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How to efficiently use large-scale TMs in translation, Jing Zhang (Tmxmall)

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Most of LSPs have not converted the translated bilingual documents to TM till now. Even the LSPs have established TMs, they are also confronted with disordered management of TMs and low efficiency. This report will share the way of quick TM establishment with Tmxmall Cloud-Based Smart Aligner, the way of Management of large-scale TMs with Private Cloud-Based TM for achieving pre-translation with large-scale TMs and team cooperation and etc.. Besides, the report will introduce Tmxmall TM marketplace, which is expected to promote TM sharing. Finally, we will share the experience of LSPs on alignment and Private Cloud-Based TM management for reducing translation costs and increasing profits.

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How to efficiently use large-scale TMs in translation, Jing Zhang (Tmxmall)

  1. 1. How to efficiently use large-scale TMs in translation? Jing Zhang zhangjing@tmxmall.com TAUS Translation Technology Showcase, LocWorld Shenzen 2017
  2. 2. www.tmxmall.com About Tmxmall Tmxmall is one of the leading providers specializing in language assets management and promoting TM global sharing with its headquarter in Shanghai, China . Tmxmall products include Tmxmall cloud-based platform for translation memory exchange, online alignment, online CAT, private cloud-based TM management solutions, TM trading platform and CAT integration.
  3. 3. www.tmxmall.com Importance of Translation Memory  Assistant translation, reduce costs and make more profits  Ensure consistence of term and sentence in translation  Manage language assets and improve the core competence  Train the domain Machine Translation  ……
  4. 4. www.tmxmall.com Current situation of LSPs TM management  massive bilingual documents  disordered management and low-utilization of TMs.
  5. 5. www.tmxmall.com How to produce TMs efficiently?
  6. 6. www.tmxmall.com Tmxmall Aligner Online  Intelligent aligner and support multi-languages  Support various input and output file format  multi-mode (bilingual documents and single document)  de-duplication, filter and term extraction  Support shortcut, fast and convenient  Issue Tmxmall Aligner standalone  auto-aligner and TM quality evaluation  …… Tmxmall Aligner
  7. 7. www.tmxmall.com How to use massive TMs effectively ?
  8. 8. www.tmxmall.com Private Cloud-based TM management Team cooperative translation Open API Pre-translation User managed TM Features: Leading CATS Share Import Open API Export Search MT Train domain MT
  9. 9. www.tmxmall.com Private Cloud-based TM management Team cooperative translation among different CATs is realized. It gives flexibility to translators to choose CAT tools. SDL Trados, memoQ memsource, mateCAT Tmxmall online CAT … Cloud TM Server
  10. 10. www.tmxmall.com Practice of LSPs TM management  Establish TM team  Assign the specific persons to do documents alignment, TM classification, TM quality assurance and TM cleaning.  ……  Account manager, project manager and translators  Concordance search, pre-translation and file analysis  ……
  11. 11. www.tmxmall.com TM Trading in TM Marketplace TM Marketplace Buyer Purchase TMsSell TMs Seller TM marketplace provides a platform for translation companies, MT companies and freelancers to sell and purchase TMs.
  12. 12. www.tmxmall.com Features of TM marketplace  Support publishing multi-language TM, customizing tags, Pricing on its own  Search TMs by name and preview TM randomly  Instant message notification for TM payment and settlement  Search TM rapidly in many CATs through Tmxmall Private-Cloud  Various sales model: permission for retrieval as per month and local download  analyze and match TM and purchase as required  TM customization  ……
  13. 13. www.tmxmall.com Concerns of TM trading What is the concerns and possible solutions of TM trading? Concerning about data security, privacy and intellectual property of TMs, we put forward a P2P trading platform based on TM Marketplace and will explain more about it in TAUS Innovation Constest .
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