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Snapchat Like a Pro

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We were joined by special guest moderator Sarena Bahad, founder of WomenInTech snap, with three top Snapchat experts MPlatco, Frankie Greek and Justin Wu who are all educated content creators and storytellers on the platform. They discussed how they got started, the ways they develop content, and how they partner with brands. They also shared their favorite tips and tricks! #GoneSocialSF

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Snapchat Like a Pro

  1. 1. 1 
  2. 2. 2 EVENT RECAP Part One: Kate Talbot VIP Session
 > Snapchat for Business Case Studies
 > Emoticode
 > Metrics & Measurement Part Two: Tips from Our Influencers
 > Michael Platco
 > Frankie Greek
 > Justin Wu
  3. 3. 3 Snapchat for Business
 WITH KATE TALBOT Kate is the Author of the new release, Oh Snap! You Can Use Snapchat for Business Kate’s Background: ✓ 10+ years in Social Media Marketing ✓ Virgin America Social Lead ✓ Kiva.org Social Lead ✓ Social Media Examiner & KISSMetrics Contributor ✓ Proven online growth marketer at early stage startups Follow Kate on Snapchat: kataya102
  4. 4. 4 OH SNAP! CASE STUDIES • “Most surprising Case Study from the book.” • Teaching reluctant reporters to use Snapchat, humanize very high quality content, and achieve C-Suite buy-in. • NPR realized more engagement on Snapchat vs. Facebook by posing questions to fans. • A deep-dive into the media brand housing eight editorial portfolio brands, and takeaways from their inclusion on Snapchat’s Discover platform: Snapchat providing excel sheets as analytical data to their Discover editorial brands. OH SNAP! ALSO INCLUDES…
  5. 5. 5 POPSUGAR CASE STUDY We were lucky to have a POPSUGAR marketer in the session, providing us with perspective on the media company’s Snapchat strategies. Chat Successful method of engaging with peers + fans. Influencer Takeovers At the core of their main strategies: Testing new POPSUGAR Select Program where influencer takeovers translate editorial content to a more digestible form, via Snapchat. Tip: Integrate Emoticode! Email Include Snapchat QR Codes and CTAs in email marketing. Verticals POPSUGAR houses 10+ verticals but use Snapchat as a catch-all.
  6. 6. 6 EMOTICODE Even seen a seemingly random string of emojis, numbers, and letters in a social media post? Similar to LinkMoji (try 🍕 😀 🐜 🏂 🍑 🌻 🔑 🌾 .🍕 💩 .ws) Here’s how it works: • Screenshot a Snap or Instagram post, and use Emoticode to redirect. • Used by industry leaders including ShopStyle, Everlane, & POPSUGAR. • You can learn more here!
  7. 7. 7 ANCHORFREE AnchorFree, the world’s largest Internet Freedom & Privacy Platform, was also in attendance. Here’s what we learned from them. AnchorFree are using Snapchat as a Customer Service tool:
 ✓ Real-time, on their terms and channels ✓ Instant solutions, instant gratification ✓ With 400M+ users, testing additional customer service mediums is incredibly valuable. Find what sticks and scale it! Crisis Communications? Also mentioned: Snapchat could become a powerful tool in crisis communications – think authenticity, scalability, and ability to put a face to the releases. Even in journalism and reporting, “You heard it here first,” via real-time (or live) Snapchat Stories. Recommendation: Kate encouraged AnchorFree engage in content marketing, promoting their innovative customer service focus.
  8. 8. 8 METRICS & MEASUREMENT Drop-off Rate: You’re telling a story. See how it’s resonating from beginning to end! Screenshots: Pay attention to the number of times your snaps were taken outside of the platform via screenshot – being saved for later consumption or Emoticode conversion. Uses: Number of times your Geofilter was used in any period of time. Views: Total number of times your snap was seen – Stories & Geofilters. Chats: Amount of customers highly engaged, messaging through the platform. Brand Awareness: Tough-to-measure aspect where Snapchat impacts app downloads, brand recognition and perception, etc. Discover-Tier Metrics: Includes engagement and enhanced reporting. *Note: Snapchat is still new to reporting, expect little even at top tiers.
