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Abloom Global - Corp Brochure

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Abloom Global - Corp Brochure

  1. 1. Abloom Global Talent Abloom Global Talent is Recruitment & Staffing Company head quartered in New Delhi, India with presence in Dubai, UAE, We provide recruitment services to leading corporate and multinational organizations in India, APAC, Middle East & African countries Abloom Global Talent was established in 2011, we follow 3 key factors- Passion, Expertise and Credentials. We believe in people power, People can be placed and nurtured with passion to get expertise and growth in career with whatever credentials. We ensure discipline during entire recruitment process and follow our commitments to meet deadlines. We are a team of young, dynamic and passionate recruiters with rich experience of overseas recruitment. We manage client’s recruitment needs timely, efficient and cost effective manners through best service delivery model. We understand clients’ requirements and provide holistic recruitment solutions to increase operational effectiveness within tight deadlines. We serve clients for their manpower needs in India, APAC, Middle East, Africa, Canada and US/UK market. Our range of service offerings include Executive Search & Selection, Middle and Top management hiring & Project based bulk hiring those are delivered through our integrated suite of leadership services. At Abloom we are committed to deliver talent with passion. Passion could be different and unique for each one of us. It takes an effort to identify our passion, a greater insight to nurture and pursue it further towards personal and professional growth. If you are successful in finding and flourishing your passion with required skills then you are truly on your way to a life full of excitement and success.
  2. 2. Abloom Global Industry Overview Abloom Global was founded in 2011, Abloom Global is leading Recruitment & staffing company head quartered in New Delhi India with presence in Dubai, UAE. At Abloom we are committed to deliver talents with passion. Specialized in providing Recruitment services in India, APAC, Middle East, Africa, Canada and US/UK market for below industries: Engineering, Oil & Gas, EPC, Power & Energy Marine & Ports Chemical, Petrochemicals & Refinery Steel, Metals & Mining Infrastructure, Construction & Transportation Automobiles & Automation Aviation & Aerospace FMCG & FMCD Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences Banking, Finance, Securities & Insurance Internet & E-Commerce Telecommunication
  3. 3. Abloom Global’s Service Offerings Recruitment & Staffing Bulk Recruitment & Campaign Hiring Project Recruitment Leadership Hiring Head Hunting Manpower Consulting HR Consulting & Advisory Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  4. 4. Why Abloom Global We are leading Recruitment & Staffing firm with reach to UAE and other Middle East countries in just 5 years operation, brainchild of highly experienced executive search professionals with global exposure. Hands on experience of providing manpower for global companies & projects with satisfied clients like ADNOC, PDO, KOC, QP, Shell GTL Qatar, Worley Parsons etc. Dedicated team with quality service delivery model which help us to fulfill on demand project hiring. There is high demand for Engineering Recruitment space in Middle East, India and Africa. Demand for a Global player with vast experience in GCC recruitment. Equipped with cutting edge technologies, effective use of social media to reach maximum candidates , have access of job portals, newspapers advertising, Proactive & in-depth candidate active database, proactive team with market research and networking skills.
  5. 5. Abloom Global - Search Methodology Define Objectives & Specifications Understanding client’s business process and do strategic need analysis, market research, positioning, job profile in relation to corporate objectives, vision, culture and growth targets and subsequently prepare a ‘Person specification’ based on these criteria. Develop a search plan for prescreening of available talent pool. Identify Talent & Candidate Management Industry profiling and mapping to attract the best fit candidates using database and network of contacts. We use social media to reach maximum available talent throughout the locations. Identify candidates based on competency, experience and background. We do check authenticity of information provided by any individual while applying for any role with our client. Client Management & Coordination We introduce quality candidates towards given job requirements of our clients. Client will screen and shortlist suitable candidate and our team will ensure quality and delivery norms which will be as per our clients business needs. We act as consultant and advisor to our client when it comes to take decision for their talent hiring. Interviews, Selection & Joining Our team use to organize telephonic interview during pre-screening, We connect with candidates with best medium to communicate and advise them with latest steps through telephone, skype, linkedin, whatsApp to keep them updated with latest status of their candidature. Once candidate has been shortlisted for any job we coordinate with him for interview and further selection process. Required Medical Test Once candidates finish with client interview and get job offer, we help and guide selected candidates for their medical test with respective countries immigration rules. Medical with GAMCA for GCC workers and other accredited medical clinics for deployments other than GCC.
