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Steve yu journey_portfolio

I left my post as ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi X in Asia in June 2013 after working for the company for 4 years. My experience ranged from shopper marketing, retail design that is integrated within a holistic 360 offering to clients such as Lenovo and P&G.

Feeling that I needed more real life experience in the realm of digital shopper marketing. I set off on my own in creating an online social/shopping experience through a platform that I created around crowdsourcing and e-commerce.

In the past year, I have amassed a great deal of experience in designing, marketing and producing products through this platform called Avid Union. During this time, I have built a sustainable business on this platform of social ecommerce.

With this business experience and along with my 15 years of shopper marketing agency experience in New York, Singapore and China, I believe I can be valuable for a company who is looking for a creative leader that is going to take creativity to the next level.

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Steve yu journey_portfolio

  1. 1. Steven Yu • A story of design through two worlds
  2. 2. I was born in Asia, immigrated to the United States at eight years of age. I was blessed by a distinct awareness of both culture and art from these two sides of the world. https://www.behance.net/syu8
  3. 3. A background of fine art and architecture, I have a clear understanding of the relationship between 2D and 3D expression. https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenyu8
  4. 4. It’s from this foundation in which I have developed my career, I have been creating products, environments, retail spaces that are woven into integrated marketing communications. This began with global agencies from around the globe servicing the biggest brands. https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenyu8
  5. 5. Looking into the future of my work, I set off to create a brand of my own. Learning from the ground up, I designed, prototyped, produced, and fulfilled a small boutique technolgy-driven fashion company. By using new innovative digital channels such as Kickstarter, I was able to connect organically to my audience, raising over $139,000 in just one year. The Visor : http://kck.st/T47W3X The Nunchuk : http://kck.st/1jwD45p The Shield : http://kck.st/1cUVlaN The Rib : http://kck.st/18suqBM Ame : http://kck.st/1kLyRJq Awesome jacket I’m sold on you guys now. I’ll will be backing your blade transformer tech case as well. Love when innovate ideas come together and create cool things! Eric Ochoa on March 11 Located in NY. Got my Rib today and it looks fantastic! Thank you and good luck! :] Diana L on October 10, 2013 I received mine in the UK yesterday! That was super quick - well done! JK on May 30
  6. 6. Again, I find myself in between two worlds. The products and how it’s brought to life. By using a new platform through crowdfunding, I was able to connect organically to my audience through my own boutique brand. Now, I feel compelled to share my newly formed ideas and experiences with the rest of the creative community. The following pages are some examples of my work.
  7. 7. Brief: Avid Union, a new shopping platform Avid Union is a brand that launches its products on the popular crowdsourcing site, Kickstarter. Leveraging on this new way to reach a brand new community of backers and creators, Avid Union builds real conversations and connections through it’s digital and social media at an organic level to create brand loyalty like no other. Insight The next generation of buyers with their ever evolving shopping behavior and the concept of shopping has shifted from owning stuff to buying into new ideas! Idea By designing original and innovative products from the ground up, we will be able to reach key opinion leaders in our category of technology and fashion.
  8. 8. Why Avid Union? steven yu • Avid Union THROUGH CROWDFUNDING, AVID UNION HAS RAISED OVER $139,000 IN 1 YEAR.
  9. 9. Our products have been met with great response from both Consumers and Media steven yu • Avid Unio FUNDED FULLY WITHIN 12 HOURS OF LAUNCH With almost all organic growth from within Kickstarter, we have achieved a great connection from within our Kickstarter community. BRINGING INNOVATIVE, ORIGINAL PRODUCTS Design and producing original products such as “The Shield: Tech Jacket” an RFID blocking jacket is just one of many products we have produced. Awesome jacket I’m sold on you guys now. I’ll will be backing your blade transformer tech case as well. Love when innovate ideas come together and create cool things! Eric Ochoa on March 11 Ok, so I got my tech jacket today. It TOTALLY EX- CEEDED my expectations! I had high hopes, but the jacket is downright awesome. I will reach new depths (heights?) of villany in, and look stylish to boot. Brian D. Ferguson on March 12 Just received my two Tech jackets. Um.......WOW! Perfect fit, high quality fit and finish. This IS the best Kickstarter I've backed to date. Still waiting on two Tech hoodies, but having the jackets, I can wait. Thanks to Enthousis and Avid-Union for all your hard work. It paid off. Keep it up!!! Ken Derr on March 25
