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  2. 2. TABLE of CONTENTS 2 ONE MISSION 3 ONE OPPORTUNITY 5  THE STORY OF ONE ONE DROP OF WATER ONE CAMERA ONE HEAD OF LETTUCE   ONE SCHOOL OF SHARKS ONE OYSTER   ONE REUSABLE BOTTLE   ONE SATELLITE TAG ONE OCEAN 20 FINANCIALS 22 ONE VOLUNTEER 26 ONE DONOR The National Aquarium is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures.
  3. 3. 2 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 Every day, I am impressed by the National Aquarium’s staff, who have dedicated themselves to our compelling mission to inspire conserva- tion of the world’s aquatic treasures. Whether working to enlighten guests about the plight of coral reefs or coordinating restoration efforts throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed, our staff—both paid and volunteer—are singularly focused on that mission. It defines who we are. This year saw the opening of Blacktip Reef, which greatly increased our capacity to delight and educate 1.3 million annual guests with a message of hope for these iconic Indo-Pacific coral reefs. Our animal rescue team released its 100th rehabilitated animal, and our conserva- tion action team restored its 25th acre of Ches- apeake Bay habitat. We also completed Phase One of BLUEprint, an intense examination of our future potential and the evolving role of aquaria amid unparalleled global climate change. Through revitalized exhibits, animal care that is second to none, and conservation-based experiences for Marylanders and guests from 49 states and 17 countries, we are becoming an international force for aquatic awareness and action. This trend will continue. All of our achievements in 2013 were made possible through the support of our generous donors. Your unique contributions allow us to realize our vision to change the way humanity views—and cares for—our interconnected, life-giving ocean. Thank you for your role in making this vision a reality. ONE MISSION JOHN C. RACANELLI LEADERSHIP TEAM John C. Racanelli President, Chief Executive Officer Bruce Hoffberger Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Paula Schaedlich RETIRED AUGUST 2013 Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer Dale Schmidt Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer Steven Schindler Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer Eric Schwaab Senior Vice President, Chief Conservation Officer Kathleen Sher Senior Vice President, External Affairs JOHN C. RACANELLI CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Current as of December 31, 2013
  4. 4.   THE POWER of ONE   | 3 Our National Aquarium community has been engaged in a thorough rethinking of our assets and opportunities, envisioning a future that will position us as thought leaders and inspi- rational builders for a future of aquatic con- servation. Part of that process was developing a comprehensive strategic plan, which is being revised to integrate the findings and recom- mendations from the BLUEprint process. Through this important work, we will con- nect people more directly to aquatic habitats. We will expand our audience to achieve greater im- pact in the field of conservation. We will protect our immediate environs—the Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic coast—and build partnerships with organizations with compatible missions. And we will expand our expertise and advocacy for measurable impact in conservation science. These strategies have led to a catalytic moment in our history that demands that we discard misconceptions and outdated constraints to pave the way for new ideas and a different role in the world. As that vision takes shape, we are excited about the impact we can make in con- serving and protecting precious natural resources. I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of our donors who have supported our pursuit of ocean conservation through their individual contributions. You give us the power to carry out our mission each and every day, and we appreci- ate your support as we enter a new and exciting stage in our evolution. BOARD LISTS Executive Board Robert E. Carter Chair Jennifer W. Reynolds Immediate Past Chair Timothy Adams Neal D. Borden Marc Bunting Jane W.I. Droppa Colleen Dilenschneider Michael Dunmyer Andrew L. Good Secretary Nancy Grasmick Randall M. Griffin Frank A. Gunther Life Director Mohannad F. Jishi Treasurer Kyle Muehlhauser Mark Mullin Joseph Nigro Donald Pettit J. Scott Plank John Racanelli Diana Ramsay The Honorable Stephanie Rawlings-Blake K. Lee Riley, Jr. Thomas Robinson Anna L. Smith Tamika Langley Tremaglio Jaki Ulman C. Elizabeth Wagner Foundation Anna L. Smith, Chair Michael Batza Neal D. Borden Frank Rosenberg Charles E. Knudsen, III John Racanelli Baltimore Robert E. Carter Chair Jennifer W. Reynolds Immediate Past Chair Marc Bunting Marilyn Carp James Dale Michael Dunmyer Mark P. S. Edward Ann T. Gallant Andrew L. Good Secretary Mohannad F. Jishi Donna Morrison Kaliope Parthemos Donald Pettit Charles Phillips J. Scott Plank John Racanelli Diana Ramsay K. Lee Riley, Jr. Thomas Robinson Charles Rogers, III Jim Seay Washington, D.C. Tamika Langley Tremaglio Chair Dr. Carole C. Baldwin James Bowers James L. Connaughton Jane W.I. Droppa Randall M. Griffin Marianela Peralta John Racanelli Mark Rovner Nina Selin John D. Shulman C. Elizabeth Wagner Otto Wolff Dr. Daniel A. Wubah Center for Aquatic Life and Conservation Randall M. Griffin Chair Neal D. Borden John C. Racanelli ONE OPPORTUNITY ROBERT E. CARTER BOB CARTER CHAIR, BOARD OF DIRECTORS NATIONAL AQUARIUM INSTITUTE Current as of December 31, 2013
  5. 5. 4 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014
  6. 6.   THE POWER of ONE   | 5 THE STORY of ONE Each person who shifts perceptions, works with passion and inspires others to follow is imperative in the effort to conserve the world’s aquatic treasures. Fortunately, the National Aquarium is blessed with many such individuals. From board leaders and marine specialists to dedicated volunteers and loyal donors, each is making meaningful contributions to the success of our collective mission.
  7. 7. 6 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 ONE DROP of WATER THE TRICKLE OF A BROOK, THE RUSH OF A RIVER, THE POUNDING WAVES OF VAST SEAS—ALL START WITH A SINGLE DROP. At the National Aquarium, each drop of water is of great value, and we are sharing that mes- sage with each guest and each new generation. With so many interesting inhabitants in our exhibits, water itself often goes unnoticed. But every day, we carefully maintain more than 2 million gallons of water within our Aquarium systems, providing the highest-quality water to 17,000 animals. All of the saltwater in our exhibits is homemade—a combination of Baltimore City water and a house blend of salts­­—and the water is tested daily for quality. This commitment to water persists even beyond the Aquarium itself. In 2013, Eric Schwaab was appointed as our first-ever chief conservation officer, underscoring our dedica- tion to leadership in ocean preservation and environmental stewardship. “From the arid Australian Outback to the tropical rain forest, each drop of water connects and contributes to life on this plan- et,” Schwaab says. “Here in the Inner Harbor, which is part of the Chesapeake Bay, we sit on the edge of one of the most compromised bodies of water in the country. We need to take greater responsibility, engage more active- ly and take better care of our watershed.” Our role in conservation includes incorpo- rating new green technologies. “We are trying to be good citizens of the watershed,” Schwaab notes. “We’ve made an expanded commitment to renewable energy through a power purchase agreement with our partner Constellation, an Exelon company, and we’ve made our mechan- ical infrastructure more energy-efficient.” Aquarium programs engage students and volunteers in projects to clean up the banks of streams and rivers, plant marsh grasses that filter Bay waters and pick up urban debris before it enters storm drains. We have many partners in conservation, including national environmental organiza- tions and generous supporters. We’ve worked with the Maryland General Assembly to address the effects of carbon-based pollution and ocean acidification. Our efforts in fishery sustainability have been bolstered by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Founda- tion, which addresses the uncertainties of assessing stock and preventing overfishing. “We have a unique opportunity to show people this other world,” Schwaab says, “and to inspire them to appreciate and protect our amazing aquatic resources.”
  8. 8.   THE POWER of ONE   | 7 “People think pollution is caused by that smokestack or outfall pipe or the other guy, but each of us can make daily choices that play a huge part in protecting clean water.” ERIC SCHWAAB CHIEF CONSERVATION OFFICER LEFT Director of Laboratory Services Jill Arnold tests the water quality for our exhibits. ABOVE As an Inner Harbor land- mark, we have a responsibility to preserve the source of many of our resources: the Chesapeake Bay. 1.8 million GALLONS OF OUR HOMEMADE SEAWATER WERE PRODUCED TO SUPPLY ROUGHLY 2.4 MILLION GALLONS OF SEAWATER IN OUR EXHIBITS AND BACKUP AREAS. 90,000+ AQUARIUM LABORATORY TESTS WERE PERFORMED.
