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As part of the Smart Cities Mission, Surat Smart City Development Limited aims to setup an institution to catalyze innovation and startup ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs to promote growth, entrepreneurship, investment and employment opportunities in the city of Surat.
SURAT iDEAS & iNNOVATIONS LAB (SURATi iLAB) endeavours to facilitate the ecosystem across complete value chain by doing the following:
• Offer complete Co-working space with high speed fiber connectivity.
• Access to high tech. lab facilities.
• Leverage groups of hands-on mentors, functional experts, advisors, alumni and partners.
• Assistance with company registration, intellectual property and legal aspects.
• Single window platform for company registration.
• Accelerator programs.
• To provide start ups access to Strong Mentor_Advisor Panel.
• To provide start ups access to investors for funding
• Engagement with various stakeholders

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  2. 2. 3 The City of Surat The Future of Surat 2 About Surat Smart City Development Limited1 10 Goals and Deliverables Which Partnership(s) to apply for? 9 Infrastructure8 4 5 6 The Changing Nature of Employment Landscape Timeframe to Impact Industries, Business Models Surat Re-invent Catalyzing the Growth Proposed Incubation Model 7
  3. 3. 1
  4. 4. Gujarat’s 2nd Largest City Population 5 million (2015) 3rd Cleanest City in India 3 2 Total Area 326.51 Sq. km Textile & Diamond Capital of India 4 4th Fastest Growing City in World 1 2
  5. 5. • Current Estimated Population in excess of 5 Million • 58% Migrant Population • Re-skilling of people required • City must adapt to the changing landscape and attract new types of jobs to create a resilient city and workforce. Estimated populations for 2020 and 2030 based on assumed growth rate 3
  6. 6. Impact Felt Already • Mobile internet and cloud • • Mobile internet and cloud technology • Advances in computing power and Big Data 2017 • New energy supplies and• New energy supplies and technologies • The Internet of Things • Advanced manufacturing 2020 • Advanced robotics and • • Advanced robotics and autonomous transport • Artificial intelligence and machine learning 2030 • ??? • • • • • Young demographics in emerging markets • Rapid urbanization • Climate change, natural resource constraints and the transition to a greener economy • Crowdsourcing, the sharing economy and peer-to-peer platforms • Advanced manufacturing and 3D printing • Longevity and ageing societies •• Advanced materials, biotechnology and genomics Source: WEF, The future of Jobs 2016 4
  7. 7. Surat 1.0 Surat 2.0 Surat 3.0 Surat 4.0 1750 1800 -- 1920 1970 2015 2030 1st Industrial Revolution Mechanical production powered by water & steam 2nd Industrial Revolution Mass production powered by electricity 3rd Industrial Revolution Electronics & IT automated production 4th Industrial Revolution Frontier Tech & More 5
  8. 8. Digital bent to capitalize on the new types of jobs generated in the economy whilst maintaining Surat’s dominance in Textile and Diamond industries. Industry 4.0 Economy Dominated by Textile & Diamond Industries. Manufacturing Intensive economy. Current Economy 6
  9. 9. Ideate/ Prototype • Assist with ideation, innovation, research, design thinking, modeling and prototype Incubate • Stimulus to nascent business ideas with strategic guidance & mentorship Facilitate Trade • Assist startups/ businesses and leverage our mega network of networks for trade facilitation. Textile • Promote brand Surat and Make in Surat concept Enable/ Mentor • Guidance with Strategy, market validation, investments, go-to market. Hi-tech lab., technology, and complete office infrastructure Accelerate • Help startups evolve, innovate and grow • Access to Seed Funds, Angels networks for trade facilitation. • Be a single window platform for trade promotion Industry 4.0 Design Lab StartupsDiamond 7
  10. 10. • Reuse of existing SEPC & URC building at Udhana • 120 seats co-working space • Conference Rooms, Training Labs, Auditorium, etc. with modern amenities Phase I • State of the art 4 storey facility at T.P.S. 64 (Dumbhal Magob) • 500 seats co-working space • Conference Rooms, Auditorium, Training Rooms, R & D Labs, Accommodation, etc. with modern amenities Phase II 8
  11. 11. Create a culture of Innovation and Research Economic Resilience Acceleration, Go to market strategy Goals Year I • Awareness / Sensitization Program • Recruitment of Staff • Finalizing Operating procedure Year II • Involving SMEs and young mind to work on problems • Startup Clinics: Preparing startups for prototype Year III • Access to Seed Fund, Mentors • Progress Analysis • Access of Industrial Design Incubator to SMEs for research Year IV • Support to Startups for Commercialization, Market Access • Support to Startups for Financial Assistance, Company Platform for PoC to Minimal Viable Product (MVP) Build partnerships and business relationships Exposure to Design & Thought Leaders Goals procedure • Industry defined Problem Statement Workshop • Creating Mentor Pool • Support in Design, Patent, R&D Pilot Study SMEs for research and innovation Company Registration, etc. •Collaboration with Innovators and Design Leaders •Ideas Fest •Pitch Day •Outreach Program •Hackathons • Workshops •Design Sprints •Demo days •Immersion Program •Master Class •Startup Weekend 9
  12. 12. Industry Associations Incubation Centres/ Accelerators  Any government, semi-government, non-government, private institution, Any government, semi- government, non-government, private, for-profit, not-for-profit incubation centres, accelerators, aggregators, incubating organizations, etc. Any Trade, Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Corporate Bodies, Business Associations, Sector Associations, Industries, Foundations, etc. Any Central Government, State Government, Govt. Setup Organisation, Institutes, SURATi iLAB Industries/ Start-ups Academic Institutes and Research Labs Funding Agencies Training Institutes non-government, private institution, trust, academic institutes  Any research institutes/ organizations, innovation labs, makers' space, fab labs, design labs/studios, etc. Any government, semi-government, private, commercial, non- commercial, technical training/ placement institutes, organizations, etc. Any registered company, firm, institute, organization (profit/ non- profit) or start-ups Setup Organisation, Institutes, Banks, Financial Institutions, Trust, International Bodies, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Private/Public Organisation etc. 10