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Tbwa 7 trends to disrupt employer branding

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Tbwa 7 trends to disrupt employer branding

  1. 1. 1 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  2. 2. we live in an open world 2 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding OPEN KNOWLEDGE OPEN SOURCE OPEN COLLABORATION CROWDFUNDING OPEN DATA CROWDSOURCING
  3. 3. 3 Your employer brand is not what you want it to be VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  5. 5. LET THEM TALK I. 5 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  6. 6. Tomorrow Today Internet and the social media give people the power to express themselves like never before. Employers will turn employees into brand ambassadors inside & outside the company to attract and keep their talents. 6 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  7. 7. When it comes to knowing about a company, employees are the most trusted corporate source1 COMPANY’S CEO COMPANY’S EMPLOYEE ACTIVIST CONSUMER ACADEMIC MEDIA SPOKESPERSON 27% 36% 25% 21% 16% More than 1 employee out of 3 communicates about its company on social networks2 About company’s products and services 40% About general management and workplace 32% About general strategy 31% About colleagues 28% About internal information 27% About confidential information 23% Improve your brand’s position in search engine results Enable your customers to more easily find answers online Decrease your cost of creating digital content Reinforce and legitimize your brand marketing Allow your brand to tap into new networks Help differentiate your company from others Socially engaged employees are a strong asset for your brand because they4… employees have already applied for a company after having read positives reviews online3 4/5 While job seekers flock to Facebook, recruiters prefer Linkedin when searching for candidates2 For job seekers For recruiters 36% 83% 40% 37% Most popular social networks 65% 55% 18% 94% Sources : 1- Edelman Trust Barometer 2014, 2- Cegos, 2014, 3- RegionsJob 2014, 4- Forbes 2014 7 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  8. 8. Content wanted Addvocate Employee advocacy platform suggests social media content for collaborators to share. Intel IQ Online culture magazine, co-written by Intel employees and tech experts, displays up-and-coming innovations from Intel and from across the industry. Claire Diaz-Ortiz Twitter’s young social innovation manager uses LinkedIn to publish on her job, her life and her employer. She has got around 150k followers. 8 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  9. 9. Tell your story PWC Mobility Diary AXA Andrew Colas « The Stagiaire » PwC’s careers pages feature 6 diaries written by employees about their international experiences at PwC. Insurance company invites candidates to catch a glimpse of Andrew’s career thanks to a Youtube video. Civil engineering firm organizes an annual contest which rewards the best movie made by intern about his/her life at the company. 9 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  10. 10. Let’s discuss 10 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding Deloitte & Pathmotion Big Four professional services firm empowers employees to engage conversation with talents and create a talent pool directly on the social network. CareerDean Online community of software engineers main offer is based on career advice given by top professionals to university students. French financial services company has launched a social media platform where candidates can ask recruiters any HR-related questions. BNP Paribas Backstage
  11. 11. AIM FOR THE STARS II. 11 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  12. 12. Tomorrow Today Winning the talent war used to be pivotal to organizational success. Capabilities’ shortage is now the new war front for companies. Companies will need to develop disrupting ways of identifying these key aptitudes everyone will be searching for. 12 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  13. 13. To address the capability shortfalls problem, companies acknowledge that they must urgently improve themselves in3… Talents and HR analystics HR technology Overwhelmed employee Performance management Although everybody knows about mobile, few employers are ready to implement it of candidates would apply for jobs via mobile5 of companies are adequately investing in mobile recruitment6 78% 13% Social media and career website are the main communication media companies are planning to use4 : Social media Career website Training & development programs Online job boards Employee referral program 38% 39% Internal newsletters (e.g. staff e-news) 40% 43% 64% 76% Sources : 1- Career Builder 2013, 2- Jobvite 2014, 3- Deloitte 2014, 4- EBI 2014, 5- Indeed 2014, 6- Linkedin 2013 3/5 Nearly recruiters believe there is a significant gap between the skills clients need and the skills job candidates have1 13 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding Social media channels are far from being the students 1st choice when it comes to knowing about an employer. The company website is number one. Social media channels Careers fair Work experience Private contacts Company website 75% 67% 55 % 57 % Alumni networks Online job ads 53 % 48 % 23 %
  14. 14. VII Trends to disrupt employer branding 14 REACH OUT FOR TALENTS VII Trends to disrupt employer branding 14 A
