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Leading Full Stack Development Company – Techtic Solutions Inc

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For full stack development, the backend and frontend technologies are most important. However, the right use of database, project management tools and the server configuration helps you deliver the seamless and most efficient product for your business. If you want to hire full stack developer from leading full stack development company then call us at +1 201.793.8324 or visit us at https://www.techtic.com/full-stack-development-company

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Leading Full Stack Development Company – Techtic Solutions Inc

  1. 1. Full Stack Development Full Stack Development Process | Engagement Models | Technologies | Projects www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com
  2. 2. Introduction For Full Stack development & custom software development; Techtic Solutions, Inc. is a go-to company. Since 2009, we have worked on some of the most amazing products in different industries and have supported several startups create their MVPs and build fully featured products. Our team of Full stack developers have experience with taking your business idea into different phases of development. We have exceptional track record in engaging startups into design sprints and wire framing incredible prototypes of businesses. We have built a team for our customers to offer them an MVP and also helped several companies create their go-to market strategies. We are one of the leading full stack development company because of our credentials, flexible engagement models, our experience and our ability to handle projects from startups to enterprises with maximum efficiency. While we are a team of 70+ professionals we have worked with our customers in different engagement models. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com
  3. 3. Engagement Models • Hire full time dedicated resource • Build your team • Fixed Price Project We also offer a free trial and an interview before hiring a developer or a team of developers. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com
  4. 4. Technology For full stack development, the backend and frontend technologies are most important. However, the right use of database, project management tools and the server configuration helps you deliver the seamless and most efficient product for your business. Programming Languages: Frontend Technologies: Bootstrap, AngularJS, ReactJS, JavaScript Backend Technologies: NodeJS, Laravel, ExpressJS, CodeIgniter Database & Server: Apache, AWS, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, NGINX Project Management Tools: Slack, Jira, Trello, Asana www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com
  5. 5. Full Stack Dev Process Phase I – Kickoff Meeting The project once is received to the project management team with a go ahead, the first thing they arrange is kickoff meeting internally. This meeting is the most important part of the project, since it defines different nuances of the project, details complete flow diagram & user journey. The meeting becomes productive, since the correct resources suitable for a certain projects are invited for the meeting and that’s where the resource allocation, timelines and bifurcation of roles and responsibilities are defined. Phase II – Project Management & Resource Allocation The process involves creating tasks, and weekly sprints for project on each and every task. The tasks are allocated to the resources that have experience in working on such tasks. This also ensures allocation of correct amount of buffer time in case of any delay; hence the overall timeframe of the project can be achieved. For shorter timelines, multiple resources are allocated to different tasks and hence the sprints become more productive and reduce the overall delivery time. Phase III – Mockup Design Once the team has a complete design & development brief, the next stage will be to start the design of home page and major inner pages of the website and screens for mobile application. Photoshop Mockups will be created for your perusal based on the information in the original brief. The mockups would be further revised based on your feedback to get the final design/artwork for the website and mobile application. Your feedback would be very important to design & programming team during this phase. This phase will require the client’s approval & sign off. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com
  6. 6. Phase IV – Agile Development - Programming & Quality Assurance We work on an agile process and hence we work with weekly sprints depending upon the size of the project. Our allocated team is assigned with daily tasks to be able to achieve the target for each sprint and we take daily standup meetings to ensure that we are on track to achieve the overall goal. This ensures timely delivery and also ensures that we are keeping constant check on project. Normally, our QA team is allocated simultaneously with the development team to ensure that they constantly keep writing the test cases while the modules are being developed. This process ensures that we don’t have to test everything at once and we can always test work for each sprint and incorporate the change requests in the next sprint. This also ensures the delivery of a quality product and makes sure that our complete product is developed with constant code review, module testing, functional testing, and other tests. Phase VII – Final Deployment Upon the client's complete satisfaction & final approval, we shall upload/install the website to your hosting/server and upload the mobile application in Android and iOS. The process is seamless and code base is also delivered to the customer since we use bitbucket or gitlab for version control. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com
  7. 7. Contact Us Visit us: https://www.techtic.com Email: info@techtic.com Phone: +1 201.793.8324