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Making Mobile Marketing Budgets Count in the Age of Ad Blocking

  1. 1 Making Mobile Marketing Budgets Count in the Age of Ad Blocking John Walker Vice President, Global Marketing Communications, Syniverse @JohnEWalker #ME_AdBlock
  2. 2 Today’s Expert Panelists Paul Berney (@paulbmobile) Managing Partner and Co-Founder, mCordis • Served as Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director of the EMEA branch of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) • In 2012, recognized as the leading speaker on mobile marketing worldwide by C-Squared • Voted one of the Top 50 influencers in mobile marketing by The Drum magazine in 2013, 2014 and 2015 Rob Hammond (@tech2dollars) Senior Director Mobile Engagement, Syniverse • Experienced sales and technology leader • 30-year career with Microsoft, Sprint and more helping brands unlock the power of mobile • Media, analyst commentator and contributor #ME_AdBlock
  3. 3 Paul Berney Managing Partner and Co-Founder, mCordis @paulbmobile #ME_AdBlock
  4. Agenda • What ad blocking means for you, and what different approach you may need to take to reach your customers. • How to engage and retain a loyal customer base using new mobile use cases that are relevant and won’t get blocked. • How to increase the relevancy of your mobile marketing campaigns to capture the attention (and share of wallet) of customers in the “mobile moment.” • What you can do now to enhance your digital strategies and transform the customer experience through the delivery of cross-channel mobile campaigns. #ME_AdBlock
  5. The scale of the issue • On average, 9.26% of impressions were found to be ad- blocked, with some sites reaching as high as 50% • Tech sites average at 18%, followed by news (16%) and culture (10%). Business, real estate and travel sites average lower • Ad-blocking is higher in the US and EU: the average in the US is 8.7% • Mobile blocking is gaining popularity: Android shows a 2.2% blocking rate, and iOS 1.3% Source: ClarityRay/Yahoo Study 2015 #ME_AdBlock
  6. The scale of the problem is lower on mobile Mobile accounts for 38% of web browsing But only 1.6% of ad blocking #ME_AdBlock
  7. Can mobile ads be seen? Are mobile ads seen by real people? #ME_AdBlock
  8. Ad fraud Real Users or Bots? #ME_AdBlock
  9. Why do consumers block advertising? #ME_AdBlock
  10. Four basic reasons: #ME_AdBlock Concerns about data privacy Concerns about cost Irrelevant advertising Performance
  11. Ad blocking is a symptom Consumers don’t like being re-targeted #ME_AdBlock
  12. Cost Ads may represent up to 40% of users’ mobile data Source: Adblock Plus #ME_AdBlock
  13. Irrelevance #ME_AdBlock
  14. Relevance is critical to success in mobile Consumers will punish irrelevant brand engagement #ME_AdBlock
  15. Attention is a finite resource. #ME_AdBlock
  16. Performance Mobile sites load faster #ME_AdBlock
  17. Ad Blocking is heavily influenced by demographics Younger & more technically savvy users are more likely to download an ad blocker #ME_AdBlock
  18. The effects of ad blocking #ME_AdBlock
  19. Publishers Loss of revenue #ME_AdBlock
  20. Advertisers Heightened focus on effectiveness Shift to CPA models? Focus on attribution #ME_AdBlock
  21. How could we respond? #ME_AdBlock
  22. Publishers Switch to alternate models – Walled Gardens Technical - host the ads on their own servers Commercial - shift to subscription models #ME_AdBlock
  23. Advertisers Re-direct to owned media Shift to programmatic #ME_AdBlock
  24. Everyone Permission Relevance Communication #ME_AdBlock
  25. 25 Rob Hammond Senior Director of Mobile Engagement, Syniverse @tech2dollars #ME_AdBlock
  26. 26 Syniverse Proprietary Two VIP RockFest Tickets Sponsored by Status Bank Two VIP RockFest Tickets Sponsored by Status Bank Make Your Advertising Fun In a 2015 survey, 87% of retailers said they plan to use gamification to engage customers within the next five years. (Boston Retail Partners) #ME_AdBlock
  27. 27 Syniverse Proprietary Digitize Your Loyalty Program On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. (U.S. White House Office of Consumer Affairs) Your Loyalty Points will be updated on this pass. For more information visit Or check out our Facebook page at Front Back #ME_AdBlock
  28. 28 Syniverse Proprietary Text Surveys Improve Engagement Thank you for opting in. Reply ‘YES’ to take a quick survey YES Thank you! How would you rate your overall experience? Reply: 1 Excellent 2 Good 3 Fair 4 Poor 1 Reducing customer defection rate by 5% can increase your profitability by 125%. (Leading on the Edge of Chaos, Murphy and Murphy) #ME_AdBlock
  29. 29 Syniverse Proprietary  Supports real-time business decisions using behavioral data and usage patterns  “Big data” engine collects, processes, and indexes all campaign data points in near real time  Analytics UI supports rapid decisions and campaign adjustment for improved performance  Access and report key information using pre-defined or custom charts  “Click through” filters segregate data by value element  Manage campaigns with “out of the box” KPIs Analytics Enables Decision Making Utilize Track campaign success, evaluate engagement, and measure ROI in real-time with integrated analytics tools Business Intelligence Module KPIs Participants per campaign per channel Real-time location- based analytics Advanced filtering and aggregation Participation and engagement rates Unique and repeat users Delivery success rates Segmentation Trends Opt-in and opt-out requests #ME_AdBlock
  30. 30 Q&A #ME_AdBlock
  31. 31 Thank You! For more information, visit or follow us @Mobile4Brands #ME_AdBlock

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  25. Play the game and keep it fun. From scratch-to-win coupons to brand trivia sent through text message links, the more interactive you can make your mobile marketing campaigns, the more engaged your customers will be.
  26. Make it easy for your customers to collect and redeem loyalty points. By digitizing their loyalty experience, you’ll increase program participation and the number of sales opportunities.
  27. Think outside of the call center. Companies are increasingly finding success in customer satisfaction through text messaging to give customers an alternative way to get in touch when they’re on the go.
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