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U25 Written India quiz, CogniTio 2.0 JIMS

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U25 Written India quiz, CogniTio 2.0 JIMS

  1. 1. Quizzer-e-Hind Team Vencedores
  2. 2. Acknowledgement Dayita Saswata Sutanu Avishek Bonnie da Srijon & Ujaan
  3. 3. Team Vencedores Soumya, Karan, Kuntal, Thirtha, Tatan, Ashin, Souptik, Chirodeep, Haider & Dipan
  4. 4. Guidelines 1. 32 Questions 2. Star questions are 5,10,15,20,25,30 3. Number of parts = Points allotted Good luck!
  5. 5. 1. As per the plot of Komol Gandhar by Ritwik Ghatak, in the climax scene lead pair went to this place. A place, where once a group of people put up a fight against British empire in 1914. Id the place, with repetitive words in the name.
  6. 6. Budge Budge
  7. 7. 2. On February 11th, 1968, about 2:10 am, the Sealdah Express arrived at Mughalsarai Junction railway station in Uttar Pradesh. A corpse was discovered, laying next to a traction pole 10 minutes after the train arrived and was stopped 748 feet from the end of the platform. That corpse belonged to the president of a right wing political party at that time, who had ridden the train from Lucknow to Patna. Who?
  8. 8. DDU
  9. 9. 3. According to the Urban Dictionary, you are "X-ed" if you lose your job as a result of it being outsourced to an overseas company. Usually, the goal of this company strategy is to lower operating expenses. This has contributed to economic growth in emerging nations, particularly India, while raising unemployment in industrialised ones like the US. Identify the term, derived from the city X.
  10. 10. Bangalored
  11. 11. 4 This upcoming movie by Tathagata Mukherjee is based on street dogs of India. What is the apt title of the movie which is namesake of a tribe of Tamil Nadu?
  12. 12. Pariah
  13. 13. 5* Sanjhi art is a traditional art of stencilling from Mathura, it is considered to be one of the finest arts of spiritual expression. The art grew in the 16th & 17th centuries when the wall and floors of temples were decorated with Sanjhi motifs. Just tell me how did it inspire certain visual representations for a multi-sports event in India, from the last decade? (keywords will do)
  14. 14. CWG 2010 Pictogram
  15. 15. 6 This photograph is taken from a 1979 disaster. The death count vary greatly ranging from 1,800 to 25,000 people. Which river or which town?
  16. 16. Morbi/Machchhu river
  17. 17. 7 Named by Dr. Shiboprasad Chatterjee, an eminent Geologist, this is the new emblem of a state from the so-called neglected part of India. So, what do these three monoliths symbolise? (need 3 names. Any 2 will fetch you 0.5)
  18. 18. Garo, Khasi & Jaintia
  19. 19. 8 Where can you find these ‘skid-marks’? Which German guy made them few years back to celebrate his certain consecutive achievements there?
  20. 20. Buddha International Circuit Sebastian Vettel
  21. 21. 9 Henry Piddington, an Englishman was appointed as the curator of the newly established Museum of Economic Geology in Calcutta. He published many scientific papers on many topics including meteorology in India. Following a catastrophic experience for Calcutta in 1833, few years later he started to track winds, ship logs etc. Having sailing experience, he wrote certain series of papers in the Journal of the Asiatic Society. Which term did he coin there, that means ‘coil of a snake’?
  22. 22. Cyclone
  23. 23. 10* How is this native explorer mononymously remembered in a disputed part of this country, flowing controversy in the mainland?
  24. 24. Galwan
  25. 25. 11 In 1974, an IIT graduate was arrested for no reason in Nis, a border town between what is now Serbia and Bulgaria. He was treated so badly by the Bulgarian authority for many days, he thought to himself that he would not want to be a part of any communist country ever. This incident pushed him towards taking the plunge into entrepreneurship & rest is history. Who, a relative of a country’s elected head?
  26. 26. Narayan Murthy
  27. 27. 12 Raja Ajit Singh Bahadur was a ruler of the Indian princely state of Khetri, Rajasthan. Being a close friend and disciple of X, he provided financial assistance many times including X’s journey abroad. X went to Khetri and met Ajit Singh thrice in his lifetime- in 1891, 1893 and 1897. To protect from hot winds of Rajasthan, what change of attire did Ajit suggest to X, which he wore for the rest of his life?