  9. 9. 9 FINAL TAKEAWAYS Building a Follower Base Geofilters Look at Gartner’s B2B Geofilter strategy around trade shows. Adds personal storytelling context to events and filters. Cool! In-Person Events Look at New York Fashion Week – Did a great job showcasing behind- the-scenes content to make you feel like you were there. Not perfect and glossy – doesn’t have to be! Make it raw and in real-time. See our blog Q&A - Mastering Snapchat for Business - for more! 1. Integrating in email blasts 2. Go “all-in” by posting Snapchat QR Code across social 3. Direct asks for follows 4. Influencer takeovers & teasers 5. Geofilters around major events. 6. See main panel recap for more!
  10. 10. 10 FINAL TAKEAWAYS (CONT’D) Conducting Takeovers – How? ✓ Create a vision specific to a certain audience, product, or event. ✓ Exchange passwords, create a temporary login if necessary. ✓ Tune in real-time to ensure talent is staying on brand. Delete off-brand. ✓ Trust the influencer and include them in ideation from the beginning. ✓ Report back with metrics, screenshots, Emoticode clicks, ROI. Executive Buy-In: Fighting the “made for Millennials” stigma: 1: Ask your executives to download and play with the app. 
 2: Show them the power of influencer and brands doing it right. 3: Explain opportunities in traditional terms: product launches, trailers, teasers, Q&As, interviews, customer service, direct marketing. Next for Snapchat? Kate predicts the platform will build their own Influencer Model… 🤔 See our blog Q&A - Mastering Snapchat for Business - for more!
  11. 11. 11 “I understand the perfectionism aspects of Instagram and saw the slow shift to more authentic storytelling through Snapchat.” - Kate Talbot
  13. 13. 13 Frankie Greek OUR INFLUENCERS Justin Wu Sarena BahadMike Platco Snapchat influencer, journalist, and social media specialist from NYC. 
 Snapchat: wtfrankie Full-time content creator and consultant for brands like Disney and Coca-Cola. 
 Snapchat: mplatco Information Architect turned growth marketer. Entrepreneurship led him to found Growth.ly. 
 Snapchat: hackapreneur #BossLady and Founder of the @WomenInTech Snapchat and Instagram channel. 
 Snapchat: sarenabahad
  14. 14. 14 MIKE PLATCO The Beginning Enjoyed mobile drawing apps, and making himself look like Harry Potter. Threw them up on Tumblr, where some of his drawings went viral, resulting in his first brand gig (with Disney!). The Process S.R.E.A.M.: Snapchat Rules Everything Around Me Planning a days-worth of Snapchat based on his calendar: Today – A Story around Gone Social Tomorrow – Nerf gun battles at Toys-R-Us Now repurposes content from the last two years to give himself a break, but constantly thinking about what to post next, even two weeks out.
  15. 15. 15 MIKE PLATCO Storytelling Mike hit his stride when he learned storytelling. He collaborated with Casey Neistat (also from Boston) at the beginning, just when Snapchat was becoming a “multiple Story” channel (release of My Stories). He learned to incorporate art in a thoughtful manner to longer-form stories. Instances of Followership Skyrocketing 1) The day he put his art on Tumblr. 
 Buzzfeed wrote a story on him, and, 
 BOOM – 15,000 new followers. From 
 100. The content was resonating! 2) Pretty Little Liars takeover – 
 150,000 BOOM! 3) Feature on MTV UK’s Snapchat Artist Feature 
 BOOM, 200,000 new followers!
  16. 16. 16 MIKE PLATCO Community Management To keep up with his growing popularity, Mike spent the first few months of stardom making drawings, and then some more drawings. Stockpile a content library! Mike does his best to open as many Snaps as possible, but recommends moving the conversation to Twitter or Instagram to ensure engagement, and the ability control the conversation himself. Content Mike loves doing fan service: Move remakes, spoofs, alternate endings, etc. and as a self-proclaimed geek, it’s what he’s interested in! Keep analytics on your Snapchat performance to see what is being viewed with the least drop-off, and which content is generating more screenshots.