  15. 15. Crossposting Multiposting Paris-based recruitment software firm enables companies to cross-post job offers to job boards, schools and social networks. Broadbean London-based recruitment software company enables companies to cross-post job offers to boards, schools and social networks. 15 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  16. 16. Mobile Posting Thalès France-based electronics company has implemented GPS and augmented reality into its “Thales World 4U” recruiting app. GDF Careers French energy company has launched a user-friendly app dedicated to job search. Orange Jobs Multinational telecommunications company recruiting app allows user to discover exclusive content and look for available positions. 16 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  17. 17. Employee Posting Salesforce social posting Global computing cloud company leverages its employees to source candidates by suggesting them to post job offers on their social networks. 17 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  18. 18. Unexpected posting Jung Von Matt German advertising agency created a font of their own to target designers. When downloading it, designers could see appear a hidden recruitment ad instead of the usual font preview. Ikea Ready-to-assemble furniture company inserted career instructions placed inside their famous flat packs. Leboncoin.fr Craiglist-alike classified ad website has become the first job site in France. 18 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  19. 19. VII Trends to disrupt employer branding 19 SOURCING THE STARS B VII Trends to disrupt employer branding 19
  20. 20. Social data sourcing Entelo Entelo leverages big data, predictive analytics and social signals to help brands find talents. Talent Bin Recently bought by Monster, the talent search engine sniffs out the entire web to find passive candidates and identify their hard and soft skills. Jobvite SaaS platform helps companies recruiting, sourcing and optimizing talent acquisition by searching through the social web. Gild Talent acquisition software firm helps companies to recruit IT developers relying on their actual work on platforms like GitHub rather than on their résumés. 20 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  21. 21. 21 Search engines sourcing Indeed Employment-related metasearch engine for job listings is the #1 job site worldwide with 40 million monthly unique visitors. VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  22. 22. VII Trends to disrupt employer branding 22 A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN C VII Trends to disrupt employer branding 22
  23. 23. Matching capabilities Qapa Social job matching marketplace’s algorithm connects skills and experience of applicants and compares the data to available positions. Whitetruffle Recruiting Tech startup works as a matching service between job listings and candidates, whose profiles are anonymous. Choose your boss IT focused jobboard lets talents control if the job offer matches their requirements before letting the recruiter contact them. Jobr Tinder-for-jobs app lets candidates browsing for jobs and engaging with recruiters the way they would do with social matching apps. 23 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  24. 24. Matching personality Monkey tie Job matching service determines the profile of each applicant and measures his cultural fit with the company using psychological tests. JobFig Silicon-valley based startup helps employers predict how a job candidate will work with a specific team. 24 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  25. 25. NO MORE ROLE PLAY III. 25 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  26. 26. Tomorrow Today Resumes and face-to-face recruitment interviews are still the norm when it comes to hiring someone. Innovating tools and approaches will allow candidates and companies to be more transparent and genuine. VII Trends to disrupt employer branding 26
  27. 27. 5% 17% 32% 58% 93% 96% When asked about the most important criteria in selecting a candidate, HR pros chose career path and personality first4 Presence on web Cover letter Diplomas References Personality, customs & skills Personal experience & career path Sources : 1- Accountemps 2013, 2- BambooHR 2014, 3- DDIO /Oracle, 4- RegionsJob 2013, 5- Career Builder 2013 Although the cv plays a key role, no one really reads it4 Less than 30’ 38% Between 30’ and 1 minute 31% More than 1 minute 31% More than a third of HR professionals think interview processes are too long5… Much too long Somewhat too long Just right Somewhat too short Much too short 6% 32% 52% 6% 0% Manager’s evaluation and candidates capabilities are main reasons for hiring mistakes3 Ignore information provided Insufficient information on candidates Hiring managers did not follow selection process Candidates’ overpromised capabilities Overreliance on hiring manager’s evaluation 7% 14% 16% 21% 31% Motivation testing and remote interviewing are on top list of HR pros new techniques3 Motivational inventory Video-based interviewing Personality inventory Review candidate info online Assessment center Cognitive ability test Simulation/Work sample test Situational judgment test 28% 27% 22% 22% 22% 21% 18% 18% The interview is the job application step where candidates make the most mistakes1 Of people have quit a job within the first 6 months2 31% interview resumé Interview follow-up Cover letter Phone interview 27 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  28. 28. Ask my friends R/GA Advertising agency conducted social job interviews where a candidate's Facebook friends answered questions on their behalf. Keycoopt Tripadvisor-like website is a France-based mix of a jobboard and a recruiting agency based on social referrals. 28 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  29. 29. Skype me if you can Hirevue Web-based platform offers different video interview types for different uses cases: live, on-demand, asynchronous as well as tools for onboarding and team discovery. Open IT consulting firm held a virtual recruiting event in which employers and job seekers meet in a virtual environment, using chat rooms, teleconferencing to exchange information about job openings. 29 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  30. 30. Make it short DDB on Vine Advertising agency created a recruiting challenge on Vine : using the dedicated hashtag, applicants had the opportunity to showcase their creativity in a 6 second video. Nivea on Instagram Global skin and body care brand launched a recruiting challenge on Instagram : future interns had to prove their creativity, confidence or pace using the #interngram hashtag. 