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Biodata suhas

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Biodata suhas

  1. 1. Curriculam Vitae Name : Sakharam (Suhas) Sadguru Ajgaonkar Address : Official :SPMESM, Ist Floor , Dattaji Bhale Blood Bank, Dr Hedgewar Rugnalaya Campus, Garkheda, Aurangabad 431005 Residential : B9, Madhav Appartment, Keshavnagari, Shahanoorwadi, Aurangabad 431005 E-Mail : suhas.ajgaonkar@gmail.com Contact : 9403018917 Birth Date : 16th January 1979 Educational Qualification : Qualification Institute Year of Passing M.Sc. (Env. Sc.) Dr BAMU, Aurangabad 2012 B.Sc. (Agri), Dr BSKKV, Dapoli 2000 Professional Experience : Institute Designation Duration SPMESM, Abad Project Director, NRM Since 2010 SPMESM, Abad Joint Secretary 2011 – 14 RD Department, BAVP Manager Agril Welfare since 2010 RD Department, BAVP Social worker 2007 - 2010 Janaseva Foundation, Silvassa Agri extension worker 2000 - 2007
  2. 2. Area of Work : 1) Agricultural Extension - • Coordinated an unique project of Extension of Savant’s Integrated Rice Agro Technology amongst 3500 Tribal Farmers in Western Ghat. Project Area involved was Dhule, Nandurbar Districts in Maharashtra and Dang District in Gujrat. (2000 – 2007) • Coordinated “Extension Through Voluntary Organization”(Dept of Agriculture, GOI) Program coordination in Dhule & Nandurbar Districts. It was movement of agro technology transfer under program by 1500 Tribal Farmers. (2000 – 2007). The work is now continuing by local community based farmers organization “Baliraja Krushak Mandal, Nawapur” formed under program. • Krushi Kanya program is program of Agricultural literacy of 750 farm women. The program deals with Agro technology transfer for farm women. The Froint Line Demonstration of different agricultural techniques will be arranged in 15 villages. Suman Ramesh Tulsiyani Trust supported the project. 2) Natural Resource Management - • Community Conservation of forest - Active role in Community Conservation of forest of 2000 acres area in Dhule & Nandurbar Districts. • Lakshavruksha Lagavad program (Fruit tree plantation) - 78000 fruit trees planted on 1500 farms in 21 villages with 50 % survival rate. 110 fruit orchards of Organge, Mango, Pomogranate, Tamarind etc developed in Aurangabad. • UNDP-GEF-SGP Bibba Project (2009 - 11) – Process simplification of the Marking nut – Bibba which reduced health hazzards due to blistering effects of BNSL. It was R&D project developed hand and paddle operated bibba Dehullar and value addition products of nutritious kernel 'Godambi'. An open patent process of Dehuller is ongoing. • Solar Energy Project (2011 – 13) – Establishing a solar recharge station for 50 lanterns in 20 villages for lightening of rural poor's home during powercut. • NABARD KEF GIZ UPNRM project ( 2012 – 2016)– The project deals with 120 farmer groups from 15 villages of Aurangabad and Jalna Districts. 600 farmers installed drip irrigation from term loan provided by NABARD. The project completed its first year with 90 % recovery. The average cotton production of one acre is changed to 15 quintal per acre from 8 quintal per acre. • Amrutkumbh (2014 – 2015) – Integrated Watershed development program at Pokhari Tal – Jafrabad, Dist – Jalna. The project deals with construction of 2
  3. 3. new Cement Nala Bunds (CNB) with Shirpur pattern and excavation of silt from 5 existing CNBs and 3 Mati Nala Bandhs. It also aims at optimum utilization through water user groups and at improving 30 % income of village through post watershed agro extension activities. The project is supported by L & T Finance. • Tushar Samrudhdhi ( 2014 – 2017 ) – Restoration of defunct water structures of Dudhana at Charatha and Shelud Tal & Dist – Aurangabad. It aims at optimum utilization of available water and maintenance of water structures through water use groups and at improving income of farmers through watershed plus activities. The project created capacity of 3 cr. Lit of water storage and 18 Cr. Lit of Groundwater recharge. The project is supported by IL & FS SIG (Nalanda), Forbes Foundation, Pune and CII Foundation. • Jal Abhiyan (2016 – 2017)- Initiated Watershed Development work as people movement to fight against deadly drought in Marathwada. Keligavhan, Najik Pangari, Matrewadi, Padali and Dhoksal villages in Jalna district and Dhonkheda, Khamkheda, Donwada and Gungi Gevrai villages from Aurangabad district. Total 201.34 Million liter water storage capacity of existing water structures improved with 30 % participation of people. The work has converted in movement of community. • Drought Relief work (2013) – Cattle camp for 925 cattle, restoration of water structures, free scholarship, Shirpur pattern work at Dahigavhan and Pagirwadi. 3) Rural Development - • Integrated Rural Development "Gram samrudhdi - Pophala" (2012 – 2015 ) - The project deals with integrated watershed management through construction of 5 new Mati Nala Bandhs, excavation of 5000 brass silt from village Pond, restoration of 2 existing Mati Nala Bandhs, Water Absorption trenches and Continuous contour Trenches on 200 ha. It also aims at optimum utilization through water budget. The project has 30 % increases in income of village through post watershed agro extension activities. The project deals with domestic water storage use, solar street lights, income generating activities like Teel Laddu, Papad, Kuradayee, Kharuvadya etc. The project is supported by Sterlite Technologies Ltd. • Integrated Rural Development Gram samrudhdi - Khamkheda (2014 – 2017) - The project deals with integrated watershed management through excavation of 5000 brass silt from village Pond, restoration of 7 existing Mati Nala Bunds, Water Absorption trenches and Continuous contour Trenches on 200 ha. It also aims at optimum utilization through water budget. The project deals with income generating activities like bakery. The project is supported by Sterlite Technologies Ltd. • Primary Veterinary Health worker "Gokulam PashuDhan Arogyasathi" ( 2008
  4. 4. – 2012) : Health volunteer for veterinary health for village in 45 villages of Aurangabad district. PAS worked in areas of First aid, Vaccination, Deworming, fodder cropping, correction of malnutrition of calves, improvement of Deshi breed. 4) Empowerment - • Lead role in SHG Add on Program by NABARD MRCP in Dhule, Nandurbar and Thane District. • Domestic wireman course – SPMESM organizes a training of domestic wireman for 80 students. The project is supported by L&T PCT • Enterprenuer development of local rural youth through poultry, chaffcutting, mesonary work, shednet plantation, well depening equipments etc with the help of Shelgikar Fund, Kalpavat. Membership / Affiliations / Honor: Institute Designation Environment Service Scheme VO representative GEOFORUM VO representative NABARD RIF PMRC member Honey bee centre, KVIC, Sillod Advisor Forest Conservation Work, Baripada Social worker Natu Foundation Sevavrati Karykarta Vasundhara International Film Festival Vasundharamitra Dr BAMU, ENVS Dept. Ph D Student Sakharam ( Suhas ) Sadguru Ajgaonkar Date :

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