  9. 9. 8 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 ONE CAMERA EAGER TO PRESERVE IMAGES OF OUR INHABITANTS, GUESTS OFTEN BECOME DEDICATED TO THE ANIMALS’ PRESERVATION IN THE WILD. Whether it’s to capture a child’s reaction to Blacktip Reef or take a family photo in the Australian Outback, the camera quickly emerges when guests step into the Aquari- um. “Families come to have a great time together, to create memories, to celebrate,” says Heather Doggett, director of visitor programs. “Children are always surprised when they come nose to nose with majestic animals from diverse habitats. They’ll look into an animal’s eyes and feel such awe that it ignites a spark to help the species in its natural environment.” Some of the Aquarium’s staff, in fact, were just such children, who visited and were inspired to become professional aquarists, conservationists and marine educators. “Each day, our staff talks with young people about our animals, their excellent care and how we can all make decisions that will protect them,” Doggett says. “Their curiosity can translate into deeper learning. Eventually they start questioning and tracking threats to the health of the ocean.” Staff are in the galleries, talking with guests and groups of schoolchildren as they explore. “They may push a cart with intrigu- ing items for children to touch,” Doggett says. “They will talk about the incredible animals, the threats they face in the wild and how we can help.” The Aquarium also hosts immersion programs, including behind-the- scenes glimpses of animal care and overnight sleepovers with dolphins and sharks. These interactions are critical to carrying out our mission. In 2013, guests enjoyed on-site event programming, our Friday night Cultural Series and the Marjorie Lynn Bank Lecture Series, which highlighted issues rele- vant to marine conservation. Aquarium visitors won’t see the distinc- tion, but they will encounter both paid and volunteer staff during a tour, and all of them share a passion for their roles. “We teach preschoolers about environmental manners, which are the building blocks of treating our Earth gently,” Doggett says. “Our interpretive staff have a gentleness and an appreciation of nature while also conveying scientific skills of observation and hypothesizing. Our teen interpreters are some of our best ambassadors because of their energy and their keen under- standing of conservation, which becomes part of their value system.”
  10. 10.   THE POWER of ONE   | 9 “Every day, we provide our guests with life-enhancing experiences—moments of laughter, learning, sharing, discovery and joy.” HEATHER DOGGETT DIRECTOR OF VISITOR PROGRAMS 122,109 GUESTS EXPERIENCED AN “ANIMAL ENCOUNTER” PRESENTATION. 163,292 GUESTS INTERACTED WITH VISITOR PROGRAMS STAFF THROUGH DISCOVERY CARTS. 225,000 GUESTS ENJOYED “MAKING CONNECTIONS” TALKS. LEFT Volunteers guide guests through the Aquarium, answering questions and sharing their passion for the animals and habitats. RIGHT Daily presentations offer educational, hands-on experiences about the ecosystems featured in our exhibits.
  11. 11. 10 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 ONE HEAD of LETTUCE CALYPSO’S DAY BEGINS WITH A HEAD OF ROMAINE—FOLLOWED BY EIGHT MORE, PLUS BRUSSELS SPROUTS, CARROTS AND SQUID. Calypso, the Aquarium’s beloved 500-pound green sea turtle, was the first to move into Blacktip Reef, which opened in August. In one sense, she was literally testing the waters. The exhibit’s installation began with one batch of seawater that was custom-made to match wa- ter in the natural Indo-Pacific environment. “Because turtles don’t have gills, the tran- sition wasn’t going to affect a reptile as much as it would a fish,” says Jack Cover, general curator. “In addition, Calypso’s waste helped grow the new biological filtration system.” When Calypso arrived here more than a decade ago, she was cold stunned, and her injured left flipper had to be amputated. Now a permanent resident, she delights visitors and represents the fascinating character of all seven species of sea turtles. In addition to this guest favorite, Animal Care staff are responsible for the health and well-being of nearly 17,000 Aquarium resi- dents. Each one is meticulously monitored and cared for, but few visitors would suspect the intricate choreography at work in each display. “We create microhabitats to make the animals feel comfortable so they act as they would in the wild, while also encouraging them to be within view of visitors,” Cover says. “A moray eel feels at home in a crevice near the window, while our reptiles frequent warm basking areas. This exhibit has 20 blacktip reef sharks, which is a number you would see in a healthy reef environment, as well as schools of smaller fish, which can duck into the coral when a shark comes along.” When the Aquarium’s Washington, D.C., location closed in fall 2013, about 1,100 animals were moved to Baltimore and the off-site Animal Care Center. White- tail damselfish, freckled hawkfish, emperor angelfish and a guineafowl puffer joined Brownie, a loggerhead sea turtle, and Toby, a rare blue lobster on the journey. The year was also noteworthy for births in our animal population, including Scout, a Linne’s two-toed sloth; Victory, a puffin chick; and Chloe, a sandbar shark pup at home in the Atlantic Coral Reef exhibit. By creating awareness of these animals and their habitats, Aquarium staff firmly believe they can make an impact. “Some people say it’s too late to save the world’s coral reefs, but there is still time,” Cover says. “The individual choices we make each day make a difference.”
  12. 12.   THE POWER of ONE   | 11 1,346 ANIMALS WERE BORN. 3,496 HEADS OF ROMAINE LETTUCE WERE FED TO AQUARIUM ANIMALS. “Calypso likes to eat shark food, which isn’t good for her. So we feed the sharks while she’s occupied at the underwater salad bar.” JACK COVER GENERAL CURATOR LEFT Calypso, the Aquarium’s 500-pound sea turtle, was among the first animals to enter the new Blacktip Reef exhibit. TOP Scout, a Linne’s two-toed sloth born in November 2013, was born to mom Ivy in our Upland Tropical Rain Forest exhibit.
  13. 13. 12 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 ONE SCHOOL of SHARKS BLACKTIP REEF REVEALS THE UNDERWATER WORLD OF AN INDO- PACIFIC REEF, WHERE SHARKS HELP SUSTAIN A FRAGILE ECOSYSTEM. A defining characteristic of blacktip reef sharks is their camaraderie—these fish of- ten swim in schools to survive, and the star residents of our Blacktip Reef exhibit are no different. Our collection of 20 blacktip reef sharks spent 18 months at our Animal Care Center before moving into their new home, so once the big day came, they had already enjoyed plenty of bonding time. Joining them were 759 other animals from 69 different species, including multiple shark species, clown triggerfish, emperor angelfish, two stingray species, a Napoleon wrasse, a moray eel and a green sea turtle. In a natural reef, the inhabitants would prey on one anoth- er. But in our setting, the marine animals are well-fed so that typical predators don’t feel the need to hunt for their food. “The idea was to create a dynamic new exhibit that would tell a larger story,” says Holly Bourbon, curator of large fish exhibits and dive operations. “Visitors witness the delicate balance of an Indo-Pacific coral reef, enjoy its beauty and appreciate the impor- tance of preserving these ecosystems.” The $12.7 million, 270,000-gallon ex- hibit was an immediate hit and has enduring appeal, amplifying our dedication to conser- vation, education and restoration. In the first six months, Blacktip Reef welcomed almost 400,000 visitors, including 46,000 students. Designed to provide Aquarium guests with multiple vantage points, the exhibit offers three side and top-down views, plus a floor-to-ceiling pop-out window that lets visitors virtually step inside the reef and enjoy a personal encounter with its inhabitants. Guests experience interactive presentations, witness shark feedings, learn from diver education talks and explore sea creatures on discovery carts. Overnight guests sign up for our “Sleepover with the Sharks” Immersion Tour, and enthusiasts continue to watch the action online through our live Shark Cam, in partnership with Discovery Channel. The balance in Blacktip Reef is fascinating and fragile, just as it is in the wild. “When we remove too many of any marine species by shark finning or overfishing—or cause the bleaching and demise of ocean corals by climate change and acidification—the impact reverberates like a domino effect,” Bourbon says. “Before long, we could lose the ecosys- tems that sustain us.”
  14. 14.   THE POWER of ONE   | 13 “As apex predators at the top of their food chain, sharks keep an ecosystem in balance and help maintain diversity—but they need our protection from overfishing.” HOLLY BOURBON CURATOR OF LARGE FISH EXHIBITS AND DIVE OPERATIONS/DIVE SAFETY OFFICER 3,000 AUTHENTIC-LOOKING PIECES OF CORAL WERE MADE TO RESEMBLE THOSE OF AN INDO-PACIFIC REEF. LEFT In Blacktip Reef, guests can view our 20 blacktip reef sharks up close. TOP Each piece of coral was created from molds of real coral skeletons. BOTTOM The exhibit’s diverse array of fish was released into the habitat early to provide ample adjustment time before the sharks’ arrival.
