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Covid-19 is stand for crona virus disease. Co means crona, vi means virus and d also stand for disease. When it made a world issue then world health organization (WHO) called it covid-19 due to it comes in 2019.

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  1. 1. Covid-19 Covid-19isstand forcrona virusdisease.Comeanscrona,vi meansvirusandd alsostand fordisease. Whenit made a worldissue thenworldhealthorganization(WHO) calleditcovid-19due toit comesin 2019. Covid-19isa disease whichhas damage ourworldpopulation.Itisa special anddangerousdisease whichhas novixenisprepared.That’swhyitisdangerousdisease.Thisdiseasehasincreaseddeathlife and downbirthrate.It alsoincreasesworldpoverty. Nowa day, more than a millionsof peoplesare impressfromit&more overthousandsof peoplesare death.Due to thisreasonsall overworldpeopleshave worriedaboutthisissue.Due tothisissue nowa day’sall overworldcountryapplylockdownfrom itwhenit seemsthathe isaffectedfromit.It isa majordisease whichdon’thave anyinformationhow tothisdiseasecome andwhere fromitcome. But it isalsotellswhere the firsttime thisdisease appearsandbecome adanger. Chinaisthe firstcountryof worldwhere thisdisease canappearat firsttime.Atstart,there isno issue of thisdisease.Aftersome timesthisdiseasehasfall all overchinacities.So,chinaworriedaboutitself. Therefore,chinaisindanger.Chinawantstotake helpfromothercountry but that’s time otherssome countryhas worriedaboutthisissue because some othercountrieshave affectedfromit. GetInstagram FollowersUk tosee Chinese peopleswhoaffectedfromcovid-19. Whenmany of countryhas beenaffecting,chinalockdownthe countryman.So,chinaprime minister has announcedameetingandheldall overlockdownthe countrycitylivingfamiliestostayat home. Because thisviruscan live 24 hour or more than thishoursand affectedthousandsof peoples.Inpast, thisvirushas spreadinthisway.So there isa needarise to stopit throughthiswaywhichis lastwayto lockdown. In return,thisisthe reasonof spreadthisvirus. These virusesnothave anyvaccine.So,if a people can affectedfromit,he can’t cure it on thistime.Assotime passednew updatesonthisvirushascome. This virusisspreadmore whenchinahas no lockdownand everycountrymanis allowedtogoanother countryman because chinadidnot know thatthisvirus is spreaddue to meeting.Thisisthe reasonsof spreadingvirusall overthe world’scountries.Inreturn,thisvirusisspreadall overthe world. Nowa days,some one country are may be leftwhichdon’thave anyaffectfrom it.Otherwise,many countriesare affectedfromit.About218 countriesare inours worldwhere about200 countriesare affectedfromitandthousandsof peoplesare havingitsaffects. Itmeanschinaisnot onlythe countries that face thistype of problem. Italy takesthisdisease very late due tothisreasonhe isin danger.Afterchina itlaidwasthe second country that has large affectedonthisvirus. Italy doesn’tseriousbutwhenhe see manyof hiscountry menare impressedfromit.He seemsthathe isindanger.He locksdownall overthe country due to this reason.
  2. 2. But it hasno benefitbecauseithasa major issue of thiscountry.Ithas alsoa benefitwhichismaybe no more peoplesare affectedfrom it.Afterthis,manypeople are affectedfromitbutthere are no much peoplesare affectfromitas past. Italy triesto stopit butthat’s time there isnovaccine has available inanycountry. Itmeansthat the dangerhas increased.Thisvirustakesadeepaffectsonworld.Now thisvirusaffects onPakistanand unitedstatedof Americaandothercountriesupso onetc. WhenPakistanfell thatthere isa dangerthat maybe thiscountrywouldaffected him, the Prime MinisterImrankhanhelda meetingandnow he will decidedtolockdownall overthe world.Now, Pakistanwantsto readyto fightwiththisvirus.Atthistime,acountryman has foundwhichisaffected fromthisviruson 28 Feb. but Pakistanhasno more founddangerresultsasothercountriessuchas chinaand it lay foundhimbecause Pakistanhaslockdownit before. Afterlock down, prime ministerhasannouncedthatcollectall the ventilators’ ashe will have collect.So, Pakistanhas collect5000 ventilatorforfoughtwiththis disease.Afterthiscare manyof patientswill foundandmore than3000 thousands are patientshave affectedfromthisvirus.So,there isaneedarise to prepare or discoverthisvaccine. Afterthisentire virushasspreadall overthe world.Now the Americawantstostop thisbecause he is mostpowerful state of uswhohave besttechnologyall overthe world. Now,the issue hascome in UnitedStates asothers countrieshave affectedfromit.Americatriestotake free fromitbut he could notfree fromit.A new issuedhasarise inUS.Us become the centerplace of thisdisease.Now, USare worriedaboutthis. US wants to free fromitbut he couldnot free fromitbecause itis a centerplace of this disease and more patientsare foundthanof china Italy etc. now a day’sUS has more thana half millionpatients whohas affectedfromit.So,US have the majorcountrywho affectedfromit. US has alsodon’t knowhowto solve thisproblembuthe knew ithow toimportantto solve it.First, there isan issue tostop increasingmore patients. We alsotake the stepwhose the othercountryhas beentaken.He lockdownall overthe country and announcedthe orderthat“stay at home if you wants to save”. Now,the researchhas continuedandformore information BuyInstagramfollowersuk.