  11. 11. Brief: Lenovo 3.0 After years of educating the global market that Lenovo is indeed a global brand after their purchase of IBM’s laptop business, Lenovo launches their global communications strategy 3.0. Our task is to bring this to life in the developing regions. Not only are we to comply with global guidelines, but to enhance it in a way that is relevant and exciting to its markets. Insight With current PC brands that are unrealistically aspirational due to the advancing Apple market. Lenovo sets out to differentiate itself by being purposeful and real. Idea With a global tag line “For Those Who Do,” my team creates a space that draws the essence of a workshop. A workshop that will enable shoppers access to Lenovo machines. The following are works that shows holistic through-the-line creatives and strategic guidelines that my team also created, to help the markets bring these works to life in their respective countries.
  12. 12. In-store experience steven yu • Lenovo
  13. 13. In-store experience steven yu • Lenovo
  14. 14. In-store experience steven yu • Lenovo
  15. 15. In-store experience steven yu • Lenovo
  16. 16. In-store experience steven yu • Lenovo
  17. 17. In-store experience steven yu • Lenovo
  18. 18. Digital experience steven yu • Lenovo
  19. 19. Strategic in-store communications guidelines steven yu • Lenovo
  20. 20. Brief: Co Branding innovation Sinopec is one of china’s top petroleum company, and has opened a series of convenience stores which are attached to their fueling stations. Seeing this great business potential, coke has established an initial relationship for a chance to brand these stores using the principles of shopper marketing. Insight Drivers in China doesn’t really have the habit to purchase drinks while re-fuelling at the petrol station. Idea The idea “Shortcut to Happiness” was derived from the collaborative attributes of both Coke and Easy Joy (convenience store) under an over-arching need of travelling with ease.
  21. 21. Exterior view of pilot store steven yu • Coke
  22. 22. Exterior view of pilot store steven yu • Coke
  23. 23. Exterior view of pilot store steven yu • Coke
  24. 24. In-store touch points steven yu • Coke
  25. 25. Our team over saw and produced all touch points steven yu • Coke
  26. 26. Brief: The holistic campaign The work done for Walmart can be traced by how a person would experience shopping within a hyperamrket from point A to Z by incorporating anything form print to event, in-store and digital. In this campaign my team was given an opportunity not only to form this experience, but also creating a new retail space that transforms how shoppers shop in Walmart stores in greater China. Insight The personal care category of WM in Greater China doesn’t have the vibrancy and personality like other retailers such as Watsons. Idea Inspired by serialized dramas so popular in China, the long aged debate of who is in the right in a romantic relationship is placed centered stage in this campaign, aptly named “He Said, She said”.
  27. 27. WM personal care campaign steven yu • Walmart
  28. 28. WM store experience redesign steven yu • Walmart
  29. 29. WM store experience redesign steven yu • Walmart
  30. 30. WM store experience redesign steven yu • Walmart
  31. 31. WM store experience redesign steven yu • Walmart
  32. 32. WM store experience redesign steven yu • Walmart
  33. 33. WM store experience redesign steven yu • Walmart
  34. 34. Brief: Gain the trust of shoppers Being the innovators of both design and technology LG has gained the reputation of being a brand that are more fashion orientated. Our task is to bring LG’s technological innovation to life within the greater China market. Insight Families in Greater China are still mostly abiding to the one child policy. Which means in terms of their home appliances, family comes first. Idea Using ideas of a natural environment by showcasing the mountains in China, The Air Sanctuary reminds shoppers that fresh air can be right at home.
  35. 35. steven yu • LG
  36. 36. steven yu • LG
  37. 37. steven yu • LG
  38. 38. steven yu • LG
  39. 39. steven yu • LG