  6. 6. Document Attestation & Processing Candidates who have completed with fitness certificate through medical centers in their respective countries, Abloom will proceed documentation for further with their authenticated documents (Police clearance, Attested degree/Diploma, Trade test etc.). Selected candidate will now undertake the documentation formalities such as submission of passport with all the pertinent documents for visa processing and approval with the embassy of the client country. Follow up We ensure client satisfaction through regular follow ups and status updates step by step, we ensure smooth transition and on-boarding of executive and repeat business practices. We maintain healthy business relationship with our client, candidates and other stakeholders for smooth process successful recruitment of professionals.
  7. 7. Process Culture Your Deadline Is Our Commitment At Abloom we are committed to deliver talents with passion, Dedicated Teams with expertise, which work across diverse industry verticals. We maintain a high degree of reliability through sensitivity and absolute confidentiality of the clients and their specifications. A comprehensive online database & Intranet to support communication between our networks of associates. We have well qualified and experienced recruitment staff, they are dedicated individuals perusing their dreams to work in professional environment for world class clients. We closely work with advertising agencies/publications to conduct intensive searches drawing maximum response and maintaining client discretion. We believe in people power and respect for knowledge and passion to excel in any industry. Our team understands values, commitment, responsibilities and process of service delivery model for our existing and new clients. We recognize that each industry has its own nuances in terms of management style, hiring practices and compensation norms. In order to provide clients with specialized recruiting solutions we have team with different industry experience. If you would like to give us an opportunity to serve your manpower needs, kindly email us/ contact us we will get back to you with given time frame and a valuable and proactive service delivery approach.
  8. 8. How We Help Our Clients Consultant & Advisor to Your Business Needs At Abloom, we are well equipped to understand, anticipate and respond to your evolving staffing needs. We are constantly developing and optimizing innovative staffing solutions to help you weather economic fluctuations, control costs and improve productivity. Improve company’s time to hire. Increase the quality of candidates’ pool. Specialized consulting on niche requirements. Latest methodologies and framework support for evaluation. Work closely as extended HR arms to your business needs. Provide verifiable metrics. Reduce Cost per hire. Holistic and Long-term Strategy focused on the Engineering Sector Ready Candidate pool and a Brand Recall which Attracts & Retains the best Vast Global experience & Success Stories Global Delivery Model to deliver excellence ‘Beyond Expectations’
  9. 9. Industry Snapshot Engineering, EPC, Oil & Gas- Industry Snapshot & Capabilities The production, distribution, refining, and retailing of petroleum taken as a whole represents the world's largest industry in terms of dollar value. The petroleum industry includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting (often by oil tankers and pipelines), and marketing petroleum products. The industry is usually divided into three major components: upstream, midstream and downstream. Midstream operations are usually included in the downstream category. The oil and gas sector is among the six core industries in India and plays a major role in influencing decision making for all the other important sections of the economy. Our Engineering team engaged on below roles Project Engineering Manager Project Manager (EPC - Brownfield) Geologist Wellsite/ Geophysicist/ Petrophysicist Artificial Lift engineer Contract Manager/ Supervisor/ Head - Offshore Engineering Director – Onshore/offshore Specialist Change Management - Bahrain Production Supervisor Drilling Manager /Drilling Supervisor Director – Drilling &Workover Workover Engineer Reservoir Engineering/ Well Engineering Production Technologist - Offshore Pipeline Engineer
  10. 10. Chemical, Petrochemicals & Refinery - Industry Capabilities Petrochemicals are a set of very specific chemical compounds, which can be made from oil, natural gas, coal or other sources. The vast majority of petrochemicals, however, are derived from oil or natural gas. Oil and natural gas are used as feedstocks. Global ethylene and propylene production are about 115 million tonnes and 70 million tonnes per annum, respectively. Aromatics production is approximately 70 million tonnes. The largest petrochemical industries are located in the USA and Western Europe; however, major growth in new production capacity is in the Middle East and Asia. We are working for below positions with our leading clients in Chemicals/ Petrochemical sector. We provide recruitment services to leading Chemical, Petrochemicals & Refinery companies who are directly or indirectly associated with different services in India, Middle East & African countries. Our Petrochemical team in involve on below roles Chemical Engineer Design Engineer Sales Director, R&D Manager, Scientist Recruitment Manager, Finance Manager Legal Regulatory affairs Manager Head – Packaging & Process Logistics Manager Plant Process - Head Engineer HSE/ Manager EHS & Safety, Environment Manager Technical Director
