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  1. 1. Prepared by: Name- Sukanya Dutta Batch- HR 14-16 Roll no.- 19
  2. 2. Agenda Some facts on current HR Tends  BT Survey, Gallup, Deloitte Best practices  Work environment  Employee engagement  Communication  Talent management & Development  Retaining talent Benchmarking best HR practices across IT companies
  3. 3. Some facts on HR trends What makes a companyattractive…….. 8% 10% 13% Chance to work with a well known person Global/Regional responsibility Enables shifting to a new functional role Deloitte survey 2014-2015
  4. 4. 39% Job Location Company Brand Learning Opportunities 19% 35% 58% 65% 53% Work environment and culture Compensation and benefits Higher job & responsibility Deloitte survey 2014-2015
  6. 6.  What is a best practice…. • Method or technique that consistently shows results • ‘Superior’ to those achieved with other means • Used as a benchmark
  7. 7.  People Management- Best Practices  Involving people in the development of the business  Communicating with employees  Adopting flexible working and policies that encourage equality and diversity  Setting targets and rewarding achievement  Offering employee development and training
  8. 8. Organizations in my study
  9. 9. Human Capital people engagement at A global, Diverse workforce Across 58 countries, 101 nationalities 142282 FTEs , 30.2% women Diversity and inclusion module,2008  ‘Women of Wipro’ (WoW)- Wipro’s Gender Equality Program  Women leadership mentoring program
  10. 10. Employee Advocacy Group (EAG),2011 120 member, 6148 suggestions till now 24*7 helpline was launched in 2013 Mitr was launched over 11 years ago Reach out to counselors 24*7 seek assistance Yammer- Networking and collaboration Fit for life Career hub and Individual Development program Wipro has programs like paid holidays, maternity benefits with extended leave of absence and vacation
  11. 11. Best HR practices of  Follows 70/20/10 model  Free meals from 11 on-site gourmet restaurants and snacks rooms all over, complete with cereal, candy, fresh fruit, cappuccino makers, and the works.  An on-site doctors, all free  Game rooms that include pool tables, football, Ping-Pong, and arcade games.  Engineers can spend 20% of their time on independent projects.
  12. 12.  Employees can bring their dogs to work  Pajama day, TGIF parties every week and charity events on-site  Six weeks paid sabbatical available for every 6 years an employee works there(537 employees took sabbatical last year).  Free car wash  Free Wi-Fi enabled coach buses  Free on-site salons and barber shops
  13. 13.  A $2,000 reward for referring a new employee  Available resource to study 4 foreign languages: Madarin, Japanese, Spanish and French  On-site child care  Motorized scooters for on campus travel in style  A founders award, up to million dollars(literally), for new programs and ideas
  14. 14. Best HR Practices at  Voted the best employer in the country in many HR surveys in the recent years.  One of the first companies to offer ESOPs  Petite Infoscions Day  IWIN- Infosys Women’s Inclusivity Network  Infyability
  15. 15.  PathFinder Next- Internal internship program for new joinees  Job Shadowing  3,000 Employees of Infosys received the IPhone 6 and a letter from their CEO, Sikka, as a holiday bonus
  16. 16. Existing Best practices at Oracle  Talent reviews & award functions  Ranking & assessment  Self service course enrollment  Course evaluation and approval  Skill development programs
  17. 17. Lets adopt…a few suggestions What they can do… Work environment  Women’s forum, External experts as coaches  Sabbatical for further studies  Flexi timings  Work from home Employee Engagement  Bond with the family- Recognition in the presence of spouse during company awards  Sponsor/ Impart training to employees to pursue their interest
  18. 18. Talent Development  Knowledge management  Online learning  Systematic & integrated leadership development programs Retaining & Rewarding Talent  Sponsoring Education  Retention Bonus  Sponsored vacations
  19. 19. Learnings & Recommendation  Transparent management system  Appropriate work environment  Accurate performance management system  Performance bonus  Fair evaluation system  Information sharing  Open house discussion & feedback system  Reward ceremonies