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TVEverywhere Company Overview

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TVEverywhere Company Overview - August 2012 - www.TVEverywhere.co.uk

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TVEverywhere Company Overview

  1. 1. www.TVEverywhere.co.uk © 2012 | Commercial In Confidence
  2. 2. What we do…TVEverywhere is a company focused on investmentin the future of television.We believe that this will increasingly be based ondelivery over IP to multiple destinations, with thedevelopment of second screens and socialtelevision in a very rights-orientated and cluttereddistribution environment.We establish, invest in and develop technologycompanies which will invent this vision of the futureof media and broadcasting.
  3. 3. Overview Distribution Management Metadata & Rights ContentContent Preparation Management Management Virtual CDN Development
  4. 4. Companies VeezinesVZEncoder VidZapper VidStorer
  5. 5. Development• e10, based in Mumbai, India, specialises in the development of video-based technologies• e10 employs a team of development and UI experts and are responsible for most of TVE’s engineering• Specialised capabilities include .Net, SQLServer, Jquery, HTML5, Wowza, AFMS, Amazon, CDNswww.e10.in
  6. 6. Virtual CDN VidStorer• TVE has a very low cost arrangement with Level 3 – a leading tier 1 provider, and can undercut most competing CDN delivery costs• The company also has a hosting joint venture with Servecentric to provide low cost cloud based services• On demand, live and mobile deliverywww.vidstorer.com
  7. 7. Content Preparation VZEncoder• Take video from any format and prepare it for any output either locally, or in the cloud• Store your content, ready to view, stream or distribute in the cloudwww.vzencoder.com
  8. 8. Metadata &Rights Management• Add detailed metadata• Identify and exploit all sales opportunities• Manage residuals• Enable digital content deliverywww.rightstracker.com
  9. 9. Content Management VidZapper• Build, arrange, manage playlists, schedules and live events• Create impressive players using drag and drop technology• Comprehensive API and webservice to easily integrate with other content management and online systemswww.vidzapper.com
  10. 10. Brand DistributionManagement• Video distribution for advertising and marketing agencies• Video now lives across the internet, on the web, apps, smart TVs• Shoutchannels helps brands manage distribution and provides detailed metrics
  11. 11. Broadcast DistributionManagement• Storer TV provides broadcast scheduling and playout solutions for many of the world’s leading broadcasterswww.storertv.com
  12. 12. Publisher DistributionManagement Veezines• Video publishing and distribution for publishers• Easily create and monetize video magazines for distribution to the web, Facebook and apps
  13. 13. www.TVEverywhere.co.uk © 2012 | Commercial In Confidence