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Sybil B Taylor Resume (1)

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Sybil B Taylor Resume (1)

  1. 1. Sybil B. Taylor 4010 Logan Circle • Indian Trail, NC 28079 • (704)893-0024 • sybilbt@hotmail.com SUMMARY Detail-oriented medical professional with 25 years of experience in a hospital laboratory with patient contact. Familiar with all HIPPA regulations, ICD-9/CPT Coding, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Medicare/Medicaid. Proficient in multiple office software programs and have extensive knowledge in business administration, patient admission, medical terminology, and medical coding and billing. EDUCATION / CERTIFICATION American InterContinental University - Hoffman Estates, IL Associate of Arts in Business Administration 2012 • Concentration: Medical Billing and Coding • Relevant Courses: Medical Records, ICD Classification and Reimbursement, Business Management and Leadership, Business Ethics, Fundamentals of Billing and Coding Technology Greenville Technology College - Greenville, SC Laboratory Medical Technology Certification Current KEY SKILLS • Medical laboratory technician in hospitals and medical doctor’s offices. • Worked in a trauma center hospital in chemistry and toxicology. • Completed patient sample processing and phlebotomy when applicable. • Can perform routine patient sample testing in chemistry, hematology, blood bank and microbiology. Basic experience in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Solstas Lab Partners CHARLOTTE, NC 2012-2013 Carolinas Medical Center - Charlotte / Monroe, NC 1979 – 2010 Medical Technologist (AMT), (HEW) 2001 – 2010 • Served as Laboratory Liaison with medical staff • Assisted with Blood Bank Emergency Cross Matches, by testing for compatibility of Cross Matches, entering patient data in computer via Sunquest Laboratory software. • Proficient with quality controls in Blood Bank, Chemistry and Hematology and Coagulation studies • Handled workflow and fast-paced environment of Emergency Room • Used laboratory computer to enter patient’s test results Medical Technician (ASCP) 1979 – 2001 • Worked in a fast-paced 900 bed Trauma Center
  2. 2. • Ran manual tests such as TDX testing • Utilized automated instruments for urine and drug testing for patients/employees • Prioritized all patient Chemistry samples and ran quality control for chemistry instruments per regulations • Experience with HPLC and GC Sample Prep and Testing Medical Technician (ASCP) SOLSTAS REFERENCE LAB JUNE 2012-DEC 2013 1). CBC’S, UA’S, PREGU’S, CHOLESTERLS, WET PREPS, FERN SLIDES TESTING 2). ORDERED VIA COMPUTER IN-HOUSE TESTING, SEND-OUT TESTS, PAP SMEARS, BIOPSY SAMPLES USING CURRENT CPT AND ICD 9 CODES 3). ENTERED PATIENT RESULTS IN COMPUTER VIA SOLSTAS WEBSITE 4). SOLSTAS STAT LAB CHEMISTRY, HEMATOLOGY. COAG, UA’S AND MICROBIOLOGY TEST KITS. 5). PHLEBOTOMY SKILLS HAVE BEEN UPDATED.