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From the Hart: An OWBC - 1.1

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From the Hart: An OWBC - 1.3
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From the Hart: An OWBC - 1.1

  1. 1. From the Hart An OWBC Part 1.1: One Groovy Guy
  2. 2. “Hi! I’m Sam! You may recognise me from my countless other challenges over the years. If not, don’t worry, we’re about to get acquainted! You see, I got bored the other night, and I’d been reading about four different OWBCs…”
  3. 3. “Well, the natural course of action was to start one of my own! This time, I’m attempting the Base Game, Uni and Bon Voyage bonuses. Base Game involves a generation of no promotions, an alien abduction and holding onto a gnome for three generation. Uni involves graduating heirs, xylophone tricks and zombies. Bon Voyage involves generation vacations, collecting all the mementos and Bigfoot. Exciting stuff, right? I’ve also picked several mini challenges - Family Scrapbook, Boolprop Clubhouse, One Bad Apple, Bug Me Not and Monster Mash.”
  4. 4. “Enough chatter, let’s watch some sims lose their marbles!” * * *
  5. 5. Ladies and gentleman, meet the wonderful Randy Hart! Did any of you ever play Sims Bustin’ Out? Because Randy here is inspired by one of the sims from that game. I personally was never very good at Bustin’ Out, and never made it far enough to actually play with Randy, so I’m making up for it now. Or something.
  6. 6. Randy resides here, in the Love Shack. A name he proudly chose himself. It’s got all the necessities for founder living – a bed, a cheap kitchen, a toilet – but it’s all in one room (aside the bathroom). It’s studio living for our colourful little founder!
  7. 7. -BURP- “Aww, nice!” Now is probably a good time to mention that Randy is a disgusting sim – his personality was taken straight from the wiki, and so he has no neat points. None whatsoever. Randy Hart Romance Professional Party Guest 0/5/0/10/10 (Libra) Creativity/Unemployed – Hard-Workers
  8. 8. Also, Randy will not be achieving that desire of Professional Party Guest – because I like making life harder for myself, I decided that the generation to go from birth to birth with no promotions will be the first. The minute Randy’s first born arrives, promotions are banned, so what’s the point in Randy even trying for the job? Instead, he’ll having to make a living off his wonderful art!
  9. 9. “You have a really creepy smile.” “Dude, I know. I have, like, ALL the nice points in this ‘hood.” The Welcome Wagon was successful as ever, and so Randy headed off into the unknown to find some other people to talk to.
  10. 10. Unfortunately for Randy, his first choice of community lot was a total sausage fest. “Oh man! Dude, you have a spot of mustard on your waistcoat!”
  11. 11. Randy then spotted the only woman in the bar – she’d hidden herself in the corner behind the bar. I’m guessing she took one look at Randy and decided to avoid that colourful madness.
  12. 12. “Hahaha, you think you actually look good!” “Dude, my hair is a work of art.” “Hahaha!” Yeah, finding a lady friend is not going too well.
  13. 13. So Randy took his frustration out on the kneecaps of the human statue.
  14. 14. So Randy headed home and decided to get a date the way desperate sims do. “You are, like, one attractive gypsy, lady!” “Cool your jets, boy. I’m not the date you’re paying for.”
  15. 15. “Attractive Lady, can you find me someone for some free love?” “…not marriage?” “Bleh, no! An afternoon of woohoo!” “I think you’ve misunderstood my services.”
  16. 16. “Look, dude, I’ll even, like, pay you.” “This is a coupon for hair dye.” “Sharing is caring!” “…right.”
  17. 17. “Well, here you go, weirdo. One date.” “Thank you so much, dude!” “She’s a Hobby Icon, a Knowledge sim-” “A Knowledge sim? GROSS.” Seriously, no bolts here at all for Randy and the hobby lady. Thanks, Gypsy.
  18. 18. So Randy went to bed alone on the first night in his new home. “Tomorrow will be better, man.” Hooray for optimism!
  19. 19. The next day, Randy sleeps in til noon and then heads to Downtown. I figured the reason he wasn’t having much luck with the locals was because they’re quite a tame lot – Randy needs some city folk!
  20. 20. “Hi, I’m incredibly rich and sophisticated.” “Oh, so you’re, like, a slave to the man?” “Excuse me?” “HEY. You can’t be behind the bar! You’re not wearing a hair net!”