  15. 15. 14 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 Holding an oyster for the first time, feeling its weight and the pattern of smooth and rough waves across its shell, could be the first personal connection a child makes with the Chesapeake Bay. Through our education programs, those connections are strengthened as students further explore the watershed and learn about the critical role each oyster, and each living thing, plays in this habitat. In our Week on the Bay program, stu- dents visit an oyster hatchery and learn about how the oyster population affects the Bay’s water quality, which depends on the mollusks for filtration. Students spend four days discov- ering marshes and waterways through beach seining, canoe trips and water testing, and even get the opportunity to sail on a skipjack. Others get acquainted with the Chesa- peake through our AquaPartners program, which offers the kind of hands-on learning ex- perience children just can’t get in a classroom. “In spring, fourth-graders go to Fort McHenry to watch birds, learn about wetland soils and plants, and address human impact by picking up debris,” says Joe Harber, direc- tor of education programs. “Fifth-graders visit Sandy Point State Park for a day of seining along the shoreline. With a long net pulled through the water, we’ll find small fish and crabs. Many of the students have never seen the Bay and think it’s the ocean.” Thanks to the philanthropy of Transamer- ica and other generous funders, AquaPartners expanded in 2013 to include third-graders. Middle- and high-school students, who par- ticipate in summer camps through the Henry Hall Program, tag sharks off Ocean City, watch sea turtles in Georgia, explore coral reefs in the Florida Keys and examine the rocky coasts of Maine. Once exposed to the natural marine world, many program participants return repeatedly for even deeper experiences. Aquarium education also extends to partnering with marine professionals through forums like the Symposium on Sea Turtle Bi- ology and Conservation; to legislators through advocacy on banning the shark fin trade; and to the public through the Fresh Thoughts Sus- tainable Seafood Dining Series and the weekly radio program, “A Blue View.” Our education enlightens and inspires people to help protect our aquatic treasures, and we couldn’t have done it without the individuals and organiza- tions who offered their support in 2013. ONE OYSTER UNDERSTANDING THE CHESAPEAKE BAY’S COMPLEX ECOSYSTEM SOMETIMES STARTS WITH A SINGLE MOLLUSK.
  16. 16.   THE POWER of ONE   | 15 “The children in our ed- ucation programs may not all become Jacques Cousteaus, but they will carry environmental awareness with them throughout their lives.” JOE HARBER DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION PROGRAMS LEFT Students visited an oyster hatchery during our Week on the Bay program. TOP Through Terrapins in the Classroom, students released turtles after caring for them for months. MIDDLE Students join experts on an osprey-banding trip. BOTTOM Kids got to know the Bay via our four-day Watershed Wonders study. 104,732 STUDENTS, TEACHERS AND CHAPERONES ATTENDED FIELD TRIPS TO THE NATIONAL AQUARIUM. 1,179 KIDS PARTICIPATED IN AQUARIUM YOUTH PROGRAMS.
  17. 17. 16 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 Even the smallest changes can affect the planet—for better or for worse. Ditching sin- gle-use bottles for reusable ones, for example, can save 168 plastic bottles a year. A major part of our mission is empowering others to recognize their impact and take action. “Start claiming responsibility for your one piece of the world,” advises Laura Bankey, director of conservation. “Keep your neighbor- hood free of debris, find natural alternatives to pesticides, recycle rainwater, landscape with native plants that support pollinators and wild birds and avoid invasive species. Each one of us can have a significant impact.” The National Aquarium is leading by example. At the end of 2013, we installed water fountains in the Aquarium that are capable of refilling reusable water bottles. Each fountain keeps track of the cumulative number of plastic water bottles that were saved. We recycle cooking oil, batteries, tennis shoes and e-waste. We don’t offer plastic lids and straws to our guests, and our plates and utensils are reusable or compostable. Our efforts continue outside the facilities as well—last year, the plaza was certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a back- yard habitat, welcoming migrating birds and butterflies that share our urban spaces. We are also engaged in wider conservation efforts and actively advocate for conservation policies. We celebrated in 2013 when the Maryland General Assembly banned posses- sion, sale, trade and distribution of shark fins, ending the state’s contribution to the collapse of shark populations worldwide. Throughout the six-state Chesapeake Bay watershed, we organize volunteers to restore sand dunes and riparian buffers, and plant native trees, shrubs and grasses to improve filtration and prevent erosion. Students are helping to bring back the rare Atlantic white cedar to coastal wetlands, restoring natural habitat for many species of birds and plants. One local project on the Patapsco River, Masonville Cove, was designated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2013 as the na- tion’s first Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership. “At a nearby site, the wetlands adjacent to Fort McHenry National Monument and His- toric Shrine, volunteers recorded 261 species of birds, many of which were migrating along the Atlantic Flyway,” Bankey notes. “Our little green patches are important for wildlife.” ONE REUSABLE BOTTLE EVERYONE PLAYS A CRUCIAL ROLE IN WATER CONSERVATION, AND IT BEGINS WITH JUST ONE SIP.
  18. 18.   THE POWER of ONE   | 17 70,095 NATIVE TREES, GRASSES AND SHRUBS WERE PLANTED. 54,227 PIECES OF DEBRIS WERE REMOVED FROM OUR WATERWAYS. “Whether it’s supporting the use of reusable bottles, restoring wetlands or promoting sustainable seafood, the Aquarium empowers others to make thoughtful choices to ensure healthy communities.” LAURA BANKEY DIRECTOR OF CONSERVATION MIDDLE More than 150 volunteers helped restore a freshwater wetland at Nassawango Creek Preserve. BOTTOM Participants on our shark research trips tagged various shark species to collect data. RIGHT A Boy Scout troop traveled to Mason- ville Cove to plant on the fringe wetland.
  19. 19. 18 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 ONE SATELLITE TAG EACH ANIMAL COMES TO US WITH A STORY. UPON RELEASE, MANY BEGIN A NEW TALE WE CAN FOLLOW THROUGH SATELLITE TAGS.  Portsmouth, as of press time, had traveled nearly 3,000 miles since his stint in rehab at the National Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Center in summer 2013. Thanks to this en- dangered loggerhead turtle’s satellite tag, we’ve been able to track his progress in the wild. A year ago, however, his story wasn’t such a happy one. Portsmouth had ingested a recreational fish hook and was transferred to the National Aquarium for treatment. When surgeons removed the fish hook from his esophagus, they were surprised to discover a second, older one. Thankfully, the center’s veterinarians and specialists were able to successfully remove both, and Portsmouth was released into the warm waters of Virginia Beach in October. One at a time, injured marine animals arrive at the National Aquarium’s Animal Res- cue Center, and each gets expert, individual- ized attention. Some released turtles and seals are equipped with satellite and acoustic tags for tracking and research. The turtle transmit- ters generally last longer than those on seals, which lose the devices when they molt. “We are validating our rehab efforts,” says Jennifer Dittmar, manager of animal rescue. “We’re making sure that what we’re doing is leading these animals to a successful reintroduction to their natural environment and collecting data on migratory patterns and environmental conditions.” After a record-breaking cold-stun season, our rescue team joined New England Aquar- ium staff on a Sea Turtle Trek to Florida, where 52 rehabilitated sea turtles were re- leased. Several seals were also rescued in 2013, including Sodapop, a harbor seal that arrived emaciated, with a severe respiratory infection and cuts and scrapes on his face and hips; Ponyboy, a grey seal with a serious wound to his left front flipper; and Eyegore, a grey seal with respiratory and eye infections. All were treated and released. Animal Rescue offers outreach and education events and maintains a 24-hour stranding hotline. Since 1991, Animal Rescue has responded to reports of stranded marine mammals and sea turtles. In June 2013, the rescue team released two Kemp’s ridleys—a critically endangered species—and a green sea turtle into the Chesapeake Bay, celebrating the 100th, 101st and 102nd successful treat- ment and return to the wild.
  20. 20.   THE POWER of ONE   | 19 “Each injured or ill sea turtle that we can heal and return to the wild adds to the genetic viability of the natural population, which is really important.” JENNIFER DITTMAR MANAGER OF ANIMAL RESCUE LEFT Animal Rescue staff removed two fishhooks from the esophagus of logger- head sea turtle Portsmouth. TOP In April, our Animal Rescue team helped release 52 rescued turtles off the coast of Florida. BOTTOM After three months in rehab at our Animal Rescue Center, Sodapop was released at Assateague State Park. 107 ANIMALS HAVE BEEN REHABILITATED AND RELEASED SINCE 1991, WITH 2013 MARKING OUR 100TH RELEASE. 3,600+ HOURS WERE LOGGED BY VOLUNTEERS THROUGH ANIMAL RESCUE EFFORTS.
