Garden Media Group 2010 Garden Trends Report

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5. Feb 2010

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Garden Media Group 2010 Garden Trends Report

  1. Garden Media Group’s Mega Trends to Garden Trends February 4, 2010 © 2010 Garden Media Group
  2. Let’s Look at What Global Consumer Trends Are Shaping Buying Habits And how to use them to motivate your customers
  3. Eco-Bounty 9 out of 10 are “green” in some form 59% working for a better environment 84.4% willing to pay more for “green” garden/landscaping supplies Being “green” is defined by personal actions & identified by a lifestyle
  4. State of the Industry Things are looking up! Gardening is Back!
  5. GMG 2010 Trends © 2010 Garden Media Group
  6. Eco-Boosting 58% of LOHAS segment want to go “ beyond sustainable ” Boost the Environment. Work with Mother Nature. Natural Marketing Institute 2009 LOHAS Research
  7. Water is In. Water is Out.
  8. Succulent Gardening "Succulent Container Gardens" Debra Lee Baldwin
  9. Outside In is In Extend nature’s influence by bringing the outdoors in Indoor houseplants Consumers concern for health benefits and indoor air quality The USDA saw a 19.3% increase in Foliage sales in 2007 Red Sister Cordyline Costa Farms Peace Lily Costa Farms
  10. Outside In: At Home NASA scientists recommend at leaset one indoor plant for every 100 sq. ft of living space Indoor plants = healthy living Seeing more: Orchids Indoor herbs gardens Live plants for the holidays
  11. Purple! Purple!! Purple!!! ‘ Baptisia australis’ False Blue Indigo 2010 Perennial Plant of the Year
  12. Ride the trend wave with key suppliers, & with customers
  13. How do I take advantage of trends with your customers
  14. How does GMG determine Garden Trends? We don’t just use a crystal ball
  15. Eyes & Ears on the Pulse of the Industry
  16. To download & reprint the GMG 2010 Garden Trends Report or view all Trend Reports, go to: & Please remember to give GMG credit. [email_address] 610-444-3040 © 2010 Garden Media Group

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