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LinkedIn as a business tool for Executives

Executives can create value using LinkedIn for themselves, their peers, clients, employees, and their business, even if they restrict access and networking to very purposeful and relevant individuals.

LinkedIn is a business tool when used properly, even when there are limited amounts of time to use the tool.

Building a LinkedIn Presence, LinkedIn Network and a reputation based on your business goals

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LinkedIn as a business tool for Executives

  1. 1. LinkedIn for Executives Teddy Burriss - LinkedIn Strategist, Trainer & Coach 336-283-6121 / info@burrissconsulting.com
  2. 2. Executives should be using LinkedIn Fact: Executives who: ● Build a professional and focused LinkedIn Profile ● Build and continue to grow a highly relevant LinkedIn Network ● Share and Engage on content relevant to their industry & clients Provide themselves, their employees, their business, their clients and their industry the opportunity to create more value from LinkedIn.
  3. 3. It only takes a little bit of work ● Ask your LinkedIn Strategist to help you or your marketing team to build your LinkedIn Profile. ● Add LinkedIn to your mobile phone to send out invites quickly as the need arises, or offload this task to your administrative team. ● Once a month review your client’s content, your own company’s content and engage on it with a like and/or a comment. ● Once a month write a new article or work with your marketing team to write an article that you or your admin shares on your own LinkedIn Profile. ● Maximum effort - maybe 1 hour a month once you or your admin develops the habit.
  4. 4. Lock down your account ● Turn on two step authentication. ● Use your business email account and primary business phone number. ● Disable viewing or your contact information. ● Disable invites from people who do not have your email address. ● Turn off all email notifications beyond system messages. ● Turn off all sponsored email and InMail messaging. ● Disable all ad preferences. ● Turn off all interest categories. ● Disable all third party data features. ● Disable Active Status Indicator. ● Turn off SMS Notifications. ● Exit all LinkedIn Groups. ● Add a Rich Media PDF document stating the types of invites you will accept.
  5. 5. Manage your account (or offload this task to your admin team) ● Send targeted invites to the most appropriate people. ● Process all received invites on a weekly basis. Ignore all irrelevant invites. ● Review all notifications. Respond to only the highly relevant shares/comments/mentions. ● Withdraw all sent invites that are more than a month old. ● Review all LinkedIn messages regarding the account on a weekly basis (forward to admin team if relevant) ● Share relevant business/industry content at least once a month. ● Engage on relevant business/industry/client content at least once a month.
  6. 6. Help your clients, employees and peers If a client asks for a relevant introduction to a LinkedIn connection, accommodate the request using in person, phone or email intro. If an employee asks for a relevant introduction to a LinkedIn connection, accommodate them as soon as possible. If a peer business professional asks for a relevant introduction to a LinkedIn connection, accommodate them as soon as possible.
  7. 7. Social Leadership Executives who enjoy producing stories regarding their industry have an advantage. This content can be distributed across social media in ways to develop a social leadership perspective for the executive. Write or off load some of this writing and distribution work to a trusted and knowledgeable content producer.
  8. 8. LinkedIn should not be a burden Managed well LinkedIn is a great business tool for executives, however, it needs to be managed and used appropriately on a consistent basis. Teddy Burriss Burriss Consulting, Inc. LinkedIn Strategist, Coach & Trainer http://www.linkedin.com/in/tlburriss 336-283-6121 / info@burrissconsulting.com