  28. 28. Turban
  29. 29. 13 Richard Bourke was visiting the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in February 1872. On 8th February, when he had almost completed his inspection and was returning at 7:00 PM to his boat, where his wife was also waiting, Sher Ali Afridi appeared from the dark and stabbed him and eventually soon he bled to death. Now a certain road of an east Indian city was named after his much more popular name, but in recent year the road became ground zero for certain batch of deprived people . In what much familiar/popular name Richard Bourke is known to us?
  30. 30. Lord Mayo
  31. 31. 14 This person’s keen interest and expertise in Unani saved this System of Medicine from extinction in India. Besides his career in medicine, his political participation played key roles in many organizations. He even once chaired a session of the Hindu Mahasabha! In 1906, to secure certain religious interests on the Indian subcontinent, he helped to form which erstwhile political party in Dhaka? Which post did he hold as the immediate predecessor of C.R. Das during 1921-22? As the first chancellor of which Academic institution, did he help to move from Aligarh to its present location?
  32. 32. Muslim League INC President JMI
  33. 33. 15* Being an influential minister and statesman during the Peshwa administration, it is said that this man (pic.) was called "the Maratha Machiavelli" by the Europeans. During his tenure as the Diwan of Pune, this man appointed a North Indian brahmin as the police chief of the city, whose infamous actions made him a permanent synonym for oppression and tyranny. Who was the brahmin, who was later executed?
  34. 34. Ghasiram Kotwal
  35. 35. 16 The word X which we usually associate with monotonous workplaces, originally meant an account book in the Persian and archaic Arabic language. Interestingly, the word has been adapted from the Greek word Dipthera, which means leather, basically, the writing-pad of that era. The word X will surely remind you of a pioneering work in Bengali by a certain inspector. Which work?
  36. 36. Darogar Doptor
  37. 37. 17 In Kerala, during an early 13th-century war between the feudal kingdoms of Kayamkulam and Chembakassery, King Devanarayana of Chembakassery commissioned the construction of something that resembled a living entity to frighten the enemies and he tasked a famous carpenter of the day with the responsibility of creating it. Later, these things became center of attraction mainly during certain Festive season as an enthralling sport. Which sport? (be specific)
  38. 38. Snake Boat Race/ Vallam Kali
  39. 39. 18 ‘_____ _____’ is a facebook page with a unique initiative. They post pictures and stories of people through their page and help people to find their loved ones whom they lost contact with for decades due to certain tragedy. What is the alliteratively named Facebook page whose first word is a place closer home, once intact and the 2nd one is a common noun meaning land, associated with emotion? (5,5 phonetic English)
  40. 40. Bongo Bhita
  41. 41. 19 A range of mountains in the Western Ghats, it was originally known as Chandra Drona Parvatha. It takes its popular name from a 16th century Sufi saint whose supposed contribution stimulates people worldwide. Who? Strobilanthes kunthiana, a certain periodical natural entity, habitats there. For what personal calculative task Paliyan tribe uses them?
  42. 42. Baba Budan Age calculation (Neelakurinji flower blooms every 12 years)
  43. 43. 20* When people recently came across the death of the CEO of a company named SpaceHind, people recalled this guy's contribution to a village for bringing electricity with smarter approach. Besides his past works for his own country, he was now appointed as a protector of certain weapon, for the greater goods of the people beyond his country. Who or gimme context?
  44. 44. Mohan Bhargav (Swades & Brahmastra)
  45. 45. 21 A postage stamp honoring which institution, named after an Indian-Parsi philanthropist who donated Rs. 1,00,000 for its endowment?
  46. 46. J.J. School of Art
  47. 47. 22 This song was released in 2015. Which 2022 entity brought more attention to it?
  48. 48. Kantara
  49. 49. 23 25 people have been awarded Arjuna Award this year. Sagar Kailash Ovhalkar got this award in a sport that is not in Olympics, Paralympics, Asian games or CWG. Id the sport, which means “wrestling pole”.
