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Urban design

urban design of putrajaya ,city planning

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Urban design

  1. 1. URBAN DESIGN putrajaya Suchetana chakravarty 114ar0025
  2. 2. The city • Country: Malaysia • Establishment: 19 octobar,1995 • Total area: 4931hecatres • Population:88300 • Government area -3.8 million sq.m(55%), commercial area-3.4 million sq.m(32%), planned housing units-64,000units(13%affordable house) • Roads(major):94.87 km, bridges:8, monorail line:18.87km • Also called City in a garden , intelligent city.
  3. 3. The planning an development in putrajaya • The largest integrated urban development project in the history of malaysia • Combining the development of government institution, commercial, residential, public amenities and infrastructure. • The Malaysian government decided to move from kuala lampur to putajaya in 1993.
  4. 4. The Relocation The Malaysian government decided to move from kuala lampur to putrajaya in 1993. • To relieve the pressure on kuala lampur’s over stretched infrastructure. • Scarcity of government land and increase in demand of government offices. • To have a well planned administrative center with modern facilities and technology to enhance government efficiency and productivity.
  5. 5. Development of putrajaya • To develop a federal government administrative center with the capacity and amenities to meet the challenges of the next millennium • To develop residential ,commercial ,recreational environment where people can enjoy a high quality life • To build a well-planned city based on concept of sustainable development.
  6. 6. Putrajaya master plan government residential Commercial, public amenities Civic & cultural Infrastructure & utilities
  7. 7. • Large proportion of the city is designed as green open spaces ranging from metropolitan parks to local play ground. • Water body(man made lakes )created within the city • 38 km water font created by lake • City is divided by 20 precincts; core commercial precincts located on core island • A 4.2 km long boulevard forms the central spine of the city • Caring city
  8. 8. precinct 14 is a beautiful residential area sited right next to the diplomatic enclave of Malaysia's Federal Government Administrative Centre
  9. 9. path • paths, the streets, sidewalks, trails, and other channels in which people travel • Paths with clear and well known origin
  10. 10. districts • relatively large sections of the city distinguished by some identity or character
  11. 11. Edge • perceived boundaries such as walls, buildings, and shorelines • Putrajaya fencing design guideline is ‘permeability’ • Solid fencing discouraged, landscape treatment: shrubs , trees, hedge
  12. 12. node • focal points, intersections or loci • Junction of paths,my be some large squares or small points • Dataran putra is a city square located opposite the Prime Minister's office complex
  13. 13. landmark readily identifiable objects which serve as external reference points. • Simple physical elements which may vary widely in scale • Putra mosque Seri wasawam bridge Perdana putra Millennium monument
  14. 14. • Jebasian issace John.D. Creating the essence of cities. • Majizat .A. Th case of putrajaya lake and wetland. • Lynch .k. (1960) the city image and its elements • Author unknown. Planning development of putrajaya.
  15. 15. Thank you 