30 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  31. 31. 100% original Heineken « The Candidate » Dutch brewing company released a viral video of secretly filmed job interviews designed to get applicants out of their comfort zone and find talent that best fit the brand’s spirit. 31 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  32. 32. Be yourself, prove yourself BNP Paribas #Weloveit French financial services company launched a contest on twitter inciting engineers student to retweet #WeLoveIT in order to get an interview. Decathlon « les coéquipiers » Global sporting goods chain store challenges business students a contest involving store management, film-making and charity support. 32 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  33. 33. GREAT PLACE TO WORK IV. 33 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  34. 34. Tomorrow Today People want their workplace to be safe, comfortable and appealing to work in. They want their employers to care about their well-being. Collaboration and remote working tools will place well-being, productivity and engagement at the core of workplace design and organization. VII Trends to disrupt employer branding 34
  35. 35. Companies judge themselves weak in key areas of performance management capability3 Understanding future skill requirements Moving people to work (global mobility) Redesigning work to access skills in different places 42% 48% My management understimates the benefit of social tools in the workplace I could do my job better if my organization’s management was more supportive of the use of social tools People want their workplace to be a better place1 think social tools have resulted in more collaboration at their workplace 40% think people in their organization do not collaborate enough 39% People want more collaboration1 of workers would be willing to spend their own money on a new social tool if it made them more efficient at work2 31% of office workers desire access to software, anywhere and anytime1 69% People want more user-friendly tools of them have enterprise mobility strategy Most innovative companies have prioritized the flexible workplace and are now seeing a 20% jump in productivity and 20% cost reduction4 of them use social collaboration tools of them use virtual desktops of them reduce email Sources : 1- Microsoft 2013, 2- Virgin Media Business Survey 2012, 3- Deloitte 2014, 4- ibm.com/services/flexibleworkplace 35 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding 62%
  36. 36. Enhanced onboarding 36 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding Appical Amsterdam based startup that helps companies to ‘onboard’ new employees that combines digital content with inspirational sessions for a high impact training course.
  37. 37. Social inside Dassault System 3Dswym French software company has created an internal social networking platform that they also sells to other firms. Telus Canadian national telecommunications company develops a large array of corporate social networks inspired by existing network functionalities. 37 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  38. 38. Pimp my desk Hive Cleveland-based Abeo Design creates lines of modular, customizable cubicles to encourage collaboration. Nextdesk US manufacturer offers power adjustable height desks. Airbnb Website for people to rent a lodging promotes the end of personal desks. 38 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  39. 39. The startup way Google Popularized by Google, “Nap Pods” are chair-helmet combination that allows employees to take a quick snooze. Facebook Online social networking service offers free meals to its employees. Dropbox The world’s largest community-driven company has designed a music studio for its employees. 39 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  40. 40. So far, so close Beam Suitable technologies company has designed Beam, a telepresence robot that allows remote physical presence. Illumishare Microsoft creates an innovative system that enables remote people to share any physical or digital object on any surface. Cisco American multinational corporation offers highly sophisticated and immersive teleconferencing system integrating rich-multimedia functionality and scalable configurations. 40 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  41. 41. Help is on the way Bloomfire Knowledge-based collaboration tool connects employees with knowledge by helping them finding practical, informative content, right when they need it. HCL SmartDesk Indian global IT services company has developed a one-stop online smart service desk that help employees in finding any answer to troubleshoot their problems. 41 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  42. 42. Work-life flexibility Motorola Livesmart Multinational telecommunications company offers a well-being program that includes advice on managing commute, wellness incentives and online seminars. Xerox World-leader in document technology is known to offer many telecommuting options to its employees in various domains. Virgin British multinational conglomerate let its staff take as many holidays as they want. 42 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  43. 43. How do you feel ? 43 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding CultureAmp Australian software company has developed Murmur, a survey platform for people and culture that combines real-time analytics and great user experience app. TinyPulse Lightweight solution that captures anonymous feedback from staffers to reveal insights, trends, and opportunities to improve retention, culture, and results. XM Gravity Jakarta-based digital agency has designed an in-house app to track employee morale. Users express their feelings daily by choosing an emoticon and a notification is sent to top agency execs when a staffer indicates a negative emotion more than twice a week.