  11. 11. Marine & Ports - Industry Snapshot & Capabilities Abloom global is serving leading port in UAE, Ship building company in UAE, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia, Marine industry contribute a huge economic growth for each country, we provide professionals for Shipping, Port operation, Marine operations etc. We help leading companies who are directly or indirectly associated with different ports across India, Middle East & African countries, helping them with the best quality talents for their operational needs. Abloom Global specialized in sourcing talent throughout the shipping and maritime sector. Areas covered include commercial shipping, technical ship management, jobs at sea and marine jobs. Our Marine team involve on below roles Chief Engineer (Marine / Tug Boat) Marine Inspector Marine Pilot Technical Manager – Marine Maintenance Marine Tug Boat Engineer Tug Master Barge Engineer -Offshore/Marine Marine Superintendent Port Operation Manager Terminal Manager / Assistant Manager Terminal Superintendent Director HR & Admin Logistic Manager Lifting Equipment engineer
  12. 12. Steel, Metals & Mining - Industry Snapshot & Capabilities Considering our global exposure with managing world class Steel & mining projects for recent few years Abloom is committed to deliver best class manpower for steel, mining & metals industry in India, Middle East & African countries, helping them with the best quality talents for their operational needs. India's iron and steel industries are one of the important backbones in the wealth of the country. India is the world’s third-largest producer of crude steel (up from eighth in 2003) and is expected to become the second-largest producer by 2016. As per E&Y reports.. The outlook for the global economy is mostly positive with growth picking up in the US, India and Southeast Asia, while several emerging markets are experiencing a deceleration in growth. However, the structural shift in the transitioning Chinese economy could cap this momentum. Our Steel & Mining Team expertise Site Engineer - Civil Steel Structure Steel Making Plant Expert D. Manager – Steel Plant Operations Project Manager - Steel Building Mining Engineer – Coal, Iron & Gold Vice President - Mining Executive/Sr. Executive- Earthmoving Sales Mining Engineer (Blasting Specialist) Mining Geologist Head of Precious Metal Products Production Engineer Sheet Metal Head of Gold Trading Operations
  13. 13. Construction & Infrastructure - Industry Capabilities At Abloom we believe in innovation and follow new trends in business while making presence in competitive market place, we have strong team of recruiters with core experience with Recruitment for construction and infrastructure sectors for long time. We are providing recruitment services to leading companies in India, Middle East & Africa with world class major projects for their manpower needs and economic growth. PwC has sponsored a new report - Global Construction 2030 - which forecasts that the volume of construction output will grow by 85% to $15.5 trillion worldwide by 2030, with three countries, China, US and India , leading the way and accounting for 57% of all global growth. The construction market in India, Middle East & Africa will grow almost twice as fast as China to 2030 India’s Infrastructure sector is large and diverse; it caters to the needs of 1.1 billion people. In 2007, the sector contributed about 5.5 percent to the nation’s GDP. Our Construction Team is working on below roles Project In Charge – Township – Nigeria Project director – Housing Head of Human Resources Civil Engineer – Housing Construction Construction Supervisor Electrical Engineer - Infrastructure Director - Project Finance Project Engineer - Airport / Hospital Engineering Director – Hotels
  14. 14. Automobiles & Automation - Industry Snapshot & Capabilities Around the world, there were about 806 million cars and light trucks on the road in 2007, consuming over 980 billion litres (980,000,000 m3) of gasoline and diesel fuel yearly. The automobile is a primary mode of transportation for many developed economies. The worldwide automotive industry has been enjoying a period of relatively strong growth and profitability, and annual sales have reached prerecession levels in some regions. Abloom Global providing manpower services to leading players in India, Qatar, Oman & UAE. Our clients are wide range of companies and organizations involved in design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles, The passenger car and commercial vehicle’s manufacturing industry is the seventh largest in the world. According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, annual car sales are projected to increase up to 5 million vehicles by 2015 and more than 9 million by 2020. Our Automobile Team Is Working On Below Roles Head of Service – COE Manager Marketing & Service support Director – Marketing Tyre Automotive Manufacturing Press Engineer General Sales Manager - Male Head of Supply Chain - Automotive Brand Manager - Hand Tools Digital Account Manager - Agency Side MD - Vehicle Rental, Leasing Head – fleet Management Manager – Equipment Maintenance & Services VP Product Management - Tyres
