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The DiSC C Team Culture

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What are the characteristics of a group displaying a C-style culture? The "Get it right" team.

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The DiSC C Team Culture

  1. 1. . “ [‘ _y. _ .2 ‘ r. ,., . RIF‘. l r . ~_». ‘; “‘r iDiSC A l ~ iii “F l i i The “Get It Right” Team ” Thinks things out, emphasizes quality and accuracy, focuses on tasks Team Characteristics . __- .2‘, , -, ,5 ‘ - r L. ..‘ i. - 1 xv‘. l'B: ::L¢: ::4': :'¥. I:: :_: ‘‘ '- l: ::. a:: ,r, ,:: :.. ::§ 1.i: :I :21! l: ::_: : * nr. :n: «i Hair 1!: :I "»: .Z: —!: t_u-. : :I'i: i=. r l: w:: E“_v ° i‘li: ::ffi7:*2| ° 2:221»-ii’i: «:: :’: :~n ° | i§CI3!3l! =‘!2iCl2~! ZI' Give us the facts! Let’s find the best way! We need more time! 3 b’1iNlEfl{? A_l| ‘N]V’! V‘ ~‘ifI, i’= -LVml, i’. ~r F Challenges ~ Being wrong Structure Criticism Deliberation Spotty research Logic Incomplete information Full disclosure Forced interaction Time to analyze information lllogical arguments/ behavior Systematic progress Low standards _ VA"; -f$_l: :VIl; -:: ix*‘€: ":s‘ Focus Perfectionism Objectivity and clarity Finding faults vs. solutions Dependability Bogged down in details Analysis and planning Lack of enthusiasm Precision and accuracy Reluctance to make decisions Well-defined goals Overly cautious Risk assessment Closed off to outsiders Is that accurate? Do we have all the data? Can we review it again?