  44. 44. Help is on the way Workday On-demand financial & HR management software provides new levels of business agility for a fraction of the cost of buying, deploying and maintaining legacy on-premise systems. Particularly known for its user-friendliness. Cornerstone OnDemand Leading global provider of cloud-based talent management software solutions with more than 1,900 clients. 44 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  45. 45. DON’T SETTLE, KEEP LEARNING V. 45 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  46. 46. Tomorrow Today Learning and life-long training are now mandatory in the knowledge economy. The best employers will promote innovative learning, mentoring and assessing methods inside and outside their companies. VII Trends to disrupt employer branding 46
  47. 47. Training & development is what millenials want What benefit would you value most over the next five years other than salary? 53% of millennials chose training & development as their 1st choice1 Education Being Democratized Fast Global MOOC User Growth4 Itunes U Open University download Coursera User & Course enrollment Sources : 1- PWC 2008, 2- Great Place to work/Fortune 2013, 3- Deloitte 2014, 4- The Open University, 5- Nature 2013 There is a large variety of topic covered by Moocs5 COURSES OFFERED 6% 13% 23% 30% 28% Mathematics Business Science Arts and humanities Information technology hours of training for salaried employees devoted to employees’ current roles focused on growth and development The best companies to work for are focused on training and employees development2 Developing a culture of apprenticeship and on-the-job training However, there is a slow adoption of leading-edge learning tools inside companies. They consider themselves weak at3… Efficiently managing learning and development operations 68% 62% 38% 33% 29% Providing mobile and social learning Using MOOCs (massive open online courses) Using Advanced media 47 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  48. 48. Augmented Learning Management Systems Skillsoft With 19 million learners worldwide, Skillsoft provides companies with cloud-based learning and performance solutions. Absorb This LMS distinguishes itself by the particular focus made on user experience. 48 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  49. 49. Learning on the go SAP Learn now Mobile app by SAP enables employees to select SAP Education classes and build their SAP knowledge base anywhere and anytime. 49 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  50. 50. Yes coach! Bain & company American global management consulting firm pairs each junior consultant with mentors that are responsible for their professional development and general coaching. BNP Paribas Cardif Reverse Mentoring French bank and financial services company offers its Cardif division senior employees a reverse mentoring program. GenY colleagues train them on the use of digital tools. 50 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  51. 51. Let’s play Renault Academy French multinational vehicle manufacturer trains its 15.000 people salesforce with blend learning : face-to-face classes are combined with a serious game. Orange Hellopolys Multinational telecommunications company has launched an Sim-City like advergame on Facebook, Iphone and Android to raise awereness on its key expertises. BNP Paribas Ace Manager French financial services company has created an international business game for students. 51 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  52. 52. Just live it Nestlé Digital Acceleration Team Swiss multinational food and beverage company set up a dedicated team, made up of marketing leaders from around the world who participate in an 8-moth training program in digital and social media. Pays de la Loire Learning expedition French Region helps its local companies discovering Silicon Valley startup culture by organizing annual learning expeditions. 52 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  53. 53. Open access Coursera Education platform that partners with top universities and organizations offers courses onliline for free. Microsoft Virtual Academy US multinational corporation has set up a virtual academy that provides free, on-demand courses for anyone interested in improving their IT skills. 53 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  54. 54. IDEA PLEASE VI. 54 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  55. 55. Tomorrow Today People appreciate sharing ideas to improve and shape products and services. They want to participate. Employers will use talents to generate new and innovative ideas. VII Trends to disrupt employer branding 55