  15. 15. Aviation & Aerospace - Industry Snapshot & Capabilities We provide recruitment services to leading Aviation, Aerospace & transportation companies who are directly or indirectly associated with different services in India, Middle East & African countries, helping them with the best quality talents for their operational needs. Abloom Global specialized in sourcing talent throughout aviation and shipping sectors. India’s civil aviation industry is on a high-growth trajectory. India aims to become the third- largest aviation market by 2020 and the largest by 2030. India is among the five fastest-growing aviation markets globally with 275 million new passengers. In India, Bangalore is a major center of the aerospace industry, where HAL, ISRO are headquartered. ISRO launched India's first Moon orbiter, Chandrayaan-1, in October 2008. India is among the five fastest-growing aviation markets globally with 275 million new passengers. Our Aviation Team is involved on below roles. Aerospace Structural Welder Lead Aerospace Ground Equipment Mechanic Manager - Transportation and Logistics Design Engineer - Transportation Manufacturing Customer Service Representative Operations Manager-Freight Forwarding Logistics Coordinator Operation/Terminal Manager Instructors (General Aviation) IVVQ Engineers Aviation Security (AVSEC) Consultant Transport & Aviation Contracts Manager
  16. 16. FMCG & Retail - Industry Snapshot & Capabilities Abloom Global serve leading brands in FMCG & Retail sector clients in India, Middle Eat & Africa. FMCG is a classic case of low margin and high volume business. The consumer durables market is expected to reach US$ 12.5 billion in 2015 and US$ 20.6 billion by 2020. Urban markets account for the major share (65 per cent) of total revenues in the consumer durables sector in India. India remained the leader among all nations in the global consumer confidence index with a score of 131 points for the quarter ending December 2015. The FMCG sector has grown at an annual average of about 11 per cent over the last decade. The overall FMCG market is expected to increase at (CAGR) of 14.7 per cent to touch US$ 110.4 billion during 2012-2020. The Government of India's policies and regulatory frameworks such as relaxation of license rules and approval of 51 per cent foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-brand and 100 per cent in single-brand retail are some of the major growth drivers for the consumer market. Our Consumer Team is working on below roles. Brand Manager - Non Food - FMCG Procurement Specialist (Goods) Supply Chain Manager - FMCG - Fresh Produce Head Microbiologist Brand Manager - Metabolic & Obesity Laboratory Manager Financial controller Director – Supply Chain Head of Sales – UAE Director – Shipping & Logistics
  17. 17. Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals - Industry Capabilities Abloom Global serving leading Hospitals & Healthcare companies in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, India & African countries for Medical services companies, Pharmaceuticals manufacturers in India, Middle East & African countries. We have got expert recruiters with core experience with Recruitment for Healthcare & Life Sciences companies. The Indian pharmaceuticals market is the third largest in terms of volume and thirteenth largest in terms of value, which is expected to grow over 15 per cent per annum between 2015 and 2020, will outperform the global pharma industry, Healthcare is the fastest growing job sector in the workforce. We provide healthcare manpower support this includes professionals in medicine, psychology, physiotherapy, nursing, dentistry, dentistry, midwifery, optometry, pharmacy and other allied health professions. It includes the work done in providing primary care, secondary care, and tertiary care, as well as in public health. The Middle East healthcare industry is a reliable engine of growth for economic diversification. Our Healthcare Team is involved on below roles Consultant & HOD Pathologist – Saudi Arabia Male / Female Nurses for Abu Dhabi Clinical Educational Manager (Healthcare) Clinical Research/ Pharmacovigilance Consultants - Obs & Gyni & Pediatrician Urologist & General Surgeon – Abu Dhabi Medical Director Consultant Dermatologist Pathologist/histopathology ENT Consultant / HOD ENT
  18. 18. BFSI - Industry Snapshot & Capabilities Abloom’s banking team is proactive and utilizing our expertise to deliver best in quality service for few of the leading Banks, Insurance providers, NBFC and Investment clients in India, Middle East & Far East market. We provide cost effective and efficient manpower solutions to our clients in Banking and Insurance industry with broad range of categories of offerings. The insurance industry of India consists of 53 insurance companies of which 24 are in life insurance business and 29 are non-life insurers. Out of 29, five private sector insurers are registered to underwrite policies exclusively in health, personal accident and travel insurance segments. India’s banking sector is sufficiently capitalized and well-regulated. The financial and economic conditions in the country are far superior to any other country in the world. Our BFSI Team working on below roles Banking and Finance Associate Lawyer Banking Relationship Manager Head of Consumer Banking - Retail Banking Head of Finance - Wholesale Banking Senior Director Investment Banking VP - Investment Banking Banking Supervision Associate Director - Global Structured Finance Deputy Head Relationships and Placements Associate Director, Global Structured Finance
