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Chelan Manufacturing section

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Chelan Manufacturing section

  1. 1. Wire Masonry Ladder Machine: Cutter Mechanism & Assembly Build Chelan Manufacturing, LockRite Metal Products Operations Manager October 2013-December 2013 Supervisor: Erich Weiler, Owner (425)306-8028 Objective:  Design cutting capable of shearing 6 or 9 gauge galvanized or stainless steel wire with minimal operator adjustment.  Use in house supplies and equipment whenever possible  Fabricate larger mechanism for holding cutting tool during operation.  Install assembly in alignment with existing critical components  Modify other components for feeding wire, guiding machine motion, avoiding lines, etc. Tools/Equipment available:  Manual knee mill, variable speed spindle, belt driven  MIG Welder with gas  Oxy-acetylene cutting torch  Friction cut saw  Drill press  Most common shop hand and air tools Challenges to overcome:  Budget limited to under $300 total material and tooling costs (Set of r8 collets, Kurt vice, cutters)  Management requests often added complexity without increasing overall effectiveness  Repairs should be easily performed by operator with little training  Use excess inventory for replacing worn-out components  Tools and equipment oftentimes required alignment and repair
  2. 2. Bridgeport vertical manual mill used to make many critically dimensioned components for cutter assembly. Required rebuild, alignment, and $100 in tooling costs. Wire masonry ladder machine. Two 6 or 9 gauge (.148”-.203”) stainless or galvanized steel wire are straightened, while a 3 is cut perpendicular to the other 2 at 6”. A Pneumatic gripper moves the piece to be spot welded on each side, repeating for each 10’ section.
  3. 3. Cutter mechanism holds 9 gauge galvanized steel wire against carbide tip of lathe tool. Wire “Ladder” product made in 10’ sections
  4. 4. Cutter mechanism 3d view Cutter mechanism front view
  5. 5. Cutter mechanism Top view Cutter mechanism right-side view
  6. 6. Cutter mechanism left-side view, showing 2 gauge possible Cutter mechanism bottom view
  7. 7. Cutter mechanism assembly with cylinder Cutter mechanism assembly with pneumatic gripper
  8. 8. Pivot arm used in assembly Gripper side view, with mechanism
  9. 9. Cutter mechanism assembly, grabber, and spot-welders in place Machine whole view