contact Techtic Solutions for iOS Application Development • Website: https://www.techtic.com/ • Blog: https://www.techtic.com/blog • Email: info@techtic.com Phone Number: • USA: +1 201-793-8324 • UK: +44 117 2308324 • AUS: +61 280 909 320 Social Media: • Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/techticsolution • Twitter: https://twitter.com/techticsolution • Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/techtic-solutions • You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TechTicSolutions Contact Techtic Solutions