  56. 56. A large majority of consumers want to help in co- creation projects of companies they like1 8/10 The only thing they ask in return: gives us feedback on what you do with our input. A LARGE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ARE EAGER TO HELP A COMPANY IN SECTORS THEY LIKE1 86% 31% 82% 27% 94% 39% 99% 47% 84% 28% 96% 30% Willing to help a brand or company in sector that they like Ever helped a company or brand before Most active crowdfunding categories and total funds raised from 2011 to 2013 (in billion U.S. dollars) The Rapid Rise of Crowfunding2 Sources : 1- InSight Consulting 2012, 2- Forbes.com 2014, 3- crowdsourcing.org 2014 Companies use crowdsourcing primarily for training, funding and leveraging crowd creativity3 Cloud labor Distributed Knowledge Crowdfunding Crowd creativity Open innovation Tools 8% 9% 10% 14% 22% 37% 56 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  57. 57. Innovation box Innov’Axa Insurance company’s internal crowdsourcing platform has generated more than 6000 ideas and 30% of them have been implemented. Orange IDClick Multinational telecommunications company’s open innovation platform has brought 122’000 ideas since its launch out of which 12’000 have been implemented, generating more than 450 millions € of savings. General Mills / G-Win American Fortune 500 organization suggest product or technology innovation useful to GenMil and its businesses. 57 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  58. 58. Talents at work Airbus Fly Your Ideas Aircraft manufacturing division challenges students to develop innovative ideas for aviation’s future with this biennale competition supported by the UNESCO. VW’s People Car German automobile manufacturer solicited Internet users in China to submit ideas online for a « Volkswagen model of the future ». The brand created a 10-part series out of it which averaged 1.2 million viewers per episode. 58 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  59. 59. Hack it or leave it Airbnb Website for people to rent out lodging holds regular hackathons to stimulate innovation and evaluate potential candidates. Pernod Ricard French worldwide alcohol conglomerate organized a 36 hours hackathon in order to reinvent bar & party practices through technologic innovation. Société Générale French multinational banking and financial services company set up a hackathon focus on creating connected objects apps. 59 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  60. 60. We are makers GE & Quirkly Lab American multinational conglomerate corporation and invention-based company have partnered to allow “at-home” inventors access to thousands of lab-tested contents. Systra makestorming International engineering and consulting group specialized in public transportation leverages the maker spirit by implementing makestorming sessions driven by high-flying designers. 60 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  61. 61. Make it grow Start’in Post / La Poste French mail service helps startups whose innovations could reshape its core activities. Nike + Fuel Lab Major US manufacturer of sports equipment has partnered with startups that share their commitment to using emerging technologies to create better solutions for athletes. Orange Fab Multinational telecommunications company has launched a 3-month accelerator program to help start-up finding growth and distribution opportunities. 61 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  62. 62. PEOPLE KARMA VII. 62 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  63. 63. Tomorrow Today People are looking to give a sense of purpose to their professional career. Employers will develop culture respecting both clients and employees’ needs and values to givie a sense of purpose to everyone. VII Trends to disrupt employer branding 63
  64. 64. Sources : 1- HBR 2013, 2- Deloitte 2013 Core Belief &culture survey, 3- Jim Stengal Grow,4- Edelman Trust Barometer 2013, 4- EBI 2014, It is easier to attract talent and increase employee engagement with a strong corporate culture4 Reduced recruitment costs Recognition as an employer of choice Increased employee engagement Ease in attracting candidates 22% 28% 32% 35% Gen Y will 75% of the workforce by 2025 and are actively shaping corporate culture and expectations. Only 11% define having a lot of money as a definition of success1 think they are weak at aligning our employees’ personal goals with corporate purpose 38% think they are weak at interacting a social, community, and corporate programs 38% think they are weak at helpng employees balance personal and professional life/work demands 40% A large amount of companies consider themselves weak at building a strong corporate culture2 Having a clear and defined strategy is the first priority of HR pros to achieve their employer branding objectives4 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Having a clearly defined strategy Senior management engagement CEO engagement Communications planning Defining our EVP’s 64 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding Stengel Top 50 Companies with ideals at their core are 400% more profitable than an investment in the S&P 5003 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2000 0% 200% 400% S&P 500 382,3% - 7,9%
  65. 65. L’Oréal A thrilling experience, a culture of excellence 65 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding Reveal by L’Oréal Serious game to help Gen Y students and graduates define their professional preferences and to explore their suitability for different types of career within the group. L’Oréal Live on multiple platforms 15 L’Oreal insiders post about their daily professional adventures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Madeleine Diaries on Linkedin LinkedIN Campaign allowing users to create an creative profile based on their personal tastes. Brandstorming Business competition for students to apply ideas to one of L'Oréal's international brands and distribution channels.
