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Keeping modern life moving

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Public Private Partnerships increase the convenience for millions across the globe, helping to keep modern life moving.

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Keeping modern life moving

  1. 1. Google Fiber brings gigabit internet to US cities, allowing users to reach internet speeds 40x faster than the US average PayPoint and Citibank process 871,000 benefit payments each year in the UK with the Simple Payment service, to a value of over £167m from 10,000 local stores Hong Kong airport’s recent reconstruction help increase efficiency: RFID chips in passenger luggage tags have increased scanning efficiency from 80% to 97% Hong Kong’s rail network uses a Super Operations Control Center and advanced A.I. which keeps 99.9% of the network’s trains on time. India’s four major power companies have introduced LED-based lighting to smart street lights, illuminating India’s streets and cutting energy and operations costs by 50% IBM manage 33m square feet of Oregon public schools through 51,000 sensors and now manages 6.4 billion devices connected though the IoT to optimise the spaces people live and work in Japan’s high-speed Shinkansen railway network has carried 5.6 billion passengers since 1999, and its Automatic Train Control system maintains distances between trains as they travel at speeds of up to 200mph Facebook has developed its Free Basics service to bring people affordable internet access, which has succeeded in bringing more than 25 million people online The Three Gorges dam in China has involved a network of private partnerships, including real-time safety monitoring system collecting over 8 million data points through more than 5,100 monitoring instruments CollectPlus allows parcels to be delivered to PayPoint stores on behalf of their recipient, with the service processing over 20 million parcels each year A World Of Technologically Driven Convenience Keeps Modern Life Moving PayPoint One offers everything a modern convenience retailer needs to thrive – bill payments, card payments and Electronic Point of Sale, including cloud back office for ease of use and access, covering cash, card, contactless, Apple Pay, and Android Pay payment methods