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  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae – Syed Rehan Hasan Page 1 of 4 SYED REHAN HASAN Dear Sir(s) / Madam(s) This letter is to introduce myself for an available position in your organization. My diversified and in-depth professional work experience at different organizations coupled with my academic qualifications has enabled me to present myself as a potential candidate for a position in an organization that can fulfill my need for continuous professional development and provide an opportunity for accelerated career growth. Presently, I am working as a Finance Officer in Etihad Airways national airline of U.A.E. Before joining Etihad Airways, I was working as a Country Head of Credit & Collection in Gerry’s Travel Agency, as a Senior Accounts Officer with Kuwait Airways Corporation and as an Accounts Officer with G.S.A division of Gerry’s International Karachi. Working with these organizations for more than twenty years in the field of Finance and Accounting in Airline industry, I got an opportunity of being involved in handling annual budgets, funds transfer and management, revenue and Head Office reporting, checking of bills accruals, lost baggage reporting, collection of payments of delinquent accounts and over all supervision of Finance department. This exposure to a wide spectrum of functions with a variety of work experience has provided me with an insider view of the key business processes within an organization, risk management procedures, accounting and internal control systems, regulatory as well as accounting framework of airline industry. Equally important, it has enriched me professionally and equipped me with the traits needed to deal with a variety of situations in an innovative, effective and efficient manner. Currently, I am seeking job prospects that are compatible with my qualification and work experience. I would welcome an opportunity to further discuss how I can become a vital part of the core human capital of your organization. Regards Syed Rehan Hasan Encl: Curriculum Vitae
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae – Syed Rehan Hasan Page 2 of 4 SYED REH A N HASA N Date of Birth March 1, 1970 Address 304-Adam Garden ,Block 7/8.KMCHS Karachi Marital Status Married Telephone Residence +9221-34556177 Nationality Pakistani Mobile +92300-2063064 Language English & Urdu Email Address syed_rehan_hasan@hotmail.com & shasan@etihad.ae CAREER OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging and career oriented position in an esteemed organization with opportunities to grow professionally and lead the organization with the purpose of achieving common goals and objectives. PROFESSIONAL AND ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS Qualifications Year Institutes Cost And Management Accountants (Cleared 2nd part) 1995 Institute Of Cost And Management Accountants Of Pakistan Executive Masters in Business Administration 2004 Preston University USA (Karachi Campus) Bachelor of Commerce 1991 University of Karachi ACCREDITATIONS  Selected in Etihad Airways as Finance Officer (Senior Position) For Kuwait Station  Received various letters ofappreciation from Manager Pakistan in lieu of quality work, and extra ordinary efforts for the betterment of the organization at Kuwait Airways;  Received Service Excellence Award & Best Employee of the month award from the management of Gerry’s Travels; and  Received Service Excellence Award after completing five years at Etihad Airways (EY). WORK EXPERIENCE (1995 to date) Etihad Airways (Nov, 2006 to date) Working as FinanceOfficer, I am involved in directly reporting to the Finance & Administration Manager Karachi, and the outstation Finance at head office. Providing support more than 85 people based across 4 locations in Pakistan and involve providing a generalist day to day service to all managers and employees in payroll, personnel administration and general administration issues. Consult and co-ordinate with head office outstation finance in Abu Dhabi.  Monthly closing of GL, Account Payable, Account Receivable in oracle and finalize all reporting each month;  Compliance Etihad Airways Financial Policies and IAPs;  Reconcile Fixed Asset confirmation;  Submit bank reconciliation of both collection and disbursement accounts;  Prepare Cash Flow Statements each month;  Adhere Local laws are ensure full compliance; Tax relief/ tax claims/tax deposit are submitted within timelines Update HO for changes in rules & regulations  Compile and provide information of payroll to enable timely computation of payroll for over seventy five staff in Pakistan;
  3. 3. Curriculum Vitae – Syed Rehan Hasan Page 3 of 4  Maintain employment contracts and other documents provided by Human Resources, keeping local personnel data up to date;  Ensure all tasks are completed according to internal rules and regulations as well as local legislation and within the specified time frame;  Deal with queries from staff, department heads and various external vendors & parties;  Clarification with external legal advisors on taxation, payroll or any other upcoming issues;  Maintain records of general contracts and renewal of the same e.g. communication and office equipment, company cars;  Administration of pension schemes, insurances and provident fund; and  Timely remittance of surplus fund to Head office  Close monitoring of budget and enforcement of strict budgetary controls on monthly basis  Timely payment of all invoices GERRY’S INTERNATIONAL (August 2005 to Nov, 2006) Worked as an Assistant Manager Credit and Collection Pakistan, directly reporting to director Finance , I had been involved in collection of payments of delinquent accounts in accordance with collections strategy. Value the relationship with the customer and use a service approach for initial customer contact. Employee firm tactics when the account researches a higher stage of delinquency level of risk. Ensuring that targets are met according to management demands at the end of the prescribed dates. Carry out self-training in all areas of collections functions and have full participation in organized training. Involved in upward communication whenever deemed necessary.  Worked as a head of department, responsible for giving credit with in limit to clients all over Pakistan;  Suggest credit limits on the basis of client analysis, based on previous records, sales, market reputation and the company financial strength to Board of Directors;  Reporting to company directors on fortnightly basis regarding current collection position, inform/suggest collection & credit strategies;  Responsible for issuing/checking of invoices;  To make possible efforts so that the invoices could deliver to the client with in 48 hrs after issuance of ticket;  To keep control between collection and credit;  To reconcile the clients account on fortnightly basis; and  To follow up the payments so that they do not exceed more than their credit limits/time. Kuwait Airways Corporation (1996 TO May 2005) Worked as Senior Accounts Officer I was responsible for the following functions:  Officiated/Headed Accounts department in the absence of Accounts Manager Pakistan;  Certify payments claims for routine expenditure, statutory and legal payments including civil aviation and ground handling payments. Payroll & employees related payments, deposits & advances, refunds and per deism, baggage and insurance claims, crew passenger hotel accommodation, transportation payments;  Make sure payments are made on the and tax that are to be deducted at source;  Validates and scrutinize the supplier and service provider invoice and other documents before further processing;  Responsible for return of payments from station account;  Preparing bank reconciliation of station account;  Responsible for return of receipts of all corporate accounts;  Evaluate renewals and maintains of contracts & agreements;  Prepare request of transfer of funds;
  4. 4. Curriculum Vitae – Syed Rehan Hasan Page 4 of 4  Prepare expenditure fore cast for the coming month and make sure that they are sufficient so that no excess fund is asked for;  Generates monthly close of accounts perform monthly debtors reconciliation;  Prepares monthly accruals;  Clear debtor’s disputes and recover payments in case of out standing dues;  Preparing refunds of Tickets;  Prepared reports regarding allocation of certain cost prevailing in the corporation whenever assigned by area manager Pakistan; and  Handling concern telexes & correspondences. Gerry’s International Private Limited (1995 – 1996) Working as an Accounts Officer, I was responsible for handling all accounts matters of below mentioned airlines pertaining to Islamabad, Lahore and Faisalabad stations:  Continental airline;  Austrian airline;  Kenya airways;  Qatar airways;  Uzbekistan airline;  Oman air;  Cyprus airways;  Northwest airline; and  KLM (North) PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT  Strong inter personal skills proven ability to work well with individuals at all levels;  Excellent analytical and problem solving skills;  Recognized for dedication and ability to achieve results; and  Detail oriented, able to multi task effectively. REFERENCES & DOCUMENTS Would be furnished, if required AVAILABILITY Immediate