  21. 21. Eventually, Randy gives up on finding someone at the diner, and heads to a club, where he meets a lady who lights up his life when he scopes the room. “I sense there is a mortal staring at me.”
  22. 22. It took about half an hour for the vampire to finish her dinner, while Randy stared at her the whole time. Only a little off-putting, right? “You successfully ruined the ambience of this lovely setting while I had dinner. What is it you need, mortal?” “Whoa, you’re like even more gorgeous from the front.” “Excuse me?”
  23. 23. “I think we should, like, paint the town red, dude.” “I do appreciate the colour red.” “Groovy! I’m Randy!” “Contessa Kana Jalowitz.”
  24. 24. “I’m like, a bit low on scratch right now, so keep your order down, kay?” “Sir, you just witnessed me eat a meal. Why do I require more food?” “Alright, tap water for you, man.”
  25. 25. Of course, Kana didn’t want tap water, she wanted salad, and then she only really wanted to watch Randy with fascination as he ended up wearing it more than eating it. She seemed quite content anyway.
  26. 26. Decorating the floor with your dinner was followed by a little bit of chatting, and a little bit of flirting. “I like that groovy little head thing you’re wearing.” “I’m amused by the pink bird on your chest.” “Then you are going to LOVE my yard.”
  27. 27. Randy then started stinking up the joint, but still wanted to take a picture to mark the occasion. If nothing else, it will become his portrait for the Family Scrapbook bonus.
  28. 28. “Why do I stink? I like, put deodorant on and everything!” You can tell Kana is grossed out, but intrigued by this strange colourful man who has barged into her life.
  29. 29. Despite smelling worse than death – and Kana would know – Randy got himself a dream date that ended just as the night did. There was even time for a kiss before Kana fled from the impending dawn.
  30. 30. A whole day passed, with Randy sleeping off the excitement of the night before, and he invited Kana over for the evening. I was pretty excited to see her turn into a bat. I haven’t had a vampire sim in a long time.
  31. 31. “I really dig you, you know that right?” “I have grown quite fond of you too, Randall.” “It’s Randy, babe.” “My name is Kana, not babe.” “Gotcha.”
  32. 32. Eeeee the romance sim strut! I haven’t seen this for such a long time!
  33. 33. Anyway, Randy managed to convince Kana to move in – and in case you can’t read that, she brought $50,360 with her. I nearly fell out of my chair when she dropped that bombshell. “I am thousands of years old, I have had the time to build up quite the fortune.” I’ll say. I guess this makes no-promotion generation a lot easier, which is no fun. However, most of that money will be going towards buying a clubhouse.
  34. 34. Kana got a makeover, and her money paid for an actual bedroom, so Randy no longer has to sleep in the living room. Kana’s coffin was put in a glorified cupboard. “Why is this room decorated with such ugly hues?” Countess Kana Jalowitz Pleasure Professional Party Guest 7/4/3/4/5 (Pisces) Glasses/Costume Make Up - Fitness
  35. 35. She may be frustrated by his choice of décor, but Randy’s worth it. Well. Actually, that’s up to your interpretation, but Kana seems quite happy with him.
  36. 36. As a result of Kana moving in, Randy’s daily routine changed. Rather than heading out and looking for women, he sits on the couch and stuffs his face, waiting for the sun to go down.
  37. 37. This routine has pretty much turned Randy nocturnal. Not that he minds, of course.
  38. 38. At all, really. He’s got his heart set on Kana, but doesn’t want to marry her. Which may cause some problems later on.
  39. 39. “Randall, darling, I had a wonderful idea!” “What’s that?”
  40. 40. “Turning you into a vampire, of course!” “OH!”
  41. 41. Naturally, a visit from the Matchmaker followed Kana’s bite. “Ah, vampire missus, eh?” “Yeeeeah.” “Lot of hassle, you know. Keeps me in business.” “I bet. Now get off my lawn. Please.”
  42. 42. I very much enjoyed seeing Randy’s “cure face”. Anyway, this was all his doing – he rolled the want to be cured, I just obliged. To be honest, I don’t really feel like playing two vampires anyway.
  43. 43. Randy celebrated being human again by playing with the gnome. I’d forgotten sims could do that!
  44. 44. Kana rolled a want for a bubble blower, and with the excessive fortune sitting in their bank account, I was able to oblige. Randy is very appreciative.
  45. 45. With love hearts and vampire bites all night, I figured the next logical step was a baby for these two – we need kids in this challenge, afterall! It took them three tries, and dawn arrived just as the lullaby sounded!