  17. 17. 17 “People are following me because they like my content, so I have to earn this notoriety and can’t let them down.” - Mike Platco
  18. 18. 18 MIKE PLATCO Evolution of Brand Deal Disney deal: One drawing every hour for 24 hours. Brand deals today: • What do you want? (Live Event vs. Promotion from his account) • Is it in line with my brand?” (Mike keeps it PG.) Growth Plans With his passion for creating & storytelling, Mike plans to put more time into creating videos on other platforms. Creating content for brands, and monetizing, outside of Snapchat.
  19. 19. 19 FRANKIE GREEK Why Snapchat? “When I studied abroad, I found Snapchat as a great way to keep in touch and send quick pictures. Also, I was hell-bent on working in broadcast, so when I worked at a ritzy bar in NYC I would snap stories to entice my friends to come visit me.” Snapchat Storytelling Low input, high output. It’s an off-the-cuff, grab ‘n go network. Easy to tell a story and snowball your following. Transparency Frankie urges full transparency, and doesn’t enjoy Life Casting (the act of portraying yourself, and your life, as a reality show). However, in her rise to Snapchat-stardom, she’s learned to respect those around her. In order to protect their character, no significant other will be shown on her Stories, and even her family rarely makes it.
  20. 20. 20 “This is my life. Three roommates in NYC. Sometimes it’s glamorous, sometimes it’s 2:00AM client projects.” - Frankie Greek
  21. 21. 21 FRANKIE GREEK Frankie’s Favorite Story The partnership with the Times Square for New Years Eve. She hung out with NYPD policemen, FDNY firemen, Wiz Khalifa and Demi Lovato, and even two elderly Italian ladies who had flown in solely for the drop. Her Story was viewed all over the world. Capturing this experience in a new, interesting way was a highlight for Frankie. Other Channels & Repurposing Tumblr: Favorite channel prior to Snapchat. Loved the anonymity, and how niche Fandoms already exist there. Tumblr exposed her to YouTubers, which is when she started creating her own video content. Now: Snapchat is her #1 channel with Twitter close at #2 … She moves conversations off Snapchat to Twitter/Instagram, which is great for cross promotion.
  22. 22. 22 FRANKIE GREEK Video Creation & Planning Frankie was clear in that she doesn’t spend time planning snaps, and has never spent over 11 seconds on a single snap. Snapchat Stories are today’s version of YouTube Daily Vlogs. 9 / 19 / 2016 Frankie starts every new day of snapping with that day’s Date Filter. Broadcast Interests & Brand Consulting Outside of 24/7 snapping, Frankie is most interested in event coverage and real-time social media. She’s a Strategy Consultant to several brands, regardless of whether or not they’re a good fit for her hosting or promotions. There’s always something she can do to help.
  23. 23. 23 FRANKIE GREEK @WomenInTech High quality influencer takeovers. @AwesomenessTV An outlet embracing Snapchat native power users. Frankie found Michael Platco this way! They run a different show each day of the week, teaching Frankie a ton about Snapchat and programming models. @ShortyAwards Also host different programming every day of the week, with great content. (Not narcissistic, seeing as she influenced their strategies☺ ) @Burberry Beautifully done Snapchats. Check them out on Snapchat Discover! T
 W S
  24. 24. 24 JUSTIN WU Storytelling as an entrepreneur. Having 8+ years experience as a data-driven marketer, entrepreneur, and self-titled “behind-the-scenes introvert,” Justin is crystal clear in his plan for using Snapchat. He enjoys the obstacles & challenges, beginning with being on camera. At first, it took Justin 3-4 hours to create 10-15 minutes worth of content between 10pm and 2am. #Grind Going all-in. Early on, Justin decided to go all-in on Snapchat. He rebranded all his social channels with Snapchat QR Codes, and decided to play the long-term game.