  66. 66. Zappos Delivering happiness 66 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding No job posting but an insider community No open position at Zappos. Candidates need to sign up for Zappos Insider, a social network where they can interact with current employees. 4000$ to quit New hires are offered 4000$ to quit at the end of a five week training program to test their alignment with the company’s culture. A co-written culture book Each year, employees, partners & customers contribute to the writing of a culture book that is a collage of unedited submissions about what Zappos culture mean to them. Hangouts with employees Potential employees will soon be able to hang out with recruiters and other Zappos employees and ask them questions.
  67. 67. Google Do cool things that matter ! Countless perks Google grants Googlers teaching Googlers Fortune’s best company to work for 67 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding Free gourmet food and snacks, free ride to and form work, free to bring pets to work, free fitness classes and gym, free haircuts, and so on… Google Grants is an in-kind donation program awarding free AdWords advertising to select charitable organizations. Internal educational class that indulges any Googler to teach a class about any edgy topic. No comment needed.
  68. 68. Best Buy The company as wiki Blue shirt nation Loop marketplace Wiki Tag Trade 68 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding a robust community of Best Buy employees who convene regularly to share knowledge, best practices, frustrations, aspirations and a few jokes. Community members include everyone from recent high school graduates to semi-retirees People can post any innovation ideas that they want some feedback on that are relayed through the entire network. Knowledge base, customer feedback and product know-how wiki that is animated by staffers. Prediction market which allows employees to trade imaginary stocks based on answers to managers’ questions. The market’s judgment has often proved to be more accurate than the company’s official forecast.
  69. 69. IBM Building a smarter planet Smarter cities challenge Citizen IBM blog Voices Are you an IBMer ? 69 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding For a three week period and for 100 selected cities, top experts from IBM work closely with city leaders and deliver free recommendations on how to make the city smarter and more effective. Citizen IBM promotes discussion on IBM’s corporate citizenship programs and how IBMers are donating time, talent and technology to assist communities around the world and help build a smarter planet. Real-time data service that showcases live social feeds of IBM brands & of IBMers who are experts various topics like big data, mobile enterprise, social business or cloud computing. IBM has embodied its core values into each person that is already part of the company and to the potential candidates whose values match with the ones displayed.
  70. 70. NEXT BIG THINGS 70 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  71. 71. What if the social score replaced the résumé ? Kred Kred is an influence measure that uses social media data and influence measurement to produce a personal visual stream from activity on a Twitter ID. Some startups have already started to take into account candidates Kred’s score to evaluate them. 71 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  72. 72. What if audience-tailored website content became the norm ? AXA & Datarefinery Data Refinery used a semantic technology for processing the words people were using when speaking about AXA and insurances on the web. It has enabled Axa to adapt its career site content accordingly and to optimize its SEO & pertinence. 72 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding
  73. 73. What if predictive data replaced intuition-based decision ? 73 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding IBM Smarter Workforce IBM offers a combination of talent management and social collaboration solutions with the power of workforce science and advanced analytic.
  74. 74. What if corporate culture were strengthened by geolocation ? 74 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding ESSEC French business school is about to launch an innovative app enabling its students to geolocate the schools alumni.
  75. 75. What if the employee became quantified ? Bank of America Bank of America has partnered with Sociometric Solutions to place in employee identification badges sensors that gather real- time information like a person’s tone of voice, movement and even their posture when communicating with others. 75 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding BP & fitbit British multinational oil & gas company launched its “Million Step Challenge”, a wellness initiative that encourages BP employees and their families to increase their physical activity.
  76. 76. 76 VII Trends to disrupt employer branding Employee advocacy, social sourcing, interview 2.0, collaborative workplace, open knowledge, crowdsourcing, ... changes that disrupt the HR function are growing & moving faster. As a result, talent management is less about planning employees’ careers and more about building a unique employer experience. An employer experience that is crucial for the emergence of change agents accelerating the company transformation. At TBWA Corporate, we have developed : our program to support HR in achieving their employer experience and ultimately transform their business. For further information, contact : Sébastien Hueber at +33149092581 or via sebastien.hueber@tbwa-corporate.com