  46. 46. Just another average day for Randy! I really need to find him something to do. Though I think once the kids start arriving he’ll have his hands full!
  47. 47. Night fell and Kana woke to find Randy in bed – because apparently lounging around the house all day is EXHAUSTING. So Kana got to enjoy the new piano. Turns out, she’s stashed quite a few creativity points away!
  48. 48. Once Randy was awake, rather than interacting with his missus, he was sent outside to look for aliens. I need an abduction at some point, so it’s best to start early, right?
  49. 49. He did eventually come back into the house, to sink to one knee in front of Kana. “Kana, dude, I feel compelled to show you just how awesome you are.” “Really?”
  50. 50. “I would very much like to be your wife, Randall!” “It’s Randy, remember?” He seems thrilled by the engagement – only a minor loss in aspiration. If Randy had his way, there would be no marriage, but I need the kids to have his last name. So it’s happening.
  51. 51. Following a quickie wedding I apparently forgot to take a picture of (was I asleep or something?) Randy had a complete meltdown. Red rings and a therapist!
  52. 52. Also, thank goodness for Kana and her neat points! Randy is a total slob, without a single neat point to his name, and I’m so glad there’s someone to sort out the house! So unbelievably glad!
  53. 53. “Isn’t the taste of eternal youth wonderful, my dear?” I’m so glad I stocked up on anti-vamp potion, because it looks like Randy’s going to need it.
  54. 54. Kana then went straight back to cleaning the house like nothing had happened.
  55. 55. Hooray, the first baby is on the way! About time, right? 50-something slides into the first chapter, and we’re only just getting a bump.
  56. 56. Rather than spending the money Kana brought on a community lot for the business the family needs to open in the next generation, I built up the house and garden. I’ve decided I want a wishing well. And I’ve decided to put the flamingos in the greenhouse – they’re still kickable to visitors, and the garden club won’t go in there and judge them, so everybody wins! Teeny little loophole!
  57. 57. Oh, and apparently nothing interesting had happened for twenty-four hours, because look, Kana’s popping again!
  58. 58. “Good morning Mr Hart. I trust your garden is as vibrant and healthy as your hair?” “You know it, man!”
  59. 59. “What do you think, boys?” “I know a thing or two about dirt, and that there is definitely dirt.” “Good work, boys.” And so they left, without leaving a wishing well. Apparently dirt is not that impressive. So I pulled the flamingos back out of the greenhouse and onto the front lawn. We‘ll try again someday.
  60. 60. “Thank you for cleaning the shower, Randall. Allow me to show you how much it means to me…”
  61. 61. Kana doesn’t seem to mind that Randy changes himself back to human every time she bites him. He’s already down to seven bottle of anti-vamp, though. She really needs to cut back on the biting!
  62. 62. “This suuuuucks. I want a hot tub.” In an effort to secure that wishing well – they’ve already thrown thousands of simoleans at the garden – I had Randy fill those dirt plots. I doubt the Garden Club will be impressed, but whatever. We can try.
  63. 63. Kana interrupted Randy’s gardening time with screams and shouts. “Sunlight pains me, and so does labour!”
  64. 64. “I’m outside but I can totally sense what’s happening in there! I don’t want a kid!” He’s been clinging to that fear of babies. I’ve been trying to get him to roll it over, choose something else, but it’s just not happening. How will he cope with the other two births?
  65. 65. It wasn’t long before Kana brought a little girl into the world! A brunette. I’m guessing Kana uses hair dye!
  66. 66. “Fear me, I am a mother!” I’m surprised the baby didn’t start crying when her mother started scowling like that.
  67. 67. “So Randall, my darling, what should we name our little princess?” “I’m thinking…Blossom. Like all of the flowers and junk outside.” “Sounds perfect, my love.”
  68. 68. There was no time to celebrate Blossom’s arrival – Kana had to go back to bed before she sizzled away and Randy had to try and fix both the toilet and the shower. He only managed to get the toilet fixed, so the shower will now have to wait until tomorrow.
  69. 69. A day or so later, and it’s time for cake! Hooray! I’m really interested in Blossom’s genetics, so let’s get this birthday done!
  70. 70. How cute is she? She looks a lot like her Daddy. Blossom Hart 0/10/2/10/8 (Libra) Well, she is going to be an interesting one to play! I think we’ll leave it here. See you next time!