  25. 25. 25 JUSTIN WU Snap Storms! Justin is notorious for extensive coverage on a single topic, snapping back-to-back until he’s covered it completely. Themes differ week by week, from sales and marketing to touring Silicon Valley’s famous Hacker Houses. He determines his topics from his philosophy of wearing many different hats as an entrepreneur, not as much from requests. Repurposing Content Justin uses his Snap Storms as “pilots,” first uploading to Instagram Stories then turning them into higher quality releases on YouTube, following up with the same content on Twitter. Justin updates spreadsheets on a weekly basis with information ranging from views, chats, screenshots, and statistics from other social channels.
  26. 26. 26 “24 hour Stories were perfect. My audience wouldn’t watch during the day, but tuned in at night or first thing in the morning.” - Justin Wu
  27. 27. 27 JUSTIN WU Leadership Marketing: 2 Examples GaryVee. His Internet Fame is channeling directly to VaynerMedia. Hubspot. Thought leaders through content marketing. Audience + Pull = Sell (Almost) Anything! Once people are more engaged with your brand, you’ll begin receiving more indirect referrals, job offers, etc, through subject matter expertise. Learning How to Learn Marketing taught Justin to stay agile, with new channels popping up rapidly. Must be fast and adaptive. Snap Storms, and general entrepreneurship, has taught Justin how to break down topics in a systematic way – picking up new skills.
  28. 28. 28 JUSTIN WU Humanizing to be More Relatable Justin once announced he was killing a company of his via Snapchat. High levels of transparency will make you that much more personable, approachable, and create attachment to your audience. Justin also enjoys highlighting others’ stories, journeys, and progress through his platform. Snapchat’s Shortcomings Although the network has 100’s of Millions of users, it’s still lagging behind in the Entrepreneurship category. Industry leaders (like GaryVee) may only have 20-30K followers, while others have 1-5K, which is still massive for the space. The professional crowd has yet to adopt Snapchat.
  29. 29. 29 Q&A TAKEAWAYS Instagram Stories Justin: Exciting. Different audience here, more business-users. Frankie: Instagram has more backstory than Snapchat. Be considerate of those who don’t know your “other” brands, yet, on Instagram. She’s using Instagram more for evergreen still-shot images: higher quality, more refined. Mike: Love it. Another place to get hired! Stories don’t exist, yet, but look out for trending and discoverability functions coming soon. Biggest challenges in creating content for clients? Mike: Making content around events. Bring a personal Wi-Fi device and battery pack! Frankie: Getting the brand on-board. If her style is raw and off-the-cuff, they need to be ok with that.
  30. 30. 30 Q&A TAKEAWAYS Which industries excel naturally on Snapchat? Mike: Those who want supplemental content to what already exists. Movie studios, TV stations, TV shows, etc., giving their audience the Second Screen experience. Frankie: Any process-oriented occurrence. Think restaurants, beauty industry, and unboxings. However, Frankie thinks everyone should be on Snapchat, even B2B. Everyone is on it, every brand has an audience. Best tools for beginners? Mike: Other influencers. Use your Creator community to discuss payment fees, brands to avoid, and benchmark metrics. Frankie: Admittedly a part of the “2nd Wave” of influencers, and used Mike’s generation to ask questions and learn. Also, put yourself in a high energy environment, like NYC is for her. You’ll find opportunities everywhere!
  31. 31. 31 Q&A TAKEAWAYS Keeping track of success on Snapchat? Justin: Analytics are currently limited, but he’ll keep week-by-week stats in Excel sheets. Screenshots, call-to-actions outside of Snapchat, and the growth of his email list. Frankie: Personally, she only looks at the engagement on her Stories. Real, personal, and resonating interest on what she’s posting. For brands, she’ll look at screenshots and # of submissions. Snapchat Ads – Thoughts? Mike: We have zero control over this. The ads are targeted around the person’s individual demographics. Frankie: Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t need to invest in their homegrown talent in the way we see from YouTube and Vine. Justin: Interesting – Snapchat can now target ads in Stories around email addresses. Exciting development for marketers.
  32. 32. 32 “Storytell in a way that helps you first. A way that helps you unlock your full range of creativity and put yourself out there.” - Sarena Bahad
  33. 33. 33 STAY TUNED! More Gone Social Goodness 
 Coming Soon… Follow us @GoneSocialSF ✌ Steffan Pedersen | Content Strategist