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8 Tips for Effective Healthcare Marketing

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In a consumer-driven healthcare environment, effective marketing strategy should incorporate the diverse channels on which any practice will be active. The online presence of any healthcare organization is multi-faceted now, whether it is managed effectively or not at all. Here's an update on an earlier presentation.

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8 Tips for Effective Healthcare Marketing

  1. 1. Checklist for an Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategy 8 Must-Do’s for Results Carestruck Healthcare Marketing for the Digital Age www.carestruck.com www.carestruck.org
  2. 2. One Call For One Strategy Across All Channels. That’s Carestruck.
  3. 3. You’re Live and Online Right Now Your practice has a multi-site online presence. It’s a powerful brand or it’s detracting from your reputation. How are you responding to the new landscape? www.carestruck.com
  4. 4. 8 Indicators of momentum in an effective online presence. www.carestruck.com
  5. 5. You’ve made a website update this week posted to social pages reflecting:  News event  Health trend  Clinical advance featured in your practice www.carestruck.com
  6. 6. Your site has points of engagement • Contact Us • Give Us Your Feedback • Schedule an Appointment • Download Our Registration Forms • Sign Up for Our Newsletter www.carestruck.com
  7. 7. You’re monitoring top healthcare rating sites weekly. Office processes encourage reviews from your most admiring patients. Healthgrades Vitals RateMD’s Yelp ZocDoc About Manta Healo www.carestruck.com
  8. 8. You’ve replaced written testimonials with video and interviews synched to social pages. www.carestruck.com
  9. 9. Office staff is trained to drive patient engagement for meaningful use. You’ve refreshed this training in the past 6 months. www.carestruck.com
  10. 10. Your patient portal is linked to your website and patients schedule appointments without leaving your site. www.carestruck.com
  11. 11. You’re promoting an upcoming event to be digitally recorded for lasting impact.  Responsively Focused  Targeted Marketing  Fully Merchandised www.carestruck.com
  12. 12. Annual Strategic Review You evaluate your marketing strategy annually because the environment changes rapidly. www.carestruck.com
  13. 13. Checklist Summary 1. You’ve made content updates this month 2. Your site features points of interactivity 3. You’re monitoring healthcare ratings sites weekly 4. You’ve replaced static testimonials with video 5. Your staff is trained to drive meaningful use 6. New patients make appointments online 7. You’re promoting an upcoming live/digital event 8. You’ve reviewed strategy this year www.carestruck.com
  14. 14. BRAVO!! If you answered YES to all eight, you’re seeing return on investment of a dynamic, robust online presence. If you answered NO to any, we can help. 708-995-1370 www.carestruck.com