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Faster Response to MDR-TB through GxAlert

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GLI Conference 2013, Presentation by Jeff Takle

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Faster Response to MDR-TB through GxAlert

  1. 1. INITIAL FINDINGS: Faster Response to MDR-TB through GxAlert 15-18 April 2013 5th Global Laboratory Initiative (GLI) Partners Mtg Les Pensieres, Veyrier-du-Lac, France Presented by: Jeff Takle, Director of Innovations Cepheid has made possible what has never been possible before in TB…real time national-scale insight into the results, errors, and logistics. This is an amazing advance. That we find inefficiencies in our processes is neither surprising nor a deterrent. It is an expected and natural evolution of discovery. The future looks like better patient results, faster diagnosis and faster treatment, and more efficient use of funds and logistics. “
  2. 2. Abt Associates Special Acknowledgements  NTBLCP Nigeria  KNCV / TBCARE  WHO  DOD Nigeria  MSH  Cepheid
  3. 3. Abt Associates What is GxAlert? Per Device Costs  USB modem $20  SIM $4  Data/yr ~$5-$10/yr  Secure the data (as appropriate)  VPN/yr $5  Antivirus, $0-$20/yr  Firewall, $0  Disk encryption, $50-$100 http://youtu.be/JW3-28QEG2U Insert movie, lasts 1m46s Saw a Return on Investment in the first 2 weeks (see spoilage report)
  4. 4. Abt Associates The Objectives of GxAlert Slow the spread of MDR-TB by  Getting the MDR patient into treatment faster Get the right drugs to patients faster. Refer patients to the right facilities. Reduce transmission.  Improving data quality  Speeding up reporting  Creating real-time disease surveillance
  5. 5. Abt Associates One of the GxAlerts… National TB Program State Control Officer Lab Manager Diagnosis is MTB+ Rif Resistant GxAlert: New Rif+ Patient. Apr 8, 12:39pm. Call State Coord. @ 0805332431 ASAP to inform w/patient biodata. Get patient to recruitment w/in 24hrs to improve their chances! GxAlert: New Rif+ Patient @ NIMR Apr 8, 12:39pm. Get biodata from Facility. Call NTP ASAP. Recruit patient w/in 24hrs to improve their chances! GxAlert: New Rif+ Patient @ NIMR Lagos Apr 8, 12:39pm. Initiate recruitment process. Expect call from State Coord. Move quickly, save lives! “Trigger” Emotional appeal Call to action Core details
  6. 6. Abt Associates MOH Can Forecast Cartridge Needs By Observing Consumption Trends Avg. # tests/yr per device 438 Avg. Utilization per device 18% Est. Overpurchase in Year 1 -$103,114 25% 24% 24% 16% 16% 13% 12% 6% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Utilization Rate of GeneXpert by Facility, Lifetime
  7. 7. Abt Associates MOH Can Better Allocate Inventory By Monitoring Cartridge Expirations Kuje GH is doing the best at managing their aging inventory…how? Avg Mo. Useful Life Left 2 ½
  8. 8. Abt Associates MOH Can Identify Malfunctions Earlier and Reduce Patient Re-visits A serious outlier Error Codes Number of Error Results, by Module Possible alert threshold
  9. 9. Abt Associates MOH Can Set Thresholds for Errors: Above = Alert to Supervisor Opportunity to identify “best practices” Focus attention where needed most Possible alert threshold
  10. 10. Abt Associates Partnership Model GxAlert isn’t a parallel system; it connects the data in existing systems faster, cheaper, with better quality  eTB Manager – Already compatible w/GxAlert  OpenMRS – In progress  WHO data collection tool – In progress  GitHub site – Complete
  11. 11. Abt Associates What About Security?  Data at rest • Norton360 anti-virus & firewall • Symantec Whole Disk Encryption  Data in transit • Glo VPN and APN at the SIM card level • Hamachi VPN at the machine level  GxAlert Servers • Amazon GovCloud, FISMA Moderate and HIPAA compliant. Read @ www.GxAlert.com  Secure API
  12. 12. Abt Associates At What Stage Is GxAlert?  Going to national scale in Nigeria. Covers 25% of Nigeria GeneXperts as of April 17, 2013. Covering 80% by June. (DOD)  Collecting data and evidence, sending SMS text alerts, data-driven insights to the National TB Program  4 countries in very early stages of adoption  Beginning to integrate PL-HIV systems, OpenMRS, others  Cost model proven/proving – will be made available on www.GxAlert.com  Security model proven – documentation on www.GxAlert.com
  13. 13. Better patient treatment Faster response to MDR-TB More efficient TB logistics Prepared by: Martha Benezet martha_benezet@abtassoc.com Jeff Takle jeff_takle@abtassoc.com Download slide deck @ www.GxAlert.com