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Report on ITmodelbook

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Report on ITmodelbook

  1. 1. Report on ITmodelbook- By Surovit Roy 1. Overall Site:  Comments a) This is a good site for people working in IT firms. b) It helps us to connect with different people all around the world working in IT firms.  Suggestions / Improvements a) The layouts can be made more attractive by adding more animated pictures related to that site in different sections. b) You can add on job section so that members of ITmodelbook can find more job in which they are interested in. c) There must be one option of security in which it should contain changing passwords. d) Our account must be connected with our mobile so that anybody except ourself opens our account can can be caught easily. 2. Default page: (The page where a member logs in or signs up)  Comments a) The login page is good but certain add ons can be done to make the site more attractive.  Suggestions/ Improvements a) The picture on the left side can be replaced by some video which can clear about the doubt of site. b) There must be a option of themes ( which should have different layouts). 3. White paper page: (Contains sections for top and featured whitepapers of the day )  Comments a) It’s a good system for publishing top and featured white papers.  Suggestions / Improvements a) The advertisements on right column must be related to more about whitepapers. b) Number of top whitepaper should be increased from 6 to atleast 10. 4. Groups: (Contains various groups to which a user can relate to according to his / her interests)
  2. 2.  Comments a) It’s good that we can add our own group in group section. b) The choices on view all groups are less.  Suggestions / Improvements a) The choices on view all group must be increased so that the users would have more clear views on making groups. 5. Connections: (Where you can see to whom you are connected with)  Suggestions/ Improvements a) The block of messages and comments to whom we are connected should not be there openly. b) There must be separate search engine for finding our own friends in the account. c) The option of “suggest a friend” must be there which will help the user to suggest a friend. 6. Profile: ( Where our personal details are present)  Comments a) The profile section in ITmodelbook is not detailed. b) Only some details of friends are shown in the profile section.  Suggestions/Improvements a) In profile if we click on connections groups ,it should directly link us to that particular page. b) There must be picture detail in our profile. c) If we click on the profile of our friend who is added on the list must show the full details. 7. News: ( Where all Itmodel member post there views)  Comments a) News section is the best way to spread an idea in a large scale.  Suggestion/Improvements
  3. 3. b) The news should not only contain the post of the member rather it should also contain the post, advertisement and frequent update about the upcoming softwares. So the news section gets updated.