  21. 21. 20 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 Whether it’s rescuing and caring for marine animals, maintaining water quality for our exhibits, leading conservation efforts or edu- cating others on the world’s aquatic wonders, everything we do at the National Aquarium revolves around one critical element: water. Our water is constantly changing form, the eternal shape-shifter, but in all its per- mutations, it is vital to our existence. Water’s most powerful manifestation, the ocean, holds the key to our survival. We have yet to explore all of its vast mysteries or understand all of its lessons, but we do know that we ignore its health at our peril. The National Aquarium showcases the vibrant colors of tropical fish, the amazing structure of coral reefs and the silky glide of sharks and rays. We take visitors to the Australian Outback, the Indo-Pacific islands, the rain forest and the Chesapeake Bay and introduce their fascinating inhabitants. We educate our guests about their value—and the threats that particularly jeopardize so many aquatic species. From overfishing to acidifica- tion, many of our most intriguing sea crea- tures are under stress or severely endangered. Our ocean’s inhabitants share a world of balance and beauty, with an intricate intercon- nectedness that sustains marine life and extends to human beings. An aquatic plant or animal may hold the cure to a devastating illness or be an essential link in a chain of sustainable nourishment. We simply cannot disregard the well-being of Earth’s most prominent feature. For the sake of generations present and future, we must be good stewards of our one ocean. ONE OCEAN ABOUT 8.7 MILLION SPECIES ARE CONNECTED BY ONE BODY OF WATER—AND IT’S OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT IT.
  22. 22.   THE POWER of ONE   | 21 2013 OPERATING HIGHLIGHTS REVENUE ■ Admissions $24,253,033 ■ Contributions and Grants $8,881,808 ■ Memberships $4,451,273 ■ Group Sales $2,297,754 ■ Education Programs $1,636,046 ■ Investment Income $4,445,556 ■ Other Catered Events $735,798 Auxiliary $2,780,217 Gift Shop and Food Service $2,062,091 Total Revenues $51,543,576 EXPENSES ■ Biological Programs $8,230,211 ■ Plant Operations $8,000,038 ■ Visitor Operations $2,970,222 ■ Education $4,975,473 ■ Depreciation $7,626,022 ■ Supporting Services Marketing $6,281,505 General and Administrative $4,005,555 Development $583,329 ■ Other Memberships $630,991 Catered Events $326,787 Debt Service $750,067 Total Expenses $44,380,200 11% 17% 17% 18% 19% 24% 11% 7%47% 9% 9% 3% 4% 4%
  23. 23. 22 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014
  24. 24. ONE VOLUNTEER Each one of our terrific volunteers has an outsized impact on the National Aquarium—in 2013, interns and volunteers contributed a record-setting 124,390 service hours, a 4 percent increase above the previous year. We wouldn’t have been able to offer a full range of programs and ser- vices without their support, and our appreciation goes out to each and every volunteer who made it happen.   THE POWER of ONE   | 23
  25. 25. 24 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 42,500 Marie Tillman 21,500 Mary Sidlowski 14,500 Penny Bank 13,000 James Peters 12,500 Deborah Clute 11,500 Thomas Fischer 10,500 Ralph Adams 10,000 Sidney Abrams 9,500 William Harris Jr. 9,000 Carol Benfield Michael Jachelski Patricia Venturino 8,500 Leo Abernethy Thomas Major 8,000 Terri Shanks 6,500 Shirley Gibson Shirley Grimes Edmund Truter 6,000 Edward Carlson, Jr. James Filipczak Jean-Marie Moore 5,500 Bill Carson Shirley Guy Gordon Huggins Connie Moore Marsha Rosenberg Mary Jane Simmons 5,000 Richard Carey Myrian Diamond Lillian Miller Miriam Nathanson 4,500 Cathleen Berlett William Chalmers Robert Cohan Anne London Yvonne Roe Dinny Stuelpnagel Paula Yanick 4,000 Virginia Adams Mary Bannon Carol Ikeda Adele Jefferson Jeffrey Lindemuth Geri Schlenoff Albert Shulley Pache Wagner 3,500 Jerome Beard Louise Briggs William Chesnutt Gladys Demuth Curtis Graham Marty King Robin Korotki James Myers John Olow Edith Roth Alfred Ryan Richard Schwartz Susan Treusdell Barbara Uricheck 3,000 Elizabeth Cavanaugh Susan Christenbury Anita Clayton Dawn French-Evans James Grim William Hicks Glen Ikeda Michael Klein Susan Magri Anna Martin Wilson Russell Michelle Ryan Hannah Salvatore Marilyn Thorner Barbara Weaver Andrew Wegerski 2,500 Nicole Castagna Loretta Commodari Michelle Day Tom Deakin Ronald Derr Edwin Dick James Folk Geralyn Fromm John Harman Daniel Higgins Paul Jendrek George Kimbrow Pamela Kreis Alan McKenzie, Jr. Mark Mercer Kenneth Rhoades George Stephano Mark Welch Alan Whitfield 2,000 Kathleen Affeldt Janice Babus Richard Baumann Janice Baxter Paul Bonicker Caroline Coleman Kenneth DeVivo Robert Eklund Gerry Emery James Gray Abbe Harman Judy Hildenbrand Dick Hughlett Lourdes Jonosky Darleen Landers Alan Little Jennifer Lucas Helen Maher Mary McKeever Irene Newton Michael O’Connell Amanda Pack Carl Perkins Barbara Renz Mary Anne Rhoades Helene Rubinstein Robert Ryan Lauren Scott Kenneth Simmons Susan Slowik Barbara Speight Elizabeth Stanne Pamela Tate Richard Ward Marilynn Willoughby Paul Wimmer Kathleen Wolfe William Zobel 1,500 Janet Barenburg Joseph Barley Barbara Bonicker Edward Bowen Marie Burke Ralph Cass Richard Clagett Peter Cohn M. Alan Conrad Richard Davis Lesley Dudek Amy Eagle William Emery Mark Everline Ernest Feist Kristen Frizzell Phoebe Gilchrist Joyce Gross Stephen Hammond VOLUNTEER CONTRIBUTIONS by LIFETIME HOURS
  26. 26.   THE POWER of ONE   | 25 Marguerite Harding Pamela Higgs Kathy Isaacs Lisa Jeffrey Yvonne Jordan Gregory Keggins Lewis Kozlosky Patricia Krasowski Phillip Lee Deborah Loepere Craig Mathaney Janice Mazur Robert McLaughlin Kim Neumann Joe Nickoles Marian O’Neil Andrea Paun William Perry Marjorie Phillips Carol Pimental Betsy Rath Stephanie Richards Gregory Ruff Marilyn Sachs Phyllis Smyth Nina Sonin Ray Steinberg Sunny Steinberg Becky Tallman Frank Thomas Lamont Thomas Amy Tich Elizabeth Wagner Robert Waller Ruth Ward Les Weinberg Phil Wujek 1,000 Sharon Beard Cynthia Blanchard Bruce Blum Sharon Bowen Thomas Brockett Adrienne Croll Sal D’Alessio Matthew Dietz Irvin Donick Jillie Drutz Douglas Dzubinski Alexander Eng Mark England Charles Erbe Al Fleig Karen Folk Larry France Karen Gall Michael Glass Peter Griffith Doug Haggerty Catherine Hammond Charlotte Harris Eric Hein Thomas Higgs Raymond Hirsch Bradley Hughes Elizabeth Kessler David Kinney Jennifer Krisp Cecilia Lambert Bethany Link Yvonne Lovell Ellen Madden Carolyn Marlow Jim Martin Brenda McLaughlin Victoria Meadows Mary Menne Brett Miller Larry Miller Delaney Murphey Mary Parker Gavin Phillips Cristina Quigley Sarah Riley Carol Rowell Albert Sadilek Burr Short Joanne Shumaker Becky Simmons Sharon Slieker-Jay James Stofan Mark Turner Rob Turner Ronald Turner Steven Webster Mark Weisflog Michael White Dana Willoughby Gail Willoughby Angela Zeit 500 Katherine Acevedo Joseph Andrese Philip Bath Norman Belin Janet Bischoff Christopher Blair Jacqueline Bowie Lucille Breslow Paul Briant Melbourne Briscoe Debra Brushmiller PollyAnn Burkert Erika Capobianco Edwin Carter Joseph Chiaramida Shawn Choy Alan Consolati Charmaine Dahlenburg Stephanie Dallas Rick DeYoung Walter Doleschal Jeannette Doleschal John Dubiel Jr. Ginger Duncan Myra Ellis Sue Engelbert Winifred Erbe Thomas Erbe Tammy Erickson Pamela Evans Jo Fell Mary France Felix Froimovich Ben Gossman James Green Janet Gripshover Angela Gruenfelder Charles Guertler Joseph Guida Nicole Guyton Tamila Harris Alissa Heneson Michael Hilditch Dianne Hirsch William Hughey Carol Hull Laura Jansen Deborah Kappler Victoria Kile Sharon Krag Carol Lancaster Michael Lalime Elysa Leonard Chris Lombardi John Longstaff Donna Loudon Marcia Lyon Steven Mauldin Julie Mayer Rysheem McGirt Meredith Meyers William Morey Stacey Murray Ed Nawrocki Linda Nedzbala Kevin Nichol Barclay Olson Jessica Peterson Brendan Pisiak Cheryl Potter Lisa Pulaski Colleen Riley Christine Santos Sam Saunders Zachary Schonfield Theresa Sclafani Edward Sharkey Marsha Shutty Paul Silber Kirk Smith April Trociuk Cynthia Turner Donald Van Ryk Noreen Victor Gabrielle Weber Mary Willard Jerry Winkelstein Robert Wirsing Kelsey Wood Theresa Wunder
  27. 27. 26 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014
  28. 28.   THE POWER of ONE   | 27 ONE DONOR The National Aquarium recognizes the power of one. Through individual gifts, we have boosted civic pride, spurred the region’s economy, educated thousands about aquatic ecosystems and ocean conservation, and ensured a sustainable future for many sea inhabitants. We extend our deepest gratitude to each individual, foundation, corporation and governmental partner whose generosity in 2013 is helping us realize our shared vision.
