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31 Free Mobile Icon Sets Recommended by App Developers

One of the most useful freebies available on the web for mobile app developers is icons and when a collection of great free mobile icon sets is presented to them like this – it saves a lot of your time and efforts.

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31 Free Mobile Icon Sets Recommended by App Developers

  1. 1. 31 FREE MOBILE ICON SETS RECOMMENDED BY APP DEVELOPERS Presents Visit: www.technousa.com Empowering Businesses with world-class IT solutions since 2007
  2. 2. One of the most useful freebies available on the web for mobile app developers is icons and when a collection of great free mobile icon sets is presented to them like this – it saves a lot of your time and efforts. Technousa.com
  3. 3. This is a great collection of icons of fixed and mobile phones and other mobile devices such as tablets, wireless handsets and related devices. Yes, they are black and white but no worries – you can add colors or change the sizes of the icons as per your requirement as it is a vector pack. 1. General Vector Pack Technousa.com
  4. 4. This set contains thirty png menu icons with additional source files. This set is distributed under a license similar to Creative Commons Attribution, thus it’s absolutely free. 2. Android Developer Icon Set Technousa.com
  5. 5. This set contains 311 minimalistic icons which can be used for/in navigation, information systems, web applications, mobile applications and user interfaces. 3. Web0.2ama Technousa.com
  6. 6. This set contains close to 2472 unique icon shapes, of various sizes, related to multimedia elements like video games, video, audio, playback buttons, gadgets, CD formats and more. 4. Full Flat Icons Technousa.com
  7. 7. This a beautiful set of attractive social media icons – it consists of 24 icons in PSD format and these icons are fully editable. They look great in white and black backgrounds. 5. Social Media Line Icons Technousa.com
  8. 8. This is a great range of 500 useful icons for iPhone and iPad. These can be downloaded for free and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. 6. 500 iOS Tab Bar Icons Technousa.com
  9. 9. This set contains 80 beautiful icons for mobile applications. These icons look distinct and they stand out wherever they are placed. 7. Free Mobile Berries Technousa.com
  10. 10. This is truly a fantastic collection of gorgeous icons for Android – this set consists of 44 icons of size 125 * 125 in png format. 8. Aelous – Icon Sets for Android Technousa.com
  11. 11. This is one of the most useful icon sets that could be found on the web – all the icons are related to project management. Some of them are namely bar graph, calendar, documents, search/find, clock/time and more. Check these out. 9. Project Icon Set Technousa.com
  12. 12. This is an awesome collection from Google – 150 icons in the pack are optimized for multiple screen resolutions. These icons are in PNG format not in vectors. These are meant for common actions such as copy, paste, edit, content, social, ratings, navigation, camera and more. 10. Action Bar Icon Pack from Google Technousa.com
  13. 13. This is an elegant collection of tab bar icons for iOS7. This is a basic set that consists of 36 iOS7 tab bar icons in PSD format. Some of the icons you’ll find in the package include icons for copy, settings, trash inbox, help, chat and more. 11. iOS7 Tab Bar Icons Technousa.com
  14. 14. This attractive icon set for Android consists of 24 icons in Png format of following sizes – 16*16, 24*24, 32*32 and 48*48. The style and design of these icons were inspired by some of the icons in Android SDK. 12. Android Developer Common Icon Set Technousa.com
  15. 15. This fantastic set of 108 Mono Icons are in png format – they come in gray but you can add colors of your choice as color customization options are available both in Photoshop and Fireworks. 13. 108 Mono Icons ( Minimal Icons ) Technousa.com
  16. 16. This unique set of 128 icon designs is in both .ico and .png formats and is available in light and dark variants. Available sizes – 256*256, 32*32, 16*16 (.ico) and 128*128 (.png). 14. TOKEN Icon Set Technousa.com
  17. 17. This free icon pack contains 58 of the most popular gestures used on multi touch devices, such as tablets, smart phones, and trackpads. Each gesture has been designed to be easy to edit, and colour changes take just a couple of clicks, We have left all of the strokes intact so that you can adjust the weight. 15. Multi-Touch Gesture Icons Technousa.com
  18. 18. This icon set consists of 154 nicely designed icons in PNG, AI and PSD formats. The range varies from commonly used icons to rarely available ones. 16. Developer Icon Set Technousa.com
  19. 19. This icon set is a beautiful collection of icons specifically designed for iPhone developers. 17. Icons: Free iPhone Toolbar Icons Technousa.com
  20. 20. This Icon pack contains 176 attractive icons available for personal, non- commercial use. Available in sizes – 128*128, 48*48, 32*32 and 16*16. 18. Ecqlipse 2 Technousa.com
  21. 21. This Icon pack contains 60 elegant vector photoshop icons for iPhone & iPad apps. 19. iconSweets Technousa.com
  22. 22. This free vector icon pack features 23 of the most popular smart phone mobile devices on the market, these can be used in your designs to illustrate different phones or as-is if you just want more device options than the standard icon pack provides. The icons are completely editable and are also supplied as individual .svg files. 20. Mobile Device Vector Icons Technousa.com
  23. 23. This is an awesome set of minimal and elegant icons visually unified with great clarity. These icons are available in png and eps formats and are customizable. Size Availability – 16*16, 64*64, 32*32, 48*48, 128*128 and 256*256. 21. Default Icons Technousa.com
  24. 24. This is a set of 48 simple and beautiful icons related to office, travel and social. These are available in ai and png formats. 22. Flat Designer Icons Technousa.com
  25. 25. This icon set consists of simple looking icons which can be used across projects. They stand out and also look very clean. These icons are scalable to any sizes without any deterioration in quality. 23. Simplicity Vector Icon Set Technousa.com
  26. 26. These awesome-looking gesture icons are available in PSD, EPS and PNG formats. They have been designed for multi-touch devices. 24. Touch Gesture Icons Technousa.com
  27. 27. This is a great set of beautiful icons for Android developers. These are important icons like contacts, browser, backup, document, map and more. 25. Androidicons Technousa.com
  28. 28. This is a unique set of 139 stylish Android Icons. These are available in png format (48*48). 26. Android Mega Pack 2 Technousa.com
  29. 29. This package contains 24 simple weather icons with great clarity suitable to be used in any weather applications. These are available in AI and PSD formats. 27. Weather Icons Technousa.com
  30. 30. This icon set consists of 36 modern flat style mobile connections and Wi-Fi signals icons. 28. Wi-Fi connections Icons Technousa.com
  31. 31. This is an epic set of 2600 flag icons – contains a flag for every major country and few other countries. They are available in two variants – flat and standard and in a range of sizes. 29. 2600 Flag Icon Set Technousa.com
  32. 32. This is an ultimate collection of business icons which may be used in any business or corporate website. They are available in AI and SVG formats. 30. Nucleo Flat Business Icon Set Technousa.com
  33. 33. This is a set of 24 line Icons for ecommerce shop – specifically designed for iPhone ecommerce apps but these can also be used for other apps and websites as these are in eps, ai and psd formats and are completedly editable. 31. 24 Ecommerce Line Icons Technousa.com
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  35. 35. Contact Us: Visit: www.technousa.com Call us: US & Canada: 001 (716-941-7348) UK & Europe: +44-020-3002-7885 India: +91-011-47097432 Email: sales@technousa.com
  36. 36. Source: This PPT has been created based on our article titled ’ 31 Free Mobile Icon Sets Recommended by App Developers’ published on instantshift.com - http://www.instantshift.com/2017/01/20/free-app-developers-mobile-icon- sets. Visit: www.technousa.com