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Surjan singh cv indirect taxation

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Surjan Singh with 5 years experience in indirect taxation

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Surjan singh cv indirect taxation

  1. 1. SURJAN SINGH Address: Vill- Achankapur, PO- Balamau sariya, Distt- Kannauj, (UP), PIN-209723 E-mail:- surjan85@gmail.com Contact No. –9455388553, 8681071352 Carrier Objective: To join an organization which could best utilize my energy and effort and help me in building my career in right direction and can provided me an atmosphere where. I can reach to my protection to the highest level. Working experience: A competent professional with nearly 5.0 years’ experience in: • Indirect Taxation (Excise, sale tax, service tax, export, Dispatch) An effective communicator with excellent relationship building & interpersonal, strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities; possess a flexible & detail oriented attitude. Organizational Scan: Currently working in with Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd. - wiring harness Division Chennai Plant since Dec 2013 to till, as Executive Finance (Indirect Taxation). Previously working with Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd. - wiring harness Division Gurgaon Plant since Jul 2011 to Nov 2013, as Executive Finance (Indirect Taxation). Company Profile: This company is Automotive Company. It is manufacturing Wiring Harness like Engine wiring harness, Battery Wiring harness, Lighting Wiring harness etc. Turnover is 250 corers per year. Major Customer:- Maruti Suzuki, Fiat India, GM Motor, M&M, Tata Motors, Renault Nissan. Responsibilities: • Reconciliation monthly wises accounts with excise ledger books and finalized and pass entry in books. • Posting all GRN documents in SAP domestic & import on timely • Checking of inputs & capital goods & input service tax before availing CENVAT credit. • Maintenance of RG23A & RG23C Part-I & II, PLA, registers & Records i.e. • Maintain RG23D register, reconciliation trading stocks & making the trading return. • Daily stock Account RG-I register & reconciliation physical with system. • Generating and maintaining MIS on a monthly basis in the area of Sales and Distribution. • Preparation & submission all Excise returns, service tax (ST-3) return, and all sale Tax returns & monthly deposit Tax in sale tax department. • Preparation Tax invoices, Trading invoices, Commercial invoices, Proforma invoice, FOC, Etc... • Preparation of revenue statement for payment of central excise & service tax liability on or before 5th of every month & prepared all record relative record. • Checking invoices of the service providers & maintains the records for the Avaliment of service tax CENVAT credit, and make service tax credit register. • Sale tax forms Issues to supplier & collects from customer and related data preparation and follow-up with customer & supplier. • Preparation of challans for the movement of inputs for job processing and maintain related records (57F4) u/r 4(5)A and keeping track on issue & receipt of goods. • Preparation of export shipment document (ARE-1, ARE-3, commercial invoice, Packing list, etc…).
  2. 2. • Proof of Export & Rebate timely submitted in Excise department. • Maintain a communication between customer & our company, satisfy customer through full filling all the requirements i.e. on time delivery of best quality product without short quantity & increase the sale. • Follow the proper dispatch plan & discuss the superior if any changes in dispatch or Discrepancy. • Generating and maintaining MIS on a monthly basis in the area of Sales and Distribution. • Maintaining FIFO & FG Inventory. • Monitoring timely delivery of material. • Highlighting shortages according to plan. And co-ordinate with PPC and Purchase. • Maintain minimum and maximum level in store. • To ensure controlled dispatch as per requirement with adequate documents and to monitor the finished Qualifications: • B.sc in Mathematics from CSJM University Kanpur UP in 2007 • 12th from Kishan inter collage Tirwaganj Kannauj (UP) in 2004 • One year Computer Diploma. IT Skills: • ERP- SAP • ERP- I-Tax (Udyog software) • MS Office 2010 (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook) & internet. Qualities: • Analytical Approach • Effective communication • Strong will power • Responsible nature & hard working Personal Details: • Date of birth : 26-Nov-1985 • Father Name: Keshow Kumar Singh • Married Status : Married • Language: Hindi & English • Salary: Negative Date: ___________ Place: ___________ (SURJAN SINGH)