  29. 29. 28 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 Lifetime Giving The National Aquarium exists today because of the leadership and continuing support of the entire community. The following list recognizes those who have contributed a total of $200,000 to the National Aquarium Institute since the Aquarium first opened. The Abell Foundation, Inc. Animal Planet/Discovery Anne Arundel County Government Anonymous AT&T Wireless The William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund Baltimore County Executive, County Council, and Commission on Arts and Sciences The Baltimore Sun Media Group Bank of America Helen and Merrill Bank Barnes and Noble The Batza Family Charles T. Bauer Foundation The Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation, Inc. The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation, Inc. Bunting Family Foundation Chesapeake Bay Trust City of Baltimore The Classic Catering People The Coca-Cola Company Constellation, An Exelon Company Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown Larry and Jane Droppa Embassy Suites Hotels Environmental Protection Agency First Union Corporation France-Merrick Foundation The Harry L. Gladding Foundation Mr. Randall M. Griffin H&S Bakery, Inc. LaVerna Hahn Charitable Trust Harford County Government The William Randolph Hearst Foundation Hoffberger Family Philanthropies Howard County Government/Howard County Arts Council Howard Hughes Medical Institute Hyatt Regency Baltimore Institute of Museum and Library Services The Kresge Foundation Mr. George Lambillotte Legg Mason, Inc. Lockheed Martin M&M/Mars M&T Bank Maryland Port Administration Maryland State Department of Education McCormick & Company, Inc. The Sumner T. McKnight Foundation Mr. Harvey M. Meyerhoff The Joseph Meyerhoff Memorial Trusts Middendorf Foundation, Inc. The Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation National Fish and Wildlife Foundation National Parks Service National Science Foundation National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Pepsi-Cola Company PNC Bank Procter & Gamble Cosmetics Jennifer and George Reynolds Rosemore, Inc. The Rouse Company The Ryland Group Richard H. Schwartz Sodexo Southern Maryland RC&D Board Stanley Black & Decker State of Maryland SunTrust Bank Helene R. Swearer Tetra/Second Nature The Times Mirror Foundation Toyota Toyota USA Foundation Transamerica Travelers Foundation Tremont Suites Hotels T. Rowe Price T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Venable LLP Verizon The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company W. R. Grace & Co. National Aquarium Institute The National Aquarium is grateful to those who so generously showed their support in 2013 through philanthropic gifts to the National Aquarium. Donors are listed according to the cumulative total given during this period. $100,000+ Animal Planet/Discovery Baltimore County Executive, County Council, and Commission on Arts and Sciences Bank of America Charles T. Bauer Foundation Institute of Museum and Library Services Maryland State Department of Education Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Jennifer and George Reynolds State of Maryland $25,000–$99,999 Anonymous The Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation, Inc. Bob and Carol Carter Constellation, An Exelon Company Department of Defense–US Navy Ms. Dana Dicarlo and Mr. Scott Plank Jane and Larry Droppa Mr. Randall M. Griffin LaVerna Hahn Charitable Trust The William Randolph Hearst Foundation M&T Bank Maryland Environmental Service The Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Charitable Family Funds National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  30. 30.   THE POWER of ONE   | 29 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Betty and Tom Robinson Royal Bank of Canada Estate of Marian B. Smith Southern Maryland RC&D Board Transamerica T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc. Peter and Sondra Welles $10,000–$24,999 Alcoa Foundation Baltimore City Foundation Bank of America The Herbert Bearman Foundation Winnie and Neal Borden/The Harry L. Gladding Foundation Bunting Family Foundation Ms. Mary Catherine Bunting Dorothy Jordan Chadwick Fund Mr. Howard P. Colhoun Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Curran, Jr. Colleen Dilenschneider Dominion Foundation Howard County Government/Howard County Arts Council Mohannad F. Jishi Macy’s Foundation Mr. Robert S. Maslin III The Harvey M. Meyerhoff Fund, Inc. The Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation Laura J. Niles Foundation, Inc. The Norman Raab Foundation John and Susan Racanelli The Rams Head Group REI The John Ben Snow Memorial Trust Sylvan/Laureate Foundation, Inc. Triad Foundation, Inc. Kenneth H. Trout Venable LLP Veolia Energy Virginia Cretella Mars Foundation Waldron Rise Foundation E. C. Wareheim Foundation $5,000–$9,999 Anonymous Advance–The Document Specialists Helen S. and Merrill L. Bank Foundation, Inc. Michael J. and Patricia K. Batza, Jr. Chesapeake Bay Trust The Classic Catering People Clayton Baker Trust CSX Corporation Contributions Program Helen P. Denit Charitable Trust ERM Foundation – North America The Goldsmith Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Good Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Graul, Jr. Mr. Randall M. Griffin Ms. Sandra Hess Bruce, Caren, Bret, and Corie Hoffberger Mr. Robert F. Johnson Macy’s Estate of Elizabeth McGlohn Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mettam Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Morrissette Nordstrom, Inc. Don and Joan Pettit The Phase Foundation PNC Foundation PPG Industries Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Quinn, Jr. Mr. W. Charles Rogers III Sodexo Ms. Beatrice L. Ward Wells Fargo Dr. Michael and Mrs. Mary Wise W. R. Grace & Co. Xerox Foundation $1,000–$4,999 Anonymous (3) AT&T Foundation Robert and Dorothy Bair Mr. Daniel A. Beebe Mr. and Mrs. William Berg The Beveridge Family BGE Mr. and Mrs. Max Bohnstedt David W. Buck Family Foundation Mr. Marc G. Bunting J. Henry Butta The Campbell Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David L. Carp Children’s Fresh Air Society Fund Caroline A. Coleman Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes, Inc. Ms. Diana D’Agati Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davison Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. and ESPN Zone Ms. Harriet Dopkin Mr. Michael J. Dunmyer Mr. and Mrs. John W. Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edward The Eliasberg Family Foundation, Inc. Enterprise Holdings Foundation Exxon Mobil Corporation Mr. Tom Fischer Mr. Larry and Mrs. Lori Frank Mr. Ken French Friends Philip and Ann Gallant Ms. Linda L. George Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. George Mr. and Mrs. James Goodyear Dr. David Granite and Dr. Mary Lou Oster-Granite Shirley C. Grimes Guest Services Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Haddle The Hecht-Levi Foundation, Inc. Ms. Nina Rodale Houghton Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hyde Mrs. Anne G. Imboden The Philip and Harriet Klein Foundation Mr. Charles E. Knudsen, III Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kuray Mr. and Mrs. John K. Larabee Mr. H. Kirke Lathrop Traci and Mark Lerner John G. Lewis The Andrew London Family Lord Baltimore Capital Corporation Dr. and Mrs. Chris Lupold The Dr. Frank C. Marino Foundation Mars Foundation Christopher M. McCalla Mr. Hugh P. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Meyer
  31. 31. 30 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 Ms. Sally J. Michel Mr. Leighton Moore Colleen and Sabrina Morris John Wesley Nash Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Neuman, Jr. Mr. Charles E. Noell and Ms. Barbara Voss The Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ochs Office Depot Foundation Mr. Otis O. Otih Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Pakula Pearlstone Family Fund, Inc. The Pennyghael Foundation, Inc. by Mrs. Charlotte Ober Goodwin Mr. Charles Phillips Dr. and Mrs. Richard N. Pierson III Mark and Joanne Pollak Poole Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David D. Prescott Ms. Diana Ramsay Mr. Sean A. Rhoads and Ms. Keri A. Fisher Team Riley: Whitney, Lee, Gavin, and Austin Brian and Mary Jo Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr. Ben & Esther Rosenbloom Foundation Ms. Sadhya Sabatino Paula Schaedlich and Richard Ruess Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Schapiro Mr. Dale Schmidt Richard H. Schwartz Mr. James L. Seay Joel and Kathy Sher Mr. and Mrs. John D. Shulman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Silber Mr. and Mrs. Beetle Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gideon N. Stieff, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John F. Strahan Sullivan Family Foundation Gary L. and Sharen A. Thomas Ms. Tamika Langley Tremaglio Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Turrall Ms. C. Elizabeth Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Waldman Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Wiese Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Wilbur, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Henry B. Wilson Ms. Mary Ann Winterling Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Young $250–$999 Anonymous (6) Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Adams Mr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Addicks Mr. David Alexander Ms. Sarah S. Alfadl and Ms. Mariana Padilla-Telfer Patrick and Deborah Allender Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Amico Mrs. Deborah Anderson Ms. Eileen Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Seshagiri Anumolu Theda B. and Laurin B. Askew, Jr. Mr. Stephen B. Awalt Mr. and Mrs. Gary K. Bahena Mr. Garrett Baird Mr. and Mrs. George D. Baker Dr. Carole C. