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Speak like a super star

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The words you utter determine the way you feel. The language you choose shapes the way you perceive reality. Your vocabulary drives meaning to your life. Bring more and more of your vocabulary to touch more and more of people.

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Speak like a super star

  2. 2.  The words you utter determine the way you feel.  The language you choose shapes the way you perceive reality.  Your vocabulary drives meaning from your life.  Bring more and more of vocabulary to touch more and more people.
  3. 3.  The people who have reached their pinnacle of success not only put great efforts each day and better those crafts but they also use uplifting words in their daily life.  The never speak of problems, difficulties, frustration, agony, setbacks but call it as an opportunity, challenges & these positive words / mindset provoke a positive sensations within them into playing VICTOR in seemingly difficult situations.
  4. 4.  They use winning words that inspire them & others to such an extent that the PROVIDENCE by some way of magic would clear the path of obstacles.  Words have power & energy in them & the person who uses positive and energetic words evolves his ideas / beliefs into concrete reality.
  5. 5.  By becoming aware of the impact & power of language, the positive persons make more conscious, insightful choices about how they express themselves & how they understand / interpret others.  Use more of your vocabulary & by learning / understanding / utilizing these words they seem to touch the hearts and minds of very many people.
  6. 6.  Such is the power of words and language.  Do this exercise each week.  Pull out a sheet of paper & record an inventory of words you most frequently speak.  The more aware you are aware of the quality of your language, the more choices you will give for yourself.
  7. 7.  From today,  Use great words  Uplifting words  Meaningful words  Spectacular words  Purposeful words; whatever language you speak and see the results.
  8. 8.  You not only discover yourself more powerful over a period of time but you seem to magically get attracted to others.  Any businesses we are in consist of people & we could connect to them by uplifting words, brilliant things happen / continue to happen / will happen.
  9. 9.  The quality of a person determines not only by the quality of his attire but also by the quality of words he uses in his daily conversation.  A person with a great vocabulary is not only sharp in his communication but it opens the mind of others.  Vocabulary gets results & is therefore a single best predictor of organizational success.
  10. 10.  By bringing more vocabulary into your communication, you are not only visible, valuable but seem to reach / touch / influence far too many people thus becoming a SUPERSTAR.