  50. 50. Mallakhamba
  51. 51. 24 Mainly found in western part of our country, once the mughal emperor Babur noted that the flesh of the legs & breast of these birds were very delicious. British soldiers in India considered it a delicacy and the species was among the top game-birds. In spite of strong support of famous ornithologist Salim Ali, it lost a certain battle to Indian peafowl. Name this species of bird.
  52. 52. Great Indian Bustard
  53. 53. 25* Cotif Cup is a under 20 football tournament started by Spain. India got invited for the year 2018 and left an impact with their bright performance but end up winning only one match against eventual winners of the tournament. Which Spanish speaking nation did India beat and who was the then manager of that team? The manager could sense of Deja vu after a recent happening.
  54. 54. Argentina L. Scaloni
  55. 55. 26 In late '70s, when India implemented a ban on export of X to US for bio-medical research, American drug companies were hit so badly that the U.S. Embassy took up the matter officially with New Delhi pleading for the revision of the ban. But the Indian Council of Medical Research told that no exports would be possible in the near future pending the results of a countrywide demographic survey by the Council. Though ban was lifted few years later, but in 2014 again another full fledged ban concerning X & other related entities, was prompted as many complaints came from the International Primate Protection League. Gimme X, significantly associated with a certain Landsteiner & Wiener discovery.
  56. 56. Rhesus Monkeys
  57. 57. 27 Jalal Agha was an Indian actor, famously performed on the song "Mehbooba Mehbooba" from Sholay. Interestingly his debut happened in a 1960s epic historical project, where he played the role of a young prince, fighting for love. Which role? Another guy, who went on to become arguably the best with his instrumental prowess in his field, was also considered to play the said role. Who, namesake of an Indian President?
  58. 58. Salim/Jahangir Zakir Hussain
  59. 59. 28 In the 80’s, while running the textile machinery business, Shyam Sunder Goenka was looking for technical approach to manage his accounts, but was unable to find one which was simple and efficient. This prompted him to inspire his son, Bharat Goenka, to pursue his passion for software and technology to create something that would handle his business needs. What was thus created?
  60. 60. Tally
  61. 61. 29 On the republic day of 2017, Himachal Pradesh showed off their traditional art form (pic) of X on their tableau. Earliest reported form of X is the one made by the sister of Guru Nanak in the 16th century, which is now preserved in the Gurudwara at Hoshiarpur. However, from 17th century onwards many started to use X as a common gifting item during marriages. Despite popularity during Mughal regime, post independence this art form lost royal patronage and quality deteriorated. For the revival of X, many initiatives have been taken. In 2007, this embroidered handicraft got the G.I. tag. Which product?
  62. 62. Chamba Rumal
  63. 63. 30* Name this 2021 Web series. Also, put funda of the opening line (la basna hai, phod de ya chhod de) which speaks about aims & ambition.
  64. 64. LBSNAA/IAS training academy Aspirants
  65. 65. 31 The following is an excerpt from Snehal Dabi: “The role of X (as Y) was inspired by a music director in Gujarati theatre, Rajat Dholakia. We used to call him Juku. So Juku was exactly like Y. X, Neeraj Vora and I had decided in advance ki Y Juku jaisa hi hoga. ‘Arre baba’ (says it in Y style)…this is how he talks. The original film, Ramji Rao Calling (1989), wasn’t so funny. We added a lot of madness. We went to meet Juku with drinks and told him ‘Aapko study karna hai.” Identify Y, a popular character who is gearing up for his appearance in the upcoming installment. Also Identify X, who portrays him on-screen.
  66. 66. 32 Legend says, thousands of workers and craftsmen used to be given X, an instant source of energy, during a construction project in the hot north Indian summer. Interestingly, the raw material of X, the gourd, was not locally available, hence they were brought from Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and elsewhere. This signature sweet became a source of controversy in 2014, when UP government banned the use of coal-powered manufacturing to protect the beauty of the said structure, which easily becomes grimy from air pollution. So the local X manufacturers were in trouble, as they have been using coal to boil sugar syrup ingredient for decades. They protested that the law would hurt their businesses. Id X.
  67. 67. Petha
  68. 68. Fin.
  69. 69. Extra. This Indian financial service company joined "Unicorn club" in 2020 with a self-valuation of around $1 billion. Founded by Nithin & Nikhil Kamath, it's name literally indicates no barrier. Which company?
  70. 70. Zerodha