  40. 40. Brief: Innovation In Retail Design BHG is one of China’s fastest growing retailers. In order to stay ahead of its competitors, my team was asked to design the personal beauty center and an overall department store design concept for their innovation research center. Insight Shoppers in Greater China are seeking a total sensorial shopping experience. Idea With the vision of fusing design cues from the forms and shapes of both the mondern and classic, the team then translated these design ideas into an environment. This experience infuses the depth and intimacy that inspires a great shopping experience.
  41. 41. steven yu • BHG
  42. 42. steven yu • BHG
  43. 43. steven yu • BHG
  44. 44. steven yu • BHG
  45. 45. steven yu • BHG
  46. 46. steven yu • BHG
  47. 47. Brief: Ice cream festival Another summer goes by for Ben & Jerry and another ice cream festival is proposed. Given the potential for this brief, my team came up with the idea of going back to the roots of the brand itself. Insight Consumers are savvy by default and look to spend their valuable time with inspired experiences. Idea Chunk Fest. Celebrating peace, love, and ice cream! Creating an ice cream rock festival inspired by the iconic event such as Woodstock, and with word of mouth generating mostly from Facebook, the event was filled with characters such as hippies, painters, and even fortune tellers. The event was visited by more than 8,000 people in the rain and 100% attendance from the facebook invites.
  48. 48. In-store elements steven yu • Ben&Jerry
  49. 49. steven yu • Ben&Jerry
  50. 50. Digital elements steven yu • Ben&Jerry
  51. 51. steven yu • Ben&Jerry
  52. 52. Brief: Innovating the in-store display Crest’s top tier Pro Health and Luxe Lines are the Brand’s top revenue drivers in the Greater China and South East Asian market. Both the execution and ideas from which these displays are birthed, are meant to drive the superiority and innovation in their categories of oral health and whitening. Insight Shoppers in Asia relate to the shopping experience that exist in department stores. Idea • Transcending Oral care to beauty care (Luxe whitening). • The apex of professional oral care (Pro Health). By distilling the product to its essence and simply embellishing its personality will make it stand out from the crowd.
  53. 53. Luxe Whitening steven yu • Crest
  54. 54. Luxe Whitening steven yu • Crest
  55. 55. Pro Health steven yu • Crest
  56. 56. Pro Health steven yu • Crest
  57. 57. Pro Health steven yu • Crest
  58. 58. Luxe and Pro Health steven yu • Crest
  59. 59. Luxe and Pro Health steven yu • Crest
  60. 60. Brief: building premium brand Leader in travel retail By 2015, Asia-Pacific air value sales will increase over 50% to over USD $200 billion, reaching similar levels with North America and Europe. With this said, Johnnie Walker looks to SSX to create a shopping experience that can elevate the brand image in the Greater China and South East Asian travel retail space. Insight In terms of gifiting in asia, the appreciation of jwbl’s rarity and perfection needs to be extended to the beneficiary, generating cycles of demand for jwbl as the most desirable gifting brand. Idea Spring boarding from a proposition of “share the rare moments of perfection”. The idea is creating a space that simulates a first class cabin. Within this space, customers are surrounded by educational displays that promotes the art of giving.
  61. 61. steven yu • Johnnie Walker
  62. 62. steven yu • Johnnie Walker
  63. 63. steven yu • Johnnie Walker
  64. 64. steven yu • Johnnie Walker
  65. 65. steven yu • Johnnie Walker
  66. 66. Client Roster American Express, Ben & Jerry, Beam Global Spirits and Wine, Braun, British American Tobacco, Diageo, Hamilton, Kodak, Nokia, Pfizer, P&G, Philip Morris, Remy Cointreau, Shell, Tudor, Unilever Skills Hands-on leadership that supports and encourages independent voice and development within a creative structure. Pushing the possibilities of technology and embracing media neutral solutions to solve communication challenges. Finding the most relevant activation approach through an intimate understanding of consumer’s wants and needs. Always crafting the most innovative solutions within project constraints and challenges. Work 2013 – present Avid Union – Co founder, Creative Director 2012 – 2013 Saatchi & Saatchi X – Executive Creative Director 2009 – 2012 Saatchi & Saatchi X – Creative Director 2008 – 2009 VM&SD Singapore – Creative Director 2007 – 2008 141 Worldwide / Ogilvy Singapore – Activation Lead Designer 2004 –2007 Ogilvy Action New York – Senior Art Director/3D designer 2000 – 2004 Imagedog / 141 worldwide New York – Multimedia Art Director 1998 – 1999 Development Design Group Baltimore – Architectural Project Designer Steven Yu . stevenyu8@gmail.com Education Maryland Institute, College Of Art 1998 – Bachelor Degree Of General Fine Arts. Languages English and Mandarin
  67. 67. steven yu • stevenyu8@gmail.com