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Louvers 26-08-13 -(5)

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Louvers 26-08-13 -(5)

  1. 1. Industrial Louvers For Better Air Ventilation And Lighting A louver is nothing but a window made with horizontal slots to provide air vents. The slots are angled to allow the ventilation, at the same time covers inside area so that no one can get an inside picture. Depending upon their functions and usage area, different materials are used in the production of these louvers. They can be operated through a metal lever, pulley or through a motorized methods. Depending upon the material used and weight, the type of operation for these louvers are decided. Sometimes these louvers are permanently fixed without any allowance in the operations. In most of the industries these louvers can be operated through motorized operations. Louvers suppliers in Coimbatore are mainly designed to be used in industries. It can be seen very rarely in residential construction. In residential constructions where there is secured safety system louvers are used there. When these louvers are lifted one can get complete open area without any barriers. Steel world are well known manufacturers and suppliers of all types of industrial louvers, residential louvers and commercial complex louvers. Louvers Manufacturing: Construction of louvers mainly depends upon the usage of that particular industry. Louvers work in different ways. Primary use of louvers is to provide ventilation, to allow air and light. Otherwise they are used to cover the production area and when there is no production they louvers can be lifted to allow transportation of goods or material through the open space so that heavy materials can be moved through these spaces without any trouble. Louvers find
  2. 2. many uses in most of the industries allowing temperature to be in normal condition. One common example that can be seen in normal life is on traffic lights. Air vents provided in car for AC. Steel world Supplies quality and standard materials for the installation of louvers. Industrial louvers: Heavy duty louvers can be found on the place where hot turbines are used where high velocity air is produced. They serve multi-purpose. Usually industrial louvers are produced through metal forming process to withstand the stress and pressure in action. Steel world produces high quality louvers for the industrial use. One can get customized louvers from them. Different materials are used in the production of louvers as per client’s requirements. Steel world has very good team who can produce customized quality of louver materials. Types of Louver materials: Different types of Louver materials are used based on its application. Stainless steel 316 grade, mild carbon steel 304 grades, Galvanized and aluminum of 3000, 5000, 6000 series of aluminum are used. Finishing options varies according to the usage of Louvers. They can get it finished with powder coating or wet painting. Finishing will be done according to customer’s choice. Steel world are the quality manufacturers and suppliers for indigenous products that are customized. One can get required finish, quality and standards that fulfill all their necessities. Product will be supplied according to the drawings provided by the customers within stipulated time frame. Contact Us @ www.steelworldcb.com/louvers.php