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Tauress Campbell

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Tauress Campbell

  1. 1. 137 Weavers Glenn PlCharlotte, NC 28262 (914) 434-0916 (cell) tauresscampbell@yahoo.com(email) Tauress A. Campbell Education JohnsonC.Smith University – Charlotte,NC Bachelors of Science in Sports Management 2014 Dean’s List 3.2 Phi Epsilon Kappa Honor Society Skills MicroSoftOffice Media Board Adobe Multimedia PowerPoint Adobe Photoshop MicroSoftOfficeSuite Cashier Basketball Coach Experience MC3 Sport Marketing Sport Marketing Specialist,Charlotte,NC 8/2013 – Present Prepare for game day operations by scheduling staff and assigning stations Oversee client seating and hospitality Responsible forcontacting clients to confirm attendance of scheduled event Responsible fordirecting vendors to and out of event stations Prepare and organize halftime contest and giveawaysto fan participants Arrange set up of media equipment to broadcast events onto live stream television Arrange upload forsponsored commercials via livestream television Responsible forpromoting live stream events through social media Reebok/Rockport SalesAssociate,Charlotte,NC 7/2014 – Present Assist customers with finding the best fit items Responsible fortracking incoming and outgoing merchandise using handheld tracking device Responsible for checking and verifying the pricing of markups and markdown merchandise Organize and set up display items throughout the store all wellas dressing the manikin Providecustomer service to clients in store and also on the telephone Inform clients of current promotions, upcoming promotions and ongoing contest QueensUniversityofCharlotte Athletics Intern,Charlotte, NC 12/2013 – 4/2014 Planned athletic events by contactingorganizations Prepared set up forevents that included cashier and ticketsales, chairs, tables, music, video boards and bleachers Compiled game booklets that included team and opponent rosters, coaching backgrounds and team statistics Prepared news releases on upcoming events, previous events, individual athletes and athletic conferences Responsible forupdating the event calendar on the college website Responsible forrunning media board and music during timeouts, halftime, between games and performances JohnsonC. Smith UniversityAthleticDept Administrative Assistant,Charlotte, NC 8/2011 – 5/2014 Responsible forupdatingteamstatisticsoncollege website Responsible forfiling andcopyingathleticteamstravel andspendingdocuments Preparedbudgetforindividual teamspendingbycategoryusingMicrosoftexcel Prepareddocumentsandcopiedall budgetingitemsforfilingintoteamfolders Responsible forgreetingindividualsandansweringphonesinthe athleticdepartment