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Leveraging Automation to Drive Digital Transformation Success

  1. Leveraging automation to drive digital transformation success Andrew Hayden | Precisely
  2. Andrew Hayden Sr. Product Marketing Manager
  3. Why Automation? 3
  4. Be more agile Enterprise needs: Go faster Improve the quality and integrity of your most important data
  5. Optimize staff Enterprise wants: Reach ROI faster Realize Digital Transformation dream
  6. Accelerating digital transformation Data is the fuel for decision-making today $1.04 trillion spent on Hyperautomation by 2026 80% of CEOs accelerating digital transformation 45% of enterprises using SAP are leveraging automation 67% spending more on technology than people Market is growing at 12% per year
  7. Data Process Interdependence of process and data Interdependence of process and data
  8. Common product challenges 8 • Complex materials environment: Many raw and semi-finished goods • Multiple vendors and suppliers • Complex data objects • Complex processes • Manual data management & spreadsheets • Often multiple plants • Frequent changes • Complex customer environment • Tight margins • Seasonal exceptions • Promotional packaging • Sales alignment • Multiple systems involved • SAP in the middle of it all
  9. Upstream process components Vendors Procurement Product Development Controlling Finance Materials Production Planning Warehouse Manufacturing Operations
  10. Make an impact across your business Financial Accounting Controlling Sales and Distribution Materials Management Plant Maintenance Asset Management Project Systems Production Planning Quality Management Human Resources
  11. Why an automation platform?
  12. A complete automation platform Mass data management Exchange data with SOR quickly and easily using Excel Form & Workflow Automate and accelerate business processes with integrated forms and workflows Excel Workflow Automate and accelerate business processes through Excel file management workflows Process Automation Data Automation
  13. A complete automation platform delivers Workflow Connectivity (APIs) Self-service Governance Low-code development Attended & unattended automation Forms Data Management Data quality Cloud deployment
  14. Getting started 14
  15. Where to start? • Identify opportunities for quick implementation • Focused data process • High-impact, limited scope • Measurable • Don’t bite off too much
  16. CHALLENGE Dorman speeds through master data changes • Change subset of materials from ‘Manufactured’ to ‘Kitted’ • Update BoMs and Routings • Change sales order to reflect non-kitted materials RESULTS • Minimal business impact • Improved data quality Hours Total Cost Difference Manual Processes 60 $4,500 Using Automation 5 $375 $4,125 saved 3,000 materials converted in Q4, 2016 Savings = $123,750 Per 100 materials
  17. Process reengineering
  18. Automation and digital transformation • Focus on business outcomes • Reengineering for automation • Drive organizational change • End-to-end processes
  19. A major transformation CASE STUDY: ENERGY DRINK COMPANY
  20. “Organized chaos”
  21. Then a global distribution deal happened…. …and their product launch processes became a bottleneck
  22. Process workshop People Technology Proces s Success
  23. Multiple, different launch types Product launch types New products Product changes Geographical expansion New innovation Line extensions ingredient/ label change Seasonal / Promotional products Legal/ regulatory change others Plant extensions Sales org. extensions
  24. Projects identified Point of Sale Materials Raw Materials Production Process
  25. Solution highlights NPW Material Extensions (multiple) Material Extensions (multiple) Raw Material POS Material Landing page
  26. Visibility Governance Repeatable Reduced cycle times by 50-75%
  27. Key Takeaways Automation is in great demand by enterprises today to deliver on the promise of digital transformation. • Companies today need to be more agile, go faster and improve data integrity • They also want to optimize their workforce, see tangible ROI quickly and meet their digital transformation goals • Automation is one of the most effective ways to achieve these goals by looking for a complete automation platform • The key to success is understanding where to start and manage success • Companies are seeing significant success with automation today.
  28. “The pace of change has never been this fast, but it will never be this slow again.” Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada
  29. The global leader in data integrity software Our data integrity software, data enrichment products, and strategic services deliver accuracy, consistency, and context to power confident business decisions. Brands you trust, trust us Data leaders partner with us of the Fortune 100 99 Customers in more than 100 2,500 employees customers 12,000 countries Integrate Enrich Locate Verify Data Integrity Suite
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  1. Andrew
  2. Talk track
  3. Talk track With the combined effects of the pandemic and the impending recession, companies are being forced to reconcile tighter margins, increased need to demonstrate returns and the failure of years of digital transformation initiatives to deliver significant business benefits.
  4. Gartner – And growing at 12% CAGR KPMG KPMG ASUG Gartner
  5. Delivering on the promise of Hyperautomation
  6. The particular use case I’d like to highlight was changing a subset of materials from manufactured to kitted, which effected BoMs, routings and sales orders.
  7. I would like to share with you Monster Energy's process transformation story.
  8. This Energy Drinks was using spreadsheets and emails to track their product launches (They call it NPW – New Product Worksheet).  Their process even required project managers of new products to invest hours each day tracking down status to report back to meetings and management – just another task that was eating up time.  In their words it was “organized chaos”. <click>
  9. Then the energy drinks company entered into a partnership with a major global soft drinks company. This gave the energy drinks company access to aspects of their global distribution network <click> and dramatically increasing the number of new product launches (it quadrupled the number of open projects). Their current manual process simply couldn’t scale… <click> [Notes: To be clear the soft drinks company doesn’t own the energy drinks company, however they do have a 17% stake in the company] and getting the data into SAP for all the global sites soon became the bottleneck holding Monster back. So, let me share with you a little about the Energy Drinks company’s transformation journey. <click>
  10. First, we mapped out their existing process – something they had never done before – and there were some real aha moments here. This is where Precisely’s professional services team really began to shine – by looking beyond just the tools. Like any good process transformation project, we reviewed the people, process and technology.  This was the beginning of the true Transformation that included automation, process redesign and organizational changes needed to allow the Energy Drinks company to move at a faster pace.   <click>
  11. One of the key learnings from the workshops was that there are many different product launch types … and the Energy Drinks company was faced with examples of almost all of them.
  12. Out of the process workshop we identified 3 different business solutions, Point-of-Sale Materials (these are salable materials for items like T-shirts, hats and stickers – Note that Merchandise is a big part of the Energy Drinks company revenue stream), Raw materials (ingredients) and the product manufacturing process – the overall process needed to launch a new product.  The product production solution includes more than 8 SAP product data objects, and our modular architecture allows you to dynamically link the sub processes needed for each specific launch, even calling the independent raw material process if needed. It was obvious that the Energy Drinks company needed to help immediately <click>
  13. Highlevel overview – our solution can handle a lot of complexity and being able to process projects independently of plant was huge for the Energy Drinks company… Total steps = 23
  14. At the first pass they have already reduced their product launch cycle times by 50-75% depending on launch type. They now have tools and controls in place that easily allows them to collect the right data at the right time from the right people. They have the visibility they need to effectively manage their product launches, and the governance in place to allow business teams to take true ownership of “their” data. This gives the Energy Drinks company trust in a repeatable process that allows them to bring new products to market faster than ever before!
  15. Questions? Can you also do Vendor and Customer masters too? I’m on S4 Hana will this work with my system? I have custom fields in my material master, does this work for those? We often have fields that the business is missing can you make them require even if SAP doesn’t require them? We would love to speak to you in more detail about your product data processes and how we can help you make an impact to your business , so please feel free to reach out to us.