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. James H. Barton III Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Bateman Dr. Zaneb K. Beams and Mr. Jonathan A. Beams Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Beavers Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Bell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David C. Benfield Robert and Cathleen Berger Mr. David Berkhimer Mr. Hart Berkowitz and Mrs. Amber Sauers Mr. and Mrs. James Berry Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bielecki Mr. and Mrs. Taurance Bishop Mr. and Mrs. John W. Blakeney, Jr. Ms. Amy Jean Boebel and Ms. Jean Louise Denison John and Carolyn Boitnott Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Borleis Mr. and Mrs. David Borum Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Boslego Mr. James M. Bradley and Mr. Brandon S. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brady Darrell and Randi Braman Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brasser Mr. and Mrs. Michael Breeden Ms. Ingrid E. Breier and Mr. Sergio M. Chodos Mr. and Mrs. John S. Bremer Ms. Catherine M. Brennan and Ms. Kim Samele Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Brennan Mrs. Mary Lynn M. Brett Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bricken Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Brousseau Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brown Mr. and Mrs. David E. Brown E. J. Bruen Mr. Scott Bryson and Mr. David Diaz Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan W. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Burpee Dr. Corinne A. Keet and Mr. Aaron J. Burstein Ms. Sandra L. Butchart Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Camara Mr. Quent McKennis and Ms. Judy Campbell-McKennis Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. David Cantor Mr. Mark M. Caplan & Ms. Constance R. Caplan Mr. Andrew Caridas and Ms. Holly L. Zindulis Bradford Carter Charm City Run Baltimore LLC Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Charnitsky Mr. William L. Chesnutt Mr. and Mrs. Edric Chiang Mr. and Mrs. Alan K. Chiogioji Ms. Susanna Choy and Ms. Rosanna Yi Mr. David M. Christopher Mr. and Mrs. James A. Clauson Dr. Leigh A. Clayton and Dr. John McDonnell Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Clem Mr. Nolan Clifford Mr. Jay Cochran and Mrs. Dorothy Fedis Mr. Edelmiro Colon and Ms. Angela Nalencz Ms. Katherine W. Colston and Ms. Hetty F. Fanfani Mr. and Mrs. Richard Conley Mr. and Mrs. George W. Cornnell, III Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Crisitello Mrs. Ethel I. Croll Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cunningham Dr. Leigh A. Curl and Ms. Elizabeth Kaminski Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Currie Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel A. Curry Mr. Nick Czerniawski and Ms. Elizabeth Murray
  32. 32.   THE POWER of ONE   | 31 Mr. and Mrs. David Daneman Mr. David O. Dardis Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne H. David Mr. and Mrs. William A. Davidson Ms. Diane H. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Davis Tim and Amy Davis Mr. and Mrs. Mark Davison Mr. Todd Wilson and Mr. Ed Delaplaine Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Delgado Mr. Richard Dent and Ms. Patricia Isaacs Mr. Chris S. Desautelle Mr. and Mrs. Joshua S. Devore Dr. Mukund S. and Dr. Shailaja M. Didolkar Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Discher Mr. and Mrs. Jason Ditto Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Donham Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Dotson Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Doumaux Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Doverspike Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Drake Mrs. Margaret W. Dulaney Mr. James H. Dunston Mr. Keith Eberhardt Ms. Alma H. Edgerly Surender Edla Ms. Barbara J. Ehrlich Ms. Nancy S. Elson and Mr. Tyler Amis Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Emerson Dr. and Mrs. Rainer Engel Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Errera Ms. Krista Evans and Mr. Joseph Prostredny Mr. and Mrs. Kelly M. Evans Mr. Christopher Falzone and Ms. Juliette T. Lecomte Mr. and Mrs. James C. Farrow Mr. and Mrs. Fabian M. Ferrera Mr. Daniel Fischer Mr. Tom Fischer Mr. and Mrs. David H. Fishman Ms. Dana Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Fitzsimons Mr. and Mrs. Jevon Ford Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Ford Mr. and Mrs. Rodney W. Frame Mr. and Mrs. Chadrick Frankhouser Mr. and Mrs. Brian Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Frerichs, Jr. Mr. Russell E. Frey and Mrs. I-Min Chao Mr. Clay Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Friedman Mr. Mark Fulchino Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Joe Galli Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ganz Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Geist II Mr. and Mrs. David M. Genova Ms. Sandra Levi Gerstung Mr. and Mrs. Leonard G. Getschel, Jr. Thomas C. Geyer Ms. Rebecca Giles and Ms. Kathleen Giles Ms. Pamela Gilligan and Ms. Kimberly Gilligan Glenelg Country School Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldstein Mark and Carol Goodman Dr. Atiya H. Gopalani and Miss Aaleeya H. Gopalani Mr. and Mrs. Grant Green Mrs. Mary K. Greenblatt Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Greene Dr. Gail T. Griffin and Mr. Kenneth A. Bertram Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Groven Mr. Peter Hadfield Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Haley Mr. and Mrs. James O. Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harpt Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Harris, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Harris Mr. F. Barton Harvey Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hauge Mr. and Mrs. Ian R. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Randall R. Henggeler Mr. and Mrs. Joe Henley Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hepfer Mr. Edgar J. Herman and Ms. Carole J. Shupe Ms. Lisa Herr and Mr. Ryan Monk Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Hirschhorn Mr. and Mrs. James Hobby Mr. and Mrs. Erich C. Hoffman In memory of Dale Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Brian Holbrook Mr. Thomas Horeff Mr. and Mrs. Danny Hosterman Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hudec, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Huey Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hug Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Hunt Mrs. Nancy A. Hyson and Miss Emily J. Garrett Mr. Michael Icore and Ms. Crystal Icore Ms. Nuyaagiq Ipalook and Mr. Deans Erskine Mr. and Mrs. Masahiro Iwata Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Jablonowski Dr. Troy A. Jacobs and Dr. Kawsar R. Talaat Ms. Jennie D. Janssen Mr. Andrew Johnson and Ms. Jennifer Kane Dr. Deirdre Johnston and Mr. Paul McGann The Honorable Verna L. Jones Dr. and Mrs. Walter F. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Chad L. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Joyce Dr. Karen M. Kabat Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kagan Kristina Kahan Dr. and Mrs. Murray A. Kalish Thomas E. Kaltz and Mary Ellen Kaltz Dr. and Mrs. Harry W. Kaplan Joel and Wendy Katz Dr. Roy Kaufmann and Dr. Allaura Castillo Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. John Kendra Mrs. Patti Kepler and Ms. Stephanie Kepler Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Kern, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kernan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kessler Mr. Charles N. Kidwell, Jr. and Ms. Brigette A. Christian In memory of Jeffrey L. Kiefer Dr. Mimi and Mr. John Kim Ms. Tamara E. King and Mr. Quintin Owens Mr. Chosei Kiyuna and Mr. Matthew Brocker Mr. and Mrs. Robert G Korbeck, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Kraft Ms. Erin Kull and Mr. Nima Aghdami Dr. Kiran and Dr. Radhika Kuna Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kuring Mr. Adam Kushner Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lacovara Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ladle Mr. and Mrs. Robert Landau Mr. and Mrs. John H. Laporte Latin Opinion
