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Laravel - Website Development in Php Framework.

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Learn Basics of Laravel Programming. Add new skill in your programming stack.

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Laravel - Website Development in Php Framework.

  1. 1. Laravel The PHP Framework For Web Artisans Presented by : Syeda Aimen Batool Developer @ Swaam Tech
  2. 2. We will discuss: • Laravel Features • Composer and Laravel Setup • Directory Structure • Routing • Controller & Model • CRUD Examples • Database Migrations • User Authentication • Controller to View Communication • Basic Commands • Databases (Basic Queries) • Form Validation • Blade Template Engine Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  3. 3. Features Laravel is an open source MVC PHP Framework under MIT license. Bundles are packages which you can download to add particular functionality in your web application to save coding and time. Eloquent ORM provides a simple ActiveRecord implementation for working with database. Class Auto loading assures that correct components are loaded at correct time. Unit testing allows users to easily create and run unit tests to ensure application stability. Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  4. 4. Requirements • Apache or any other compatible web server • PHP Version should be 5.5.9 or greater • PDO PHP Extension should be enabled PDO is by default enable in php 5.1.0 or greater. You can manually activate by uncommenting statement below in php.ini by removing semicolon at beginning extension=php_pdo.dll • OpenSSL PHP Extension should be enabled to manually activate OpenSSL extension uncomment the line extension=php_openssl.dll by removing the semicolon at beginning • okenizer PHP Extension should be enabled This extension is by default enabled in php versions 4.3.0 or greater Quick Guide On Laravel
  5. 5. MVC Layers • Model (Eloquent ORM) Model represents the logical structure of an application e.g. list of database record • View (Blade Engine) View displays the data user see on screen such as buttons, display boxes etc. • Controller Controller represents the classes connecting the view and model, it helps model and view to communicate with each other Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  6. 6. Composer and Laravel Setup: • A dependencies management tool. • Download Composer from here. • Run setup. • Browse php.exe file under xampp/php/php.exe. • After successful installation; open your cmd. open cmd execute composer.phar to check if composer is successfully installed • Download the Laravel installer by writing given command in cmd. Composer global require “laravel/installer=~1.1” • Create a new project by running following command in cmd. Composer create-project laravel/laravel --prefer-dist Installing… Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  7. 7. Hello Laravel  • After installation hit “http://localhost/laravel/public/” in your browser • Remove public from your url by following this: – Go to D:xampphtdocslaravelpublic – Cut index.php and .htaccess file and paste here: D:xampphtdocslaravel – Open index.php and change bootstrap path: ../../bootstrap/ to ../bootstrap/ in whole file – Now hit your url without public “http://localhost/laravel/” – Congratulations ! You have successfully setup Laravel. Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  8. 8. Directory Structure: • Routes are available under app directory: D:xamphtdocslaravelappHttproutes.php • Controllers are available at: D:xamphtdocslaravelappHttpController • User Authentication is available at: D:xamphtdocslaravelappHttpControllersAuth • All your assets and views are available at: D:xamphtdocslaravelresources • Models are available at: D:xamphtdocslaravelapp Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  9. 9. My First Routes: All routes are available at D:xamphtdocslaravelappHttproutes.php • Default Route: A root looks like => Route::get('/home', 'WelcomeController@index'); Where ‘/home’ is you will enter in url 'WelcomeController is your application controller Index is a function in your controller Hitting ‘/home’ in url will invoke your controller and call function index – Route::get(‘Home', ‘HomeController@index'); – Route::post(‘application/create', ‘ApplicationController@create'); – Route::patch(‘application/update', ‘ApplicationController@update'); Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  10. 10. Named Routes: • Giving a specific name to a route: Route::get('songs',['as'=>'songs_path‘ , 'uses'=>'SongsController@index']); where songs_path Is name specified to this particular route, we can use this name in our app instead of writing route. e.g. <a href="{{ route('songs_path')}}"> will be a hyperlink to this route. • Just an other way: $router -> get('songs',['as'=>'songs_path','uses'=>'SongsController@index']); We can define routes in a way above also. Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  11. 11. Make Controller • Open cmd and write php artisan make:controller SongController • Controller is created with following default functions: I. create() II. store(Request $request) III. show($id) IV. edit($id) V. update(Request $request, $id) VI. destroy($id) Quick Guide On Laravel
  12. 12. Make Model • Write following command in cmd: php artisan make:model Song • Model will be downloaded under app directory Quick Guide On Laravel
  13. 13. Make Database Migration • Write following command in cmd php artisan make:migration create_songs_table --create=songs Find your migration here D:xampphtdocslaraveldatabasemigrations • It has two functions up and down. • Up function contains the description of your database table fields. • Down function contains the query to drop your database table. Quick Guide On Laravel
