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East Ethiopian Expeditions

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Tour code: TTT- 400
Duration: 03 Days /02 Nights/by Surface +Air
Destination: East
Addis/ADD- Dire Dawa- Harar- Awash- Addis/ADD

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East Ethiopian Expeditions

  1. 1. Travel In StyleTour code: TTT- 400Duration: 03 Days /02 Nights/by Surface +AirDestination: EastAddis/ADD- Dire Dawa-Harar- Awash- Addis/ADD Harar is located in the eastern part of the country and part of the historic circuits. The walled city of Harar is an ancient city with rich and colorful history. Harar is 523 Kilometers east of Addis Ababa, the capital. The most dominant feature of Harar is its strong encircling wall, which embraces the town, its exciting market places, and Its 99 mosques. Harar is the fourth holiest city after Makka, Madina and Jerusalem.Dire Dawa , was founded in Awash National Park Awash National Park, 2111902 when the railroad from Kms east of Addis Ababa covers 827 squareDjibouti reached the area, kilometers (319 square miles). The park takes itsand its growth has resulted name from the Awash River which marks the park’slargely from trade brought southern boundary. The rivers last gesture is theThe railway line that reached salt lake, Lake Abbe, on the Ethiopia-DjiboutianDire Dawa in 1902 is believed border. Until recently, 2003, 462 bird species haveto have been the reason the been recorded. Of these six are endemics namelycity came into being in the Banded Barbet, Golden-Backed Woodpecker,first place. That is why the White-Winged Cliff Chat, White-Tailed Starling,railway station is one of the Thick-Billed Raven and Wattled Ibis.destinations of tourists andother visitors coming to thecity. Kefira is a traditionalmarket place where one cansee the colorful presentationof all people of the region intheir cultural dresses.
  2. 2. In the morning, fly east to Dire Dawa and DAY01: Addis/ADD- Dire Dawa-visit the Ethio-Djibouti Rail ways station whichdates back to the beginning of the first decadeof the 20th Century, and the spice market ofDire Dawa. Then, drive 55 km to the old andwalled town of Harar which was the MuslimCapital of Ethiopia in the medieval time. Hereyou will have a sightseeing tour to visit thewalls and gates of Harar, the multiculturalmarket of the people of Amhara, Oromo, andAdere (Harari), the house of the famous 19thCentury French poet – Arthur Rimbaud, and inthe evening drive to one of the gates of Hararto visit the ‘Hyena Man’ when he feeds wildhyenas by hand. O/n Harar DAY02: Harar - Awash Drive from Harar to Awash NP. Awash National Park where you will have a game drive to visit the Biesa Oryx, Warthogs, Grant’s Gazelles, and different species of birds. You will also visit the scenic Awash Gorge, and the beautiful Awash River Falls. Visiting the villages and the people of the nomadic Afar people around Awash, The Park’s southern boundary is, in part, the Awash River one of the major rivers of Ethiopia. In the middle of the park is the dominant volcano of fentale, reaching a height of 2,007m on its rim. The park also includes the dramatic awash falls and the unbelievably clear blue –but hot-pools of the filwoha hot spring. O/n Awash NP camping or Kereyu lodge. DAY03: Drive back to Addis Ababa.