  33. 33. 32 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 Mr. Matthew Leasure and Ms. Kelly O’Connor Alan and Anne Ledbetter Mr. and Mrs. John Ledford Mr. and Mrs. Seth Andrew Lee Dr. and Mrs. Yuan C. Lee Mr. William M. Legg and Ms. Adelaide Skoslund Sam and Jessie Leiber Dr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Lesser Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Levin Dr. and Mrs. Boon P. Lim Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Linda Mr. Eric Lindstrom and Ms. Jackie Matthies Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Linehan Mr. Jason Lippard and Mrs. Corina Ghita LTR Private Foundation The Lloyd E. Mitchell Foundation Dr. Brooke E. A. and Mr. David P. Loewenstein Mr. and Mrs. Wallace I. Longstreth III Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Lupson Ms. Bonnie J. Lushbaugh and Ms. Pat Hannum Mr. Terence Lynch and Ms. Kara Saunders Ms. Astrid M. Maas and Mr. Bobby D. Adams Dr. David W. Machuga and Ms. Manisha Singh Dr. Emily Macquaid and Mr. Gerald Gutierrez Paul and Anne Madden Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Manning Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Marcus Dr. Bernadette Margel and Ms. Gail Hoffer Dr. Denise M. Markoff Mr. and Mrs. James Marthe Mr. Jobe Martin and Ms. Sue Kim Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Marvel Mr. and Mrs. Brent Mast Mr. and Mrs. Carmel M. Matricciani, Sr. Ms. Diane L. Matuszak and Mr. Rodney H. Summerford Mr. Leister P. Maynard and Ms. Carmone Carmon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McAvoy Ms. Jeanne McCray and Mr. Tim Martin Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGrorty Ms. Michael McMullan Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Meilink, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Melchior Mr. and Mrs. William Melendez Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Mellendick Drs. Kraig and Katherine Melville Mary Menne and Barry Menne Ms. Barbara A. Meyd MGH Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association Mr. Wesley P. Millard Mr. and Mrs. Myron Miller Mrs. Ruth Ann Mintiens Mr. and Mrs. David L. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mizerak Mr. Stephen Moitoso and Ms. Cheryl Kerwin Karen and John Moniz and Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moorefield Mr. Joseph C. Moran, Jr. and Ms. Lisa S. Skittone Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Moroney Ms. Donna M. Morrison Mr. Charles Most, Jr. Ms. Barbara L. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mullenhard Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. George R. Murnyak Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Nabit Mr. and Mrs. Mark Newman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nock Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Tom Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Randy Noranbrock Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nyquist Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. O’Beirne Mr. and Mrs. Morgan O’Brien Dr. and Mrs. Harry A. Oken Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Outhwaite Dr. and Mrs. Enrique Oviedo The P. R. F. B. Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Pacheco Mr. and Mrs. Lucas E. Palumbo Mr. and Mrs. Riley Parrish Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Parsons Mr. Charles J. Pasquale and Ms. Donna Coghlan Mr. Richard M. Patterson Ms. Corrina A. Pavetto and Mr. Amir H. Fadakar Mr. and Mrs. Donato Peria Mr. Scott A. Perich Mr. Peter Peril Mr. Matt Petersen and Dr. Yianna Vovides Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Pientka Ms. and Ms. Flavia Pinto Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Poggi Dr. and Mrs. David B. Posner Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pulley Mr. and Mrs. Santos R. Quintanilla R. E. L. Schneider Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Rahorn Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Doug Reed Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Reinhardt Mr. and Mrs. Etan Reisner Ms. Suzanne Rey and Ms. Nancy Rey Phoebe and Bob Reynolds Ms. Betty J. Rice Ms. Sally Rich Mr. and Mrs. Garret Risberg Mr. and Mrs. Justin Rix Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Rizzo Drs. Stephen and Charlotte Rose Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rosendale Dr. and Mrs. D. Henry Ruth Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ryman Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Rytter Mr. and Mrs. Shalom Saar Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Sadowski Ms. Joyce Salpan-Zhou and Mr. Luis Salpan Mr. Leonard C. Sandelli and Ms. Ana Sosa Robert, Kay, and Matthew Sauers Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Schack Mr. and Mrs. Benton H. Schaub, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Scheffler Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schellhas Dr. Adam Schiavi and Ms. Christina Miller Mr. Paul H. Schindelar Ms. Christina Schmidt Ms. Akiba Scroggins and Mr. Thomas R. Perry Donald P. Seibert Ms. Elise Seraydarian and Mr. John Leone Mr. Walter Shade Shapiro Negotiations Institute Mrs. Valerie I. Shealer Mr. and Mrs. John Sherer Mr. and Mrs. Jason Shifflett Mr. and Mrs. Jon Shigehara
  34. 34.   THE POWER of ONE   | 33 Mr. Scott A. Shorter and Ms. Rachel H. Eisley Mr. and Mrs. David Shove-Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Shultz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Siepmann Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sikorski Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Sikorski Mr. and Mrs. Harris J. Silverstone Dr. Eric Simball and Dr. Jan M. Koppelman Mr. and Mrs. David Palmerton Mr. and Mrs. Brian Singer Jean Singman Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Siu Ms. Carole Small Mr. Scott M. Smiley Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Smith Mr. Rodney Smith and Ms. Sandrene McFarlane Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Sokolov Mr. Neil Sooklal and Mrs.Gulistan Kalemci Mr. and Mrs. Tony A. Spangler Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Spence Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Spence Ms. Pam Spencer and Mr. Jon Digiacomo St. Mark Home & School Assoc. Mr. and Mrs. David Stamper Mr. Jack Steil Mr. Kevin Stocklin and Ms. Cara Michelle Miller Mr. and Mrs. Phillip B. Strayer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Striedl Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Lydon J. Swartzendruber Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Sweigard Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Swistock Mr. and Mrs. Sam V. Sydney Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Tanous Ms. Pamela W. Tate and Mr. Patrick Cook Mr. and Mrs. Sanford V. Teplitzky Ms. Terri Thacker and Ms. Samantha Thacker Mr. and Mrs. David S. Tillman Tong Family Mr. and Mrs. David Trudil Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Tunnell Henry and Debbie Tyrangiel Mr. and Mrs. Ken Ulman Mr. Peter Um and Ms. Haejin Suk Ms. Heather Uram and Ms. Ilene Uram Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vaselkiv Mr. John S. Wagener and Ms. Vivian M. Schimberg Mr. Charles Walker Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ward Mr. Jeffrey R. Watson and Mr. Michael Dittus Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy A. Watts Mrs. Barbara Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Weaver Ms. Margaret Webbert and Mr. Michael Plaisted Dr. and Mrs. Ted F. Wells-Green Dr. and Mrs. Roland W. Wentworth Mr. and Mrs. Steven Whatley Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wheltle Mr. and Mrs. Glen M. Whims Adelaide and Duncan Whitaker Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Wiggins William S. James Elementary School Mrs. J. Harlan Williams, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Decarlos Williams Mrs. Sensimone Britt Williams and Mr. Lamar Carver Bunts Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Clinton S. Winchester Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Winter Ocean’s Club Principia School Mr. Jonathan Wolcott and Ms. Deanna Battle Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wolff Susan Wolman Dr. Diane Wong and Dr. Philip Mortimer Ms. Rose Marie Woodyard and Mr. Jere C. Woodyard Jeffrey S. Woolford Drs. Daniel and Judith Wubah Mr. Sheng Yao and Mrs. Nancy N. Xu Dr. Laurel G. Yap and Mrs. Nora Panlilio-Yap Henry and Nancy Yee Mrs. Kathleen Yonts Jean Young Dr. and Mr. Alan Yuspeh Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Zimmerman, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Luis M. Zuniga Mr. and Mrs. John J. Zurl E.J. and Diane M. Zuspan, Jr. National Aquarium Institute Capital Campaigns Enhancements to our exhibits will keep us at the forefront of world-class, must-see aquariums. The National Aquarium Institute is embarking on Capital Campaigns to fund these necessary capital improvements, with an emphasis on sustainability. We thank the following donors for their support. $1,000,000 City of Baltimore Larry and Jane Droppa Jennifer and George Reynolds State of Maryland The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company $250,000–$999,999 Charles T. Bauer Foundation Rand Griffin The Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Charitable Family Funds $100,000–$249,999 Anonymous Winnie and Neal Borden/The Harry L. Gladding Foundation Bob and Carol Carter Colleen Dilenschneider The Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation, Inc. $25,000–$99,999 Ms. Dana Dicarlo and Mr. Scott Plank Mohannad F. Jishi The Harvey M. Meyerhoff Fund, Inc. Middendorf Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. B. Dwight Perry Don and Joan Pettit John and Susan Racanelli Lee & Whitney Riley Betty and Tom Robinson SimEx Iwerks $10,000–$24,999 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Gallant Bruce, Caren, Bret, and Corie Hoffberger National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Mr. W. Charles Rogers III