  14. 14. Run Migration • Before running migration open .env file from your project’s root directory. • Setup your database name and credentials: • After defining your table fields in UP function; run following command in cmd: php artisan migrate • Your table is now created in database after successful run of above command. Quick Guide On Laravel
  15. 15. Define Your Routes • You can not perform any action without defining your application routes. • Define all your routes in your route file. Quick Guide On Laravel
  16. 16. User Authentication • These lines help you to authenticate user in laravel Route::controllers([ 'auth' => 'AuthAuthController', 'password' => 'AuthPasswordController' ]); URL above will be accessed by logged users only. Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  17. 17. Songs Listing Quick Guide On Laravel
  18. 18. Insert a Song • An object of model song is created. • Value are assigned to fields and then saved in table. Quick Guide On Laravel
  19. 19. Insert a Song • Another way Quick Guide On Laravel
  20. 20. Insert a Song Form Quick Guide On Laravel
  21. 21. Quick Guide On Laravel
  22. 22. Songs Listing Quick Guide On Laravel
  23. 23. Update a Song Quick Guide On Laravel
  24. 24. Updated Songs Quick Guide On Laravel
  25. 25. Delete a Song Quick Guide On Laravel
  26. 26. Updated Record Quick Guide On Laravel
  27. 27. Controller to View Passing data to view: return view('songs.show',compact('song')); where ‘song’ variable contains your data, compact method will send your data to the view named show under songs directory. Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  28. 28. Success / Failure Message from Controller • Passing success/failure message • Another way Setting message to a specific file create under songs directory. Quick Guide On Laravel
  29. 29. Display Message in View Quick Guide On Laravel
  30. 30. Commands You Must Know: • To make a controller php artisan make:controller SongController • To make a migration php artisan make:migration create_Songs_table --create=songs • To make a model php artisan make:model Song • Checking request parameters (Debugging) dd(Request::get('lyrics')); dd(Request::input();) Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  31. 31. DATABASE INTERACTION Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  32. 32. Databases Laravel Supports Currently four databases are supported by laravel: • MySQL • Postgre • SQLite • SQL Server Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  33. 33. CRUD • Saving a new record write the following lines of code in controller $song = new Song; // Song is your model, $song is object of class Song $song->title = ‘First Song'; $song->save(); // saving your data • Saving a new record (another way) in controller $song = Song::create([title' => First song']); • Retrieve the song by the attributes, or create it if it doesn't exist in controller $song = Song::firstOrCreate([‘title' => First song']); Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  34. 34. CRUD Continued • Updating a model $song = Song::find(1); $song->title = ‘2nd song '; $song->save(); Find model by id and update the title field with new title. • Delete a record $song = Song::find(1); $song->delete(); Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  35. 35. Some Common Queries • Get all data $result = Student::all(); • Get a single record $song = DB::table(‘songs')->where('name', ‘First song')->first(); • Getting a single value from a row $lyrics = DB::table(‘songs')->where('name', First song')->value(‘lyrics'); • Get a list of column values $titles = DB::table(‘songs')->lists('title'); foreach ($titles as $title) { echo $title; } Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  36. 36. Forms in Laravel Laravel4 contained a form helper package which is removed from Laravel If form helper is not included by default Open cmd and write composer require "illuminate/html":"5.0.*" Then add the service provider and aliases Open /config/app.php and update as follows: 'providers' => [ ... 'IlluminateHtmlHtmlServiceProvider', ], ‘aliases' => [ ... 'Form'=> 'IlluminateHtmlFormFacade', ‘HTML'=> 'IlluminateHtmlHtmlFacade', ], Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  37. 37. Form Validation $this->validate($request, [ 'title' => 'required|max:2', ‘lyrics' => 'required|min:10', ]); You can validate your fields using validate function. Don’t forget to include form helper! Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  38. 38. Quick View of Blade Template • Laravel officially use Blade Template engine for views. • File is saved with .blade.php extention • Rich syntax of blade templates is sync with Phpstorm latest version. Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  39. 39. Blade Template Syntax Trip A blade layout <html> <body> @section('sidebar') This is the master sidebar. @show <div class="container"> @yield('content') </div> </body> </html> Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  40. 40. Blade Template Syntax Trip @extends('layouts.master') @section('sidebar') <p>This is appended to the master sidebar.</p> @stop @section('content') <p>This is my body content.</p> @stop @section defines the content section for our page, such as header, footer, left bar etc. which you can yield as in previous slide. Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  41. 41. Control Structures • Conditional Statements @if ($var == 1 ) value is one! @elseif ($var == 2) Value is two! @else Zero value ! @endif @unless (Auth::check()) You are not signed in. @endunless Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  42. 42. Loops in Blade @for(…) // stuff to do @endfor @while(condition) //stuf to do @endwhile @foreach($loops as $loop) // stuff to do @endforeach Quick Guide On Laravel www.swaam.com
  43. 43. Thank You.
  44. 44. Get in Touch Explore Our Services We’ve helped several clients with industries like Email: info@swaam.com Web Address: www.swaam.com