  19. 19. Internet & E-Commerce - Industry Snapshot & Capabilities Abloom Global serve leading brands in IT, ITES & E-commerce space in India & Middle East market. India is the world's largest sourcing destination for the information technology (IT) industry, accounting for approximately 67 per cent of the US$ 124-130 billion market. The industry employs about 10 million workforces. More importantly, the industry has led the economic transformation of the country and altered the perception of India in the global economy. India's cost competitiveness in providing IT services, which is approximately 3-4 times cheaper than the US. The Indian IT sector is expected to grow at a rate of 12-14 per cent for FY2016 in constant currency terms, India’s internet economy is expected to touch Rs 10 trillion (US$ 146.72 billion) by 2018, accounting for 5 per cent of the country’s GDP, Indian IT's core competencies and strengths have attracted significant investments from major countries. Our IT & Internet team is working on below roles. SOFTWARE ENGINEER (IT Co.) Software Quality Assurance Engineer (IT) Senior iOS Developer SAP IS Retail SD Specialist Storage Sales Specialist Senior UI/UX and Graphic Designer SAP PM/PS Consultant Oracle HRMS Functional - Payroll Leader Development Manager SAP SD Functional Consultant (Contract) Manager - IT Planning & Management Senior / Lead Enterprise Java Developer
  20. 20. Telecommunication - Industry Snapshot & Capabilities Abloom Global provide recruitment & manpower services to leading Telecom operators & service providers in India, Middle East & Africa regions with vertical specific team of dedicated professionals in different regions. India's telecommunication network is the second largest in the world based on the total number of telephone users (both fixed and mobile phone) , Indian telecom industry underwent a high pace of market liberalization and growth since the 1990s and now has become the world's most competitive and one of the fastest growing telecom markets. The Industry has grown over twenty times in just ten years, from under 37 million subscribers in the year 2001 to over 846 million subscribers in the year 2011. In March 2008 the total GSM and CDMA mobile subscriber base in the country was 375 million, which represented a nearly 50% growth when compared with previous year. Out Telecom team is working on below roles. Technical Trainer - Satellite Communications Senior ELV Engineer (Stadia) Communication and Infrastructure Engineer Technical Support Engineer Head of Talent Management Senior Manager Telecommunications Manager Design Engineer - Telecommunications Superintendent - Construction, Telecom Telecom Engineer Telecom /Scada Engineer Business Analyst - Telecom Enterprise Architect Telecom
  21. 21. Team Expertise & Capabilities  Our Recruitment operations team is led by highly experienced individuals for each vertical. Comprising of Consultants / Sr. Consultant with most of them coming from the Recruitment or Technical background.  Presence in India and UAE with special focus to deliver world class talents for out reputed clients.  Functional SME within the team with expertise to cater to specific skill areas within Engineering. Strong grasp & understanding of different Practices & Processes of different Industry.  A team of consultants with strong industry exposure catering to leadership hiring. Research associates for senior search assignments with proven track record of recruitment for India & Middle East. Payment Terms & Conditions 1. One time sourcing fee is charged for successful placements – 2. Payment time – Within 30 days of joining of selected candidate. 3. Replacement period – 90 days free replacement.  Candidates less than 10 years – 8.33% of annual gross salary  Candidates 10 years to 20 years – 10% of annual gross salary  Candidate 20 + years – 15% of annual gross salary  Director level / Headhunting – 20% of annual gross salary
  22. 22. Team Structure
  23. 23. Code OF Conduct Principle 1 – Respect for Work Relationship, we shall not undertake actions that may unfairly or unlawfully jeopardize a work seeker’s employment or prevent a work seeker from seeking work from other sources. We believe in people power and value individual’s trust and belief. We act and follow professionalism in all round business activities. Principle 2 – Respect for Honesty & Transparency, we shall act honestly in all dealings with work seekers, clients and vendors. Honesty is the bridge to authenticity and self-compassion. Honesty allows you to set realistic goals. It bolsters your courage and frees you to be your best self. There are three primary aspects of transparency relevant to management practice: information disclosure, clarity, and accuracy to increase transparency. Principle 3 – Respect for Professional Knowledge, we shall strive to develop and maintain a satisfactory level of relevant and current professional knowledge. We generally use practices of reverse engineering wherein we respect and encourage our team members’ ideas and make it implemented in simple ways to make it big and productive for day to day business practices with our clients. Principle 4 – Respect for Confidentiality & Privacy, we must observe the highest principles of integrity, professionalism, equity and fair practice to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of candidate and client information. Information security is major cause of concerns for any business; we maintain and encourage our stakeholders to follow certain guidelines to keep important information private and confidential.
  24. 24. Contact Us Contact Person – Sunil Singh Mobile No. +971-507680625 (Dubai) Email - sunil@abloomglobal.com Client inquiries – services@abloomglobal.com Visit us – www.abloomglobal.com