  35. 35. 34 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 Ms. Martha H. Schumacher/Hazen Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Shulman Ms. Tamika Langley Tremaglio $5,000–$9,999 Dorothy Jordan Chadwick Fund Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Neuman, Jr. Mr. Robert Ramin and Dr. Denise M. DeConcini Ms. C. Elizabeth Wagner $1,000–$4,999 Dr. Carole C. Baldwin Mr. James K. Bowers The Hon. And Mrs. James Connaughton Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edward Ms. Marianela Peralta and Mr. Edward J. McCormack Ms. Diana Ramsay Mr. Mark Rovner and Ms. Shira Saperstein Ms. Christine T. Whitman Drs. Daniel and Judith Wubah $500–$999 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gibson Mr. Scott B. Gudes Mr. Roger E. McManus and Ms. Dinah Bear Mr. and Mrs. Otto J. Wolff Corporate Members Through membership, corporations support our initiatives while creating a special way for their employees and clients to explore the Aquarium. The following were members of our Corporate Advantage program in 2013. Corporate Circle Sodexo Executive Partner M&T Bank Morgan Stanley Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Under Armour Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Managing Partner Bank of America BD Diagnostic Systems The Classic Catering People H&S Bakery, Inc. Laureate Education, Inc. McCormick & Company, Inc. Otis Elevator Procter & Gamble Cosmetics T. Rowe Price Transamerica W. R. Grace & Co. Business Partner AAI Corporation Advance – The Document Specialists Advanced Radiology Algeco Scotsman American Radiology Services, LLC American Sugar Refining, Inc. American Trading and Production Corporation American Urological Association, Inc. Anne Arundel Community College Aon Aramark Corporation Archdiocese of Baltimore Ascend One Corporation Ballard Spahr LLP Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc. The Baltimore Life Insurance Company Baltimore Marriott Waterfront The Baltimore Sun Media Group Beacon Light Marina Brown Advisory Cambridge Information Group, Inc. Cangene bioPharma Caplan Bros. Glass Co. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Inc. Carnegie Institution for Science — Department of Embryology The Children’s House at Johns Hopkins Corporate Office Properties Trust Coventry Cristal USA CyberPoint International Design Collective Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Ellicott Dredges, LLC Ernst & Young, LLP Fidelity & Guaranty Life General Dynamics – OTS Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dann, LLP Howard Community College Hyatt Regency Baltimore Injured Workers’ Insurance Fund J.F. Fischer Inc. Kernan Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Knorr Brake Corporation KPMG LLP Legg Mason & Co., LLC Lockheed Martin Main Street Veterinary Hospital McCormick HVP MECU of Baltimore, Inc. Mercer Merritt Properties, LLC MET Laboratories, Inc. Miles & Stockbridge P.C. NCAS OneMain Financial Pessin Katz Law P.A. Phillips Harborplace Seafood Restaurant PNC Bank Pompeian, Inc. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP RBC Wealth Management REIT Management and Research LLC Ronald McDonald House Charities Rosemore, Inc. Rosenberg Martin & Greenberg, LLP Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP Saul Ewing LLP Semmes, Bowen & Semmes Shapiro Sher Guinot & Sandler The SI Organization, Inc. Sun Products Corporation SunTrust Bank Sylvan Learning Inc. Sysco Baltimore Thomas C. Rich, PC United States Gypsum Company
  36. 36.   THE POWER of ONE   | 35 Venable LLP Veolia Energy The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Wolters Kluwer Health Associate Partner Adell Plastics, Inc. Alliance, Inc. Allied Waste Industries, Inc. Bahri General Cargo BB&T Broadview Apartments, LLC Charm City Run Comm-Tronics, Inc. Curtis Engine & Equipment, Inc. Danaher Corporation Data-Prompt, Inc. E. John Schmitz & Sons, Inc. EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc. Educate, Inc. EESCO Pump & Value, Inc. Embassy Suites Baltimore Downtown & Grand Historic Venue Energetics Incorporated Fundamental Administrative Services, LLC Gallagher Evelius & Jones LLP GEICO Hackerman-Patz Patient & Family Pavilion at Johns Hopkins Hampton Inn & Suites – Baltimore Inner Harbor Harkins Builders, Inc. Hertzbach & Company, P.A. Holiday Inn – Inner Harbor Hord Coplan Macht, LLC Jack’s Small Engine & Generator Services Jacob S. Shapiro Foundation Jewish Big Brother/Big Sister – JCS John S. Connor, Inc. Johns Hopkins Radiology The Joseph E. Shaner Company The Joseph Mullan Company Kovacs, Whitney & Associates, Inc. Kramon & Graham, P.A. Lord Baltimore Capital Corporation Malin Group, LLC McGuireWoods LLP MGH, Inc. Miss Shirley’s Cafe Navigation Arts, LLC New Pathways, Inc. Planit The PMA Group RCM&D, Inc. The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Hotel Baltimore Shapiro Shawe & Rosenthal, LLP Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel Structural Preservations Systems, LLC Tecta America East, LLC Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, L.L.P. Willis North America Gifts in Kind The following organizations and individuals have made non-cash gifts of goods or services with a value given of $250 or more in 2013 in support of the National Aquarium and its programs. Anonymous Mr. Chuck Erbe Baltimore Marine Center Oliver, Isabella and Zachary Greenstein Microsoft Ms. Patricia A. Venturino Washington DC Area Marine Aquarist Society Memorials Gifts were made in memory of the following loved ones. Helen S. and Merrill L. Bank Janet Dalsheimer I. Elliott Goldberg Bernice Greenberg Gig Grube Harry the Rabbit Eva Holcomb Joseph F. Horner, Jr. Richard Hug Bernice J. Irvine Ambrose Januchowski Jeffrey L. Kiefer James Lacey Carl E. Locklear, Jr. William Earle Matory, Sr., M.D. Henry A. Minch Virginia and Henry Minch Wendelin Montciel Chad Muehlhauser Joseph Schech Daniel R. Schimmel Barbara C. Sikorski Charles Singman Mark Stein June Turner Gilly Remington Valenti III Jerry Vega Timothy Michael Wallington Argather Wright Janet Wyper Larayne and Jack Zimler Honoraria Gifts were made in honor of the following individuals. Aquarium’s Summer Intern Program/ Penny Bank Jamie Barker David Christopher Current and Past Staff, National Aquarium Matthew Steven Del Grosso Dedicated staff, National Aquarium Development Team, Past and Present, National Aquarium Dolphins, National Aquarium Holly Edwards Ellie and Kate Friday Night, 4th Shift Volunteers, National Aquarium Ashley and Keith Goergen
  37. 37. 36 |   ANNUAL REPORT 2014 Charlotte and Dixon Gourley Shirley Grimes Nancy Hotchkiss Kathy Issacs Ellen Thawley Madden Megan Moore Red Jennifer Reynolds, National Aquarium Board Chairman Sarah Rachel Rlosenblatt Earl Shaw Sponge Bob Squarepants Gene Taylor Kim Tompkins Tuesday, 2nd Shift Volunteers, National Aquarium Ariane Waldstein Barbara and David Weaver Marisa Wigglesworth Rachel Yuscavage Legacy Gifts Legacy gifts may include bequests, insurance policies, trusts, charitable gift annuities or other planned giving vehicles. We are thankful to these individuals who have included the National Aquarium in their estate plans. Anonymous (4) Mrs. C. Selma Carton Ms. Kai-Yun Chiu Mr. Charles E. Herget, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Horwits Mr. Richard E. Hug Ms. Euphemia N. Johnson Ms. Judith L. Kressig Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Livesey, III Mr. Robert S. Maslin, III Miss A. Carter Middendorf The Honorable William Donald Schaefer Ms. Marian B. Smith Helene R. Swearer Mrs. Margaret C. Taylor Endowed Funds The National Aquarium wishes to give special recognition and appreciation to those benefactors who had the foresight and interest to create these endowed funds. The Endowment for the Marjorie Lynn Bank Lecture Series The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Aquatic Education Endowment Fund The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation Marine Accessions Fund Marion Bowers Memorial The Gary Gallo Fund for the Preservation of Marine Mammals The Henry Hall Endowment Fund James C. McBride Endowment for Managerial and Professional Excellence A. Carter Middendorf Environmental Research Fund A. Carter Middendorf Library Fund Matching Gifts The following organizations have generously matched their employees’ gifts in 2013 to the Aquarium. Constellation, An Exelon Company Exxon Mobile Corporation GE Foundation T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc. Managing Editor  Amanda Forr Editor  Melissa Valliant Writer  Ann Lano Art Director  Natalie Castaldo Photographers  Bryan Barnes, Nabila Chami, George Grall, Kate Hendrickson Printed on neenah environment pc 100, 100% post-consumer fiber, certified processed chlorine free 100% RECYCLED
  38. 38.   THE POWER of ONE   | 37 ONE FUTURE In pursuing our mission to inspire conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures, the extent of our impact depends on the generosity and dedication of our donors, volunteers and members. Because of them, we’ve been able to educate others, advocate for our ocean and take action toward a healthier planet. You have the opportunity to be a part of that impact. As a private, nonprofit organization, the National Aquarium needs your support to continue effecting change through its world-class exhibits, education programs and conservation initia- tives. Join us as we help transform the way humanity views and cares for the ocean. Become a member, make a donation or dedicate your time. Through our volunteer program, you can take on a variety of exciting responsibilities, including feeding our animals, guiding guests through the exhibits, assisting our aquarists and more. To learn more about volunteering, visit aqua.org/volunteer, call (410) 576-3886 or email volunteer@aqua.org. To find out how to make an individual, corporate or foundation gift, call our development office at (410) 659-4217. We greatly appreciate your support and encourage you to explore more ways to get involved at aqua.org.
  39. 39. 501 E Pratt Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202