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Best Laravel Eloquent Tips and Tricks

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Techtic Solutions prepared list of laravel eloquent tips and tricks to help laravel developers. We listed Laravel tips and tricks like XorY methods, Model boot() method, Model properties: timestamps, appends etc. if you want to hire certified Laravel developer for developing a secure, high performance and faster web applications then Techtic is one of the most trusted Laravel development company with 10+ years of web development experience. For more info. Call us +1 201.793.8324 or visit at https://www.techtic.com/laravel-development-company

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Best Laravel Eloquent Tips and Tricks

  1. 1. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com
  2. 2. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Laravel Tips 1. Increments and Decrements 2. XorY methods 3. Model boot() method 4. Relationship with conditions and ordering 5. Model properties: timestamps, appends etc. 6. Find multiple entries 7. WhereX 8. Order by relationship 9. Eloquent::when() – no more if-else’s 10. BelongsTo Default Models 11. Order by Mutator 12. Default ordering in global scope 13. Raw query methods 14. Replicate: make a copy of a row 15. Chunk() method for big tables 16. Create additional things when creating a model 17. Override updated_at when saving 18. What is the result of an update()? 19. Transform brackets into an Eloquent query 20. orWhere with multiple parameters 21. onDelete('set null') 22. dropForeign([]); 23. Model Validation List of Laravel Tips
  3. 3. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Instead of this: 1. Increments and Decrements Do this: Also these will work: Laravel Tips
  4. 4. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Eloquent has quite a few functions that combine two methods, like “please do X, otherwise do Y”. Ex 1 – findOrFail(): Instead of: 2. XorY Methods Do this: Laravel Tips
  5. 5. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Ex 2 – firstOrCreate(): Instead of: 2. XorY Methods Do this: Laravel Tips
  6. 6. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com There is a magical place called boot() in an Eloquent model where you can override default behavior: 3. Model boot() method Probably one of the most popular examples is setting some field value at the moment of creating the model object. Laravel Tips
  7. 7. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Define Relationship: 4. Relationship with conditions and ordering Already add where or orderBy? For example, if you want a specific relationship for some type of users, also ordered by email, you can do this: Laravel Tips
  8. 8. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com There are a few “parameters” of an Eloquent model, in the form of properties of that class. The most popular ones are probably these: 5. Model properties: timestamps, appends etc. there’s more: Laravel Tips
  9. 9. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com find() Method 6. Find multiple entries Few people know about that it can accept multiple IDs as an array: Laravel Tips
  10. 10. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com There’s an elegant way to turn this: 7. WhereX Do this: Also, there are some pre-defined methods in Eloquent, related to date/time: Laravel Tips
  11. 11. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Separate relationship for the latest post on the topic: 8. Order by Relationship And then, in our controller, we can do this “magic”: Laravel Tips
  12. 12. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com write conditional queries with “if-else”, something like this: 9 Eloquent::when() – no more if-else’s there’s a better way – to use when(): Laravel Tips
  13. 13. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com It may not feel shorter or more elegant, but the most powerful is passing of the parameters: 9 Eloquent::when() – no more if-else’s Laravel Tips
  14. 14. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Post belonging to Author and then Blade code: 10 BelongsTo Default Models But what if the author is deleted, or isn’t set for some reason? You will get an error, something like “property of non-object”. Of course, you can prevent it like this: But you can do it on Eloquent relationship level: Laravel Tips
  15. 15. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Guess you have this: 11 Order by Mutator Now, you want to order by that full_name? This won’t work: Solution is simple. We need to order the results after we get them. Function name is different – it’s not orderBy, it’s sortBy. Laravel Tips
  16. 16. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com What if you want to have User::all() always be ordered by name field? You can assign a global scope. Let’s go back to the boot() method, which we mentioned already above. 12 Default ordering in global scope Laravel Tips
  17. 17. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Add raw queries to our Eloquent statements. functions for that. 13 Raw query methods
  18. 18. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Short one. Without deep explanations, here’s the best way to make a copy of database entry: 14 Replicate: make a copy of a row Laravel Tips
  19. 19. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Still powerful – to process bigger datasets, you can chunk them into pieces. Instead of: 15 Chunk() method for big tables Do this: Laravel Tips
  20. 20. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com This Artisan command: 16 Create additional things when creating a model There are three useful flags to generate related files to the model?  m will create a migration file  c will create a controller  r will indicate that controller should be resourceful Laravel Tips
  21. 21. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com ->save() method can accept parameters? As a result, we can tell it to “ignore” updated_at default functionality to be filled with current timestamp. See this: 17 Override updated_at when saving Overriding default updated_at with our pre-defined one. Laravel Tips
  22. 22. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com This code actually returns? 18 What is the result of an update()? what would that $result contain? The answer is affected rows. So if you need to check how many rows were affected, you don’t need to call anything else – update() method will return this number for you. Laravel Tips
  23. 23. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com and-or mix SQL query, like this: 19 Transform brackets into an Eloquent query How to translate it into Eloquent? This is the wrong way: The order will be incorrect. The right way is a little more complicated, using closure functions as sub-queries: Laravel Tips
  24. 24. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com pass an array of parameters to orWhere(). “Usual” way: 20 orWhere with multiple parameters Do this: Laravel Tips
  25. 25. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Used onDelete('cascade'); on foreign keys in Laravel migrations, know about 'set null'? This allows you to preserve models when their related model is deleted. 21 onDelete('set null') Laravel Tips
  26. 26. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com when rolling back multiple foreign keys using array syntax didn't work. 22 dropForeign([]); the array syntax on dropForeign is for dropping a foreign key using a shorthand column name. Laravel Tips
  27. 27. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com Here is drop foreign: 22 dropForeign([]); Laravel Tips
  28. 28. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com 22 dropForeign([]); abstracted call to dropIndexCommand which looks like this: Laravel Tips
  29. 29. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com 23 Model Validation This approach was inspired by the Elixir framework, Phoenix. Laravel Tips
  30. 30. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com 23 Model Validation Laravel Tips
  31. 31. www.techtic.com | info@techtic.com 23 Model Validation if your front-end only ends values that have changes for updating, you don't want all fields marked as required. Laravel Tips
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  35. 35. Contact Us Visit us: https://www.techtic.com Email: info@techtic.com Phone: +1 201.793.8324 Source by: https://laravel-news.com/eloquent-tips-tricks