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DiSC i Team Culture

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What's it like to work with or in a team that has an i-style culture? The "Get recognition" team.

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DiSC i Team Culture

  1. 1. rDiSC The “Get Recognition” Team Team Characteristics .1 . . lql . l I u a M ‘ g . u I nu. nu‘ Ir[, ._, ,,_| .' O _n; . . u.. .‘w’_, ‘.2-_ Ev, ,uu. .; ‘. IIII hunk. . >-. uI‘‘. IiIn -» .4 . .,“'— ‘lauslyflay. 3 :5”. -.2 II 1-»: - law . . , .;. ... ,-_- In x . Get recognized! This is exciting! let's have fun! let's go! C 3 lYllllnlHlllll_"¢l ~‘i! I,r"= -L$.1rl, l’. Influence and prestige ~ ~ Disapproval Freedom of expression Social rejection Fun and celebration Loss of influence Learning new things Negativity Discussions, brainstorming Deadlines and delays Opportunities to shine Analysisl Evaluation Group activities and socializing Lack of involvement l 0:; 'l‘': ‘}‘: .li’x‘v| lH‘‘‘‘'‘‘yl: 'L Contagious optimism Impulsive Open to change Disorganized Creative problem solving Lacks follow-through Motivates others to achieve Changes direction frequently Negotiates conflict Unstructured Promotes ideas lnattentive to detail Creates caring environment May manipulate Who’s involved? How do you feel? We're awesome!