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Optimal Design Brochure-IoT

  1. Engineering the “Things” in IoT
  2. Innovate. Develop. Launch.
  3. Why Optimal Design Over the past 15 years Optimal Design has developed more than 150 patents and delivered a variety of compelling products to market. Our vertically integrated capabilities allow us to design, engineer, prototype, and test concepts in house. This seamless integration dramatically reduces development time and cost. At Optimal Design we have a passion for new product development and we’re geared to accelerate your time to market.
  4. Internet of Things (IoT) We have been working in the world of M2M and connected devices for over 10 years. Optimal Design has developed the deep background and wide capabilities necessary to effectively integrate sensors as well as wireless technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, Cellular, GPS, and NFC into consumer, medical and industrial devices. Simply put, we develop the “Things” in the Internet of Things.
  5. Our Process Optimal Design’s proprietary 4Di process provides a repeatable method for successful product development. It’s a proven process that streamlines our performance and delivers innovative products. Define Discover Design Develop Implement Product requirement specification to enter new and existing markets. User’s needs& desires that translate into market success. Innovations that connect with the end user. Robust and manufacturable solutions that maintain design intent, while meeting cost targets. Optimized component& assembly processes for a faster& higher yield production ramp.
  6. Our Recognitions When you’re looking for a product development partner, you want someone who has been recognized by industry relevant organizations. Optimal Design takes pride in developing innovative products that have won awards in design, engineering, and technology.
  7. Our Clients Optimal Design serves large multi-national corporations as well as start-ups with the next great innovation. We work hard to build long-term partnerships by giving all of our clients the attention they deserve.
  8. Success Stories Optimal Design has a long history of developing award winning products. We’ve delivered solutions across the consumer, medical, industrial, and government markets. This diversity is an asset we proudly tout and it’s magnified in our product portfolio. In today’s competitive product landscape, cross-industry experience matters.
  9. Industrial Design We believe that useful, unique and inspired design begins with understanding the end user. Our industrial designers and researchers use various techniques to gather valuable insights and are highly skilled at generating innovative concepts. We strive to provide manufacturable designs that offer a meaningful experience to the end customer.
  10. Mechanical Engineering Our mechanical engineering team combines hands on experience with CAD expertise and strong analysis capabilities. We’re adept at developing complex mechanical systems that are robust and cost effective to manufacture. We’ve been involved in early technology development as well as full production launch. Our experience in all phases of product development allows us to assist you each step of the way. Cam Load - 2000 lbs Fig. 54 High Stress Concentration due to Constraints von Mises stress plot (psi)
  11. Electrical Engineering Optimal Design’s electrical engineering team applies a wide breadth of experience to deliver custom solutions that meet your product’s requirements. We have deep experience in rechargeable and constant power electronics. Whether your product needs analog or digital circuits, a microcontroller, or wireless connectivity and advanced sensors, our electrical engineers have the know-how to deliver a high quality and reliable design.
  12. Software Development Optimal’s software team has experience on many different software platforms. Our background includes development of embedded firmware running on microcontrollers, middleware, protocol suites, and apps for mobile devices. Along with our in-house hardware teams, Optimal Design has the software expertise that can bring your products to life.
  13. Rapid Prototyping Optimal Design has taken the tradition of making quality parts and adapted it to the capabilities of the latest technology. In the demanding world of accelerated schedules and the need for reliable suppliers, Optimal Design is focused on giving our clients the best possible options, from single-piece prototype parts to complex assemblies.
  14. New Product Launch (NPL) Our NPL team is built to shepherd your device from the development phase into full scale mass production. We do this by building large prototype and pre-pilot quantities in our facility. This enables our team to streamline the production processes as well as perform product quality and performance testing. We also coordinate all external vendors, manage the bill of materials, and bring the final manufacturing facilities online, whether they are overseas or domestic. After pouring time and energy into your innovative product, let our NPL team help you with a successful production launch!
  15. Industrial Design Mechanical Engineering Software Development 601 W Campus Drive, Suite B3 Arlington Heights, IL 60004 847.818